When it's all said and done, what school will Torrance Gibson sign with?

12% (285 votes)
3% (65 votes)
Ohio State
74% (1807 votes)
9% (232 votes)
2% (58 votes)
Total Votes: 2447


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Voted other, which stands for I couldn't say.

We know the good guys are clearly back in the running, but how is Gibson's relationship with the Auburn, Tennessee and/or other staffs stand?


We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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When in doubt, vote OSU.

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Unless he commits soon, he's close enough to the other schools to where it'll be easier to visit. I dunno. I'm thinking he drags it to NSD and stays south. A lot of folks are hoping he visits for Michigan, but the "cold weather" will be Tennessee fans' ammo.

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Sorry, should've clarified. Just saying if want to play in the league, going to have to play in cold weather.

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I like our chances!  I think Urban and the guys work their magic again and get him to commit!  Sure would love it see it happen!

Go Bucks!!

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I think him and Cager will both be Buckeyes when all is said and done.....BOOM!

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Ohio State has always made the most sense for Gibson, certainly a better fit for him than UT. Now that he's finally visited, he's had a chance to see the facilities, tour the school, and build his relationships with coaches and teammates.  As a result of his visit TG has placed the Buckeyes at the top of his list.  He's already seen UT and Auburn, and having finally seen OSU, he's got us on top. That's a pretty good sign.

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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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If OSU is the leader and it's not changing that mean its time to commit?!?!

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Why does this kid make me nervous? I know it's the first time he's been to OSU & that's what he needed but I just hate the cutting his list down 1 school at a time and his back and forth. I get it, he's 18 & he's entitled to it. I'm just saying.

Lets say he commits. Think that changes anything at all for Burrow or Haskins next year?

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I am very biased and believe he will end up here at THE Ohio State Buckeyes. Ohio State is the better school with a better team that has better facilities. The only other place I see him going to would be Tennessee. And some boosters would have to dig in their pockets for that to happen.

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I'd love for him and Cager to come together. I think if Gibson, Cager, Jefferson, and Richmond all do play together, I hate saying it, but I could see them at Tennessee. Two of them are from Tennessee, zero from Ohio. They would have a great chance to all play early in Knoxville. I don't think its the best move for them, I really don't think Butch Jones will get more than another 2 years before he is canned. I cannot see Tennessee turning it around anytime soon. I would never rule out Auburn. Malzahn is a great coach and QB guru, I think in that regard Auburn can hang with anyone. I'd love for all four of these guys to come play for Ohio State, but I won't be shocked if we don't get any of them either. Fingers crossed.

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i dunno. butch has done a pretty darn good job recruiting. im interested to see the state of tennessee's football program in 2 years. i think, given their history and willingness for support, that they could be a middle of the pack SEC team. which will lead to espn saying they would win any other conference in college football.

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I truly hope that he goes ANTWHERE else but here.  I do not want to see another Prior in an Ohio State jersey.

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