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When Tom Herman leaves OSU to take over a program, do you want it to be a B1G program?


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I voted Depends.  The Big Ten needs great coaches and he would be a fine addition when his time comes.

As for the school I would take exception to...I think you know.

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I voted yes, and would cite the same logic as BullCity. Tom Hermann will be a great HC, and great HC's attract great players.

Thank the Maker that I was born in Ohio, cradle of coaches, US Presidents, confederate-stomping Generals, and home of The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes!

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Just stay. Being head guy anywhere else is not going to be anywhere near as fun. 

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I was surprised by the large number of No votes.  I'd like to hear more explanation.

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People don't want to go against him every year?

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I voted "No" BN because I'd prefer that a coach that knows our inner workings intimately to be in a different conference.

Embrace it.

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i Voted No simply because we all know how good he is and he has the abilty to become a great HC but the middle of the pack B1G teams still have trouble finding what they need and i think that wont change until we get experienced Successful HC's. id much rather him take the Meyer or Tressel route and start somewhere small like they did at Utah and Youngstown State head coaches and gain experience in there while making a name for himself on more of a national level. his time will come but there's no need to rush into a bad situation, he will be a great head coach one day

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Very conflicted, I don't want to face his offense every year, but I also do not want to lose another quality coach to another conference. Perfect world he stays on and takes over as HC of OSU when Urban is ready to retire. Of course you could make the same case with Warriner as well.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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I think Herman is good so I would like to see him go to the Big Ten West. I guess Illinois is the most likely opening after this season but if Pelini imploded then Nebraska would be a great job.

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Who said he is leaving?  What's with all these negative waves, Moriarty?

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The polls are usually linked to Skull Sessions/Articles. Read today's Skully and you'll find out.

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Oh, I did not know that.  To be honest, I never read the Skully so I would not have made the connection. 

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as you would expect, IF he leaves i would want him to go to a B10 school that is not in TSUN.  He is amazing for/at The Ohio State however, so there is no hury.

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Tough question.

For the conference, I hope that he stays.

For my selfish fandom, I don't want to see him at ANY B1G school, especially one where there is a rather large figure on the hot seat. That being said, I want him in the B1G over any SEC school.

I am also curious if he doesn't leave after this season, would he potentially be in a position to be given the dreadful, unnecessary, meaningless, and terrible HC-in-waiting tag? Just thinking, if realistically we believe that Urban has 4-6 years left...I don't want to let Herman walk as he would be on the short list of candidates.

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Give him the keys to Indiana's offense

The postgame show is brought to you by... Christ, I can't find it. The hell with it...

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Odd comment, its Indiana's defense that needs a new holder of the keys.

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Why the worry about Herman?  

While his offenses the past 2 seasons have put up gaudy numbers, his teams have played a soft schedule.  And that is being kind.  His offenses have also been slowed or shut down for long stretches and he is only one long pass to Devin Smith in 2012 from being 0-2 to Pat Narduzzi and Michigan State.  When the chips were down against Sparty and Clemson, Herman and Meyer took turns puking into their headsets and forgot they had the best RB in college football in the backfield.  He had the benefit of a veteran O-line and a beast of a back in Carlos Hyde and the best improvising QB in recent memory. 

So net, net: I think the verdict is still out on Herman. I wouldn't anoint him the king of college football offenses just yet.   Let's see what he does with a green O line....and see how Miller progresses in his senior year.  A senior year that Terrelle Pryor did not experience.....with Tressel or his so-called game movie QB coach.

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They scored 35 against Clemson and 24 against one of the best defenses in the country. Every team has stretches where they don't put up points that has a lot more to do with execution on the players than the play calling. You seem to forget that the O-line was not very good when he came and since he has arrived Miller has improved every season. So all these strengths you speak of that he had, were not strengths when he arrived..... Sorry, but you cannot say that he had all these great things at his disposal and not give him the credit for having a hand in it.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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he is only one long pass to Devin Smith in 2012 from being 0-2 to Pat Narduzzi and Michigan State.

He's a 4th and 2 away from being 2-0.

When the chips were down against Sparty and Clemson, Herman and Meyer took turns puking into their headsets and forgot they had the best RB in college football in the backfield.

Herman didn't give up 74 points and 965 yards his last two games. Yes, he made some mistakes, but if the defense had bothered to show up, Ohio State would have won its 38th conference title, and 8th nation championship.

best RB in college football


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Fair enough.   You make good points and while I am committed to my beliefs, there is good support for your  arguments.

The Defense sucked all of last year.....and yes, the points you and George 27 describe should have been enough to win both games.  But they weren't.  The Offense had to win both games and get this team into the NC.  It wasn't good enough to do so and neither was the coaching.  Carlos Hyde will be carrying the rock for the 49ers this year.  But....he wasn't good enough to put the team on his back when Sparty had Miller figured out in the 2nd half?

Florida State gave up a million points to Auburn in the NC game.  But nobody says FSU had a shitty Defense.  They talk about Jameis Winston and the offense being unstoppable when they had to be.  That same thing cannot be said about Ohio State's last year.  

Does all of this mean that Herman is a lousy OC?  No....of course not.  I am only saying that his resume is still unfinished when it comes to worrying about whether he will be on the other sideline in the Big Ten in the next 2 or 3 years.

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The defense was not good enough to go to the NCG, not the offense. Had OSU lost 17-10 in both games you would be right. You cannot look at the 112th ranked passing D and legitimately say the offense failed OSU. FSU in fact had a very good defense if not one of the best, they held clemson to 14 on the road and giving up 31 to an Auburn team is not a million points. They got down early because AU came out passing which they haven't done all year. Thats a credit to Malzahn for coming up with a game plan that FSU had no film on. FSU shut them down pretty much at the end of the first half once they made adjustments. I am not solely judging Herman at OSU, he was very good as an OC at ISU.... OSU is where he has had the most visibility.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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I will say, we would know more about Herman if Urban Meyer weren't his head coach.  What I mean by that is if Herman were OC for a defensive-oriented HC then we would fully know his offense and, for example, exactly what calls he would've made against MSU in the B1G Champ Game (I believe it's on the record that Urban made those last couple of calls against MSU) or how the offensive game plan would've been different against Clemson.    

Now, this also leads us to how we even got into the situation to question those 2 calls (3rd and 4th downs).  You assert (as many have) that we should've gone to Hyde.  After the Orange Bowl I made a blog post here on 11W saying that our downfall in the final 2 games offensively was due to failure to throw the ball downfield more which would've opened up more holes for Hyde/Miller on the ground.  This is a bigger picture thing that Urban may have influence on, we simply don't know - but I'm inclined to think from a comment by Urban in the spring that he did have influence on how much we threw the ball last season (also, Herman is a passing spread guy historically while Urban is the opposite).

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that Herman is among the best in the game and we're in a much much better place offensively than we were a few years ago with Tressel and Bollman (with all due respect to Tress).  When you say the jury is out, I hope you mean that along the lines of we're only deliberating whether he's in the top-3 or top-5.  

Regardless of when he leaves, with Urban I trust that another bright mind will be found - we just have to hope that he doesn't interfere negatively when new ideas are brought to the table.  

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Timing is everything. Imagine if Hoke is let go after this year, and Brandon clears away the pile of fireworks on his desk and realizes there is a brilliant choice just South of the Michigan border. The thought just sent a shiver down my spine. Wasn't Bo an assistant to Woody once? I'm just not up for a contemporary version of the Ten Year War dammit. I was having a good morning until I thought of this.

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He should stay and be Urban's successor.  We can't have Urb forever.

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I voted 'yes' to wanting him to stay in the B1G as my 2nd choice, and 1st choice being that he stays and becomes Urbs' successor, too, but my hunches tell me that he may end up back in the Big12 (family ties and familiarity of the recruiting landscape) or head to the ACC, which has plenty of room for improvement outside of Florida State and Clemson.  

When Urban retires, I would imagine that Herman would be candidate number 1 thru 5, but if he finds success in another B1G school, then it would be hard to think that he would be back...

Given that being a Buckeye is often a lot about traditions, it would be nice if he would continue the tradition of being a Buckeye Assistance Coach having ties with Iowa State, then becoming a HC at our program (eg, Earle Bruce)...

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I don't think there's any way that OSU hires a guy who hasn't been a successful HC at some level. We're football royalty - we don't have to take gambles on promising coordinators. 

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Well, Fickell being an exception, but I understand that it was a crazy situation with tatgate, but I don't think it would be so far out of the realm of possibility to see a scenario where Urban tells Gene Smith that he would be crazy not to promote Herman and hire him to be HC here (if he stayed until Urban retired - which likely won't happen anyway, so this is all one big 'what if' anyway).

"I don't apologize for anything.  When I make a mistake, I take the blame and go on from there." - Woody Hayes

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If I were Urban or Gene, I would make that a very strong case (along with $$ to keep others from poaching him) for him to stay and be totally prepared. This would likely mean that Fickell would want to move on, which, depending upon your temperament or opinion about his skills, may not be such a bad thing. I just would hate to lose someone who, like Luke, is "all in" for his alma mater.

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I'd hate to see him take over Purdue or some other bottom feeder and be run out in a couple years. I like Hazell, but he was handed cucumbers and asked to make lemonade. 

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You slice those cucumbers up, let them soak in ice water for a few hours and now you have a refreshing, cucumber flavored summer drink...

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B1G school absolutely. The recent success of the sec was built on the largess of mid westerners trained in Big Ten schools (Meyer, Miles, Saban). Let them develop their own coaches.

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No.  I already root for sparty and NW, I don't need to add another non-ohio state team to my list because of another coach I like.

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Any school but Michigan. Ideally I'd like to see him at Iowa. With his experience at Iowa state and knowledge of recruiting Texas, I think he could really turn that program into a power house once Ferentz retires.

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I usually don't care about the conference, as in I'd prefer Ohio State not tied to the perception of it's brethren.

Dantonio is a shining example of what keeping good assistants in-house (conference) can do. Would love to see Herman stay within the region (with one exception, of course).

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I wouldn't mind seeing him take over one of the struggling B1G teams to bring them up a level.

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Certainly don't want him going to UM and starting another 10 year war. Mensa Tom knows too many of Urb's secrets! I prefer UM to hire some other hotshot spread offense guy who'll gut the team and do a 5 year rebuild, again.

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UM seems unlikely, as they've been restructuring their roster to be more pro-style after Rich Rod left.

For example they've been drafting taller  "jump ball" receivers, not the Dontre Wilson / Percy Harvin types that make Urbz offense go.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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I know many coaches will move down to get a start in head coaching.  I don't understand why Herman would leave unless it is for a large school with a step up in pay.  He may not be the top man but he is making more than many head coaches and not quite all of the head aches of the lead man.  Many want to be the top dog in a program and others are satisfied with with fewer things to worry about and still have a better than most as far as salaries.

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And he has a new baby.  Working for Urbz and staying put might be good for his family.

"We get paid to score touchdowns, not kick field goals"
-- Urban Meyer

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Absolutely. A better B1G is a better OSU. If Alabama can compete within their conference and still get National Championships I think (want) we can as well.

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He should become the CEO of Mensa International.

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Teams know what they want as a coach and they don't go after him but they have approached other coaches on out team. This year I think we will see what he is made of. In all but two games he has had a sizable advantage in talent compared to the defensives we have faced for the past two years. With Hyde gone and a rebuilt OFL a little more use of his talents will be needed. If we still dominates then big 12 here he comes.