Will Nebraska Ever be a Consistent Top-Five Program Again?

26% (205 votes)
74% (581 votes)
Total Votes: 786


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NO, Bob Devaney & Tom Osborn had some kind of strange Juju going to get kids to come to the cornfields to play. not sure how that will happen with today's kids. 

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Ever or never is a long time. I have to think at some point they will get there again.



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You'll do this again.  Time is a flat circle.

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I think some were wondering the same about Ohio State in the years after Woody.

Never again is a long time. I think Nebraska has the resources to return to glory, but it won't happen under Pelini.

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Yes, definitely possible.  People were asking the same question about Alabama about 10 years ago.

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Let me preface I don't follow Nebraska or USC football but when talking shop with a USC fan one time a few years back, I was giving credit to Tressel for putting a wall up around Ohio and part of the results if you looked at when he came in (and a couple of years later the effects began to be felt), scUM and ND started they're downward decent (yes they've had some "success"). He stated the same was done in California against what had been an out of state power taking alot of their kids, Nebraska. If true they'd need to gain that foothold back or create a new one in Texas, Fla or some where. Also, purely speculation, but wasn't there alot of rumors of a steroid system running through their program during dominance?

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I am pretty sure that Dave Rimington was big on the juice.

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Didn't the Peter's brothers go there. I think both were popped in NFL and some of Lawarence Phillips erratic behavior allegedly caused his aggressiveness 

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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When you say "consistent top 5 program" that implies year-in-year-out like their 90s dynasty. I don't think that is going to happen, but I think Nebraska should consistently be a top 10 to top 15 program with the occasional top 5 finish. They should contend for the B1G West each and every year along with Wisconsin and Iowa.

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Aside question, since their last National Championship, which they split, in 1997..... Which program has had the better past 16 years, Nebraska or Michigan?  Both programs have seen their defense ability fall way off.

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Why not?  LSU is 9-3 every year and still is ...

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Short of hiring a rockstar coach (which Bo Pelini is not), I don't see Nebraska ever getting back to a top 5 level.  Now if you're talking top 15, sure. 

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It seems like certain teams have been replaced in the "top 5" realm. UM by UF and now FSU. Washington by Oregon and Nebraska seems to have been replaced by Oklahoma. I'm sure if any of those storied programs (Washington may be a stretch as "storied", but them and Colorado had some good years when I was younger) land a huge name coach, stuff changes - see Bama's comeback from relative obscurity until Saban as an example. 

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Did they mean at least top 5 in the B1G?

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