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OSU-Navy line is now at OSU (-13). Will Ohio State cover?



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I'm betting we cover, and then cover one more time on top of that just for good measure.

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No? Really? Have you no faith?


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It's going to be a shortened game because of Navy's style.  We have a new QB and given Navy's style, I think it will be hard for the offense to get into a rhythm.  I don't know how effective we will be running the ball and I don't know how well our defense will do against a specialized offensive attack.  It will be a true litmus test for the LBs and Ss.  Lots of question marks this game and 13 points is a good bit of points.  I think it will be close, voted NO.

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Optimistic, are we?

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Yes, something like 30-7. I see three FG because things have to be worked out.

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Not sure if you're underestimating Navy's Triple Offense or if you're overly optimistic of Ohio State's new defense
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-13? That's it? It's a red shirt freshman QB. Coach Meyer will play the kid the whole game because he needs the reps. Just pounding it at them between the tackles the whole game we're two touchdowns better than Navy.

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There will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth if not.

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Oh yeah. Sunday morning's reads might be hard to withstand.

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I have a rule to never bet on the Buckeyes but damn this is tempting.

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Oh man, you are right about not betting with your heart because it will usually cost you.

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If they don't Chris Ash will have a thread referencing combustion.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I'm guessing that the 18% are the non-Buckeye fans on this site.

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Just because someone has a different opinion doesn't make them an opponent. The reality is that Ohio State has a large number of question marks and Navy is a surprisingly good team. We didn't beat Navy by more than 13 last time we played them. However, I voted yes.

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I have no doubt they will cover and then some. It might not be a blowout early, but eventually the buckeyes will take over this game.

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We are 13 points better if we only run the ball.  Add the second dimension of our passing attack and all the talent, if we don't cover this spread, I will be nervous about any chance at winning the B1G.  I think we will score twice as many points as Navy.

Navy is going to run right at one of the best defensive lines in the country, and I have faith that Fick, Ash, and company will prevail in a big way.

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First game. Road game. First start for a freshman QB. 82% of the offense is new. 

Ohio State 23 Navy 20.

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13? As mentioned before all they do is run and are running againt possibly the best defensive line in the country! No way we win by less than 13!


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I just don't see us blowing them out. We have too many kinks to work out on both sides of the ball. I think there's little drama and we lead the entire game, but a few missed opportunities and a touchdown in garbage time see Navy covering the spread.

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I realize it's the first start for a young QB on the road. Obviously, there's work to be done to fine tune this football team. That being said; talent and coaching will win the Buckeyes this football game. Coach Ash and Johnson's units shut down that explosive Navy offense. The offense will take the first quarter or so to find it's rythme. I think we'll be pleasantly surprised by the O's progress and D's new look.

But what the hell do I know? I'm just a diehard fan hoping for the best possible outcome for the good guys. Go Bucks!

OSU-27 Navy-13

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