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What's Ohio State's trap game?



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@ Minnesota, because it's an away game following three straight prime time games and that little trip to East Lansing. More concerning IF we are coming off a L with the associated let down. IF we are undefeated, we'll roll Kill's Krew by 20+

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@MN is a joyless trip.

Undefeated, the Buckeyes will represent Jerry Kill's shot at immortality, in the long-paused pantheon of Golden Gopher glory.

As losers to MSU the week before, Ohio State will have little or no incentive to do anything, but drag their chins over the icy field at TCF Bank Stadium, for an hour. 

Either way, it will be bone-chillingly cold.

@MN is a thankless duty.

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3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Agreed. The Game is always The Trap Game. It's just that a unique mixture of elements puts @MN in a tie for Trap Game:2014.

Bonus: @PSU.

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Minny b/c of the simple fact that they are the best team on this pitiful list.

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Since we were not given a choice of "None of the Above", I put in Minny just because that is what all the blather currently suggests. Frankly none of those games should be a trap game. If we are not prepared to play any second tier B1G games, theres no trapping, it is just poor coaching. Expectations do not equate performance drops against allegedly lesser teams.

If the coaches do not have these players ready  for every game it is their failure, for not to seeing it coming, and for not to handling it before they hit the field. Complacency is is the quickest way to lose any chance at a championship seson..

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At Minnesota. Also had to post this:
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I went with Maryland.  They are an unknown opponent on the road (although I guess we haven't played Minnesota recently either).  They are much more talented than people give them credit for because they have been decimated by injury the last couple of years.  Minnesota comes at an inopportune time in our schedule, but I could see Maryland giving us a tough go too.

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Couldn't bring myself to vote, none of these seems like a trap.

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I still think it's Navy because of the offensive scheme I don't know how much time we will spend on it when the rest of the year we wont see too much more if any more option offense

I can't wait to poop in the PL bathroom.

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I voted Maryland because of their wide receivers and because we play them earlier in the year.

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I picked Minny

it will be our 5th game in 5 weeks and the 3rd road game in 5 weeks

it may still be a late start (unknown yet) we will be coming off our biggest game the week prior

Minny is solid but not great but may surprise us if not mentally focussed

as mentioned weather could be an issue as the normal temp in Minny on that date is right around the freezing mark

Navy would be my #2 as they are just schematically so odd, but i frankly think we will be pumped and unless the OL or Braxton simply crap the bed, we should run up 40+ on Navy easy and they wont be able to run enough to keep up

MD would then be next only because they are new and on the road but i dont see them being a big challenge

by definition i leaves only Minny and "the game" as good candidates.

although i agree with an earlier poster that on paper none of these should be trap games,

as a friend of mine is fond of saying "we are talking about 18-23 year olds and frankly who knows which version of them shows up on game day

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Minnesota is the only one of those teams that will be good enough to possibly provide that trap game in the event that OSU shows up flat/uninspired.  Plus, Sparty is the week before, increasing the chance of OSU showing up flat, regardless of how that game goes.

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I agree, Mike. Navy almost beat the Buckeyes a few years ago and they do a lot of cut blocking. I hope no OSU player gets hurt because of that.

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As recent history shows, the BIG Championship game is a trap game for OSU.  Last year, there wasn't a soul among us who thought we would lose to Michigan St. in that game.  We were all talking about how Bama losing put is in the driver's seat for the NC game, and were making plans to go to Pasadena.  

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I know I wasn't 100% confident against MSU, not after getting by in AA. The defense left me wishing, hoping...anything but confident.

New day, new season.

I'm nervous about each and every game, but I keep looking "at Minnesota".

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Not this year.  Ok, I said it.

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Maryland is a passing offense earlier in the year, Minnesota is a running offense later in the year.  I'm more concerned with our passing defense than our running defense, particularly at the beginning of the year. 

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If Maryland had half a defense, I'd be a little more worried about a trap game there. Mainly because they have a style of offense that could give OSU's defense fits. However, they don't have a defense worth mentioning and Minnesota does to a certain extent. They're getting better and I have to think playing at their stadium would be a tougher challenge then Maryland's.

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Minnesota & Maryland are the 2 games I worry about most in regards to potential "Traps". That said, come game day, I have a nervous/exited pit in my stomach & worry about all of them evenly.

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