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Who's more likely to be fired first?



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Beckman, right after we hang 70 on him in a night game on Nov 1

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I'm hoping Hoke cause I think the only thing that could save him this year is to beat us and that better not happen. I think Beckman can eek out a few more wins in the B1G West.

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If Hoke gets Michigan to 9 or 10 wins, it won't matter if he loses to Ohio State.

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It'll be just enough to keep him around, maybe. It's only a temporary bandage on a bleeding tenure, though. He'll have to beat us and win a bowl game soon or scUM will be looking for a new coach yet again.

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Actually I think they both will be fired, but Beckman will go first because he is at a smaler school and they will need to move more quickly to get a decent replacement. Michigan will be able to do a national search, but the pool they are looking at for replacemnts is much smaller and tougher to land someone from.

If they were smart they would already have a list ready to go, with those behind closed door feelers in motion. But hey, we are talking about Michigan

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I know we all so desperately want to say Hoke but if Illinois doesn't see a drastic improvement throughout the year, I wonder if Beckman will make it through the year. I at least think Hoke will be given the whole year.

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Not if App State stuns them on 8-30-14.

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I answered Hoke based on the assumption that if both went 7-5 maybe 6-6...Only Beckmon would be considered a success. If Illinois beats Washington they are looking at 4-0 with PU still on the schedule and I believe they could beat either PSU or NW or both to hit that mark. The lack of depth will expose PSU this year and that game is at the end when they should be pounded on pretty good.

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I see no scenario where IL has even a 6-6 record. I think Beckman goes first.

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They lost 2 games by a total of 10pts so a lucky bounce here or there could have easily made them 6-6 last season.  Their schedule did not get harder and outside of Nebraska and Wisky the rest of the West are not exactly that great to walk in and win easily.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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What if they drop down to division II or III?

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I'd rather Hoke stay right where he is.  He's colorful, which is good for the league and great for the rivalry, but not quite good enough coach/recruiter to seriously threaten OSU.

He's good enough to keep them from being terrible too.  We still need "the game" to be bigger than other rivalry games, and some recent UM teams weren't good enough to make that a competitive game.  Last year was much more fun.

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the fact that i had to pause and think for a legit 10 seconds before answering beckman tells me all i need to know about hoke's job security

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Beckman, but I don't really care who goes first as neither is doing the B1G or their respective schools any favors as far as the national respect-o-meter goes.    

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Tim Beckman is still employed?

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M*chigan at least has a chance of being decent plus Ill is much more likely to fire a coach mid-season

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I think Hoke is safer because he does have the BCS win.  He probably has to get at least 9 wins this season if they do lose to OSU.  If, God forbid, they do beat us, then that protect him right there. 

I have a hard time seeing Beckman staying around too much longer.  It's a win now game and I just don't see them winning enough. 

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I feel bad for any M...igan fans who came across this question.

Well, not really.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Illinois can't expect too much out of him; they're generally not very good anyway.

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