Will college athletes ever be paid more than $50,000 annually?

20% (134 votes)
80% (552 votes)
Total Votes: 686


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At some point they would no longer be affiliated with colleges and just be minor leagues. 

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They already are in most of the south. 

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I don't think it's that far away. That doesn't make it right, but the writing's on the wall. 

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Without getting into politics, a scholarship's value would become the next thing this administration tries to make taxable income. If they receive salaries too, well it won't take much and they'll be over $50k.

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I wasn't saying I agree with this being taxable. Just saying just like they've tried with health care benefits they'd try to say, this too is taxable. 

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They shouldn't be paid at all. Stipend increase fine, otherwise dead horse issue. 

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I said no, but 'ever' is a long, long time.


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For out of state athletes going to OSU, they are currently being paid at least $36,526.  That's just tuition, room, & board for a standard student...



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Even factoring in tuition and the cost of school it seems hard to believe that they would be paid more than $50K per year (not including any money under the table).  We're probably getting closer to the days of an additional stipend.  Will be interesting to see where it goes in the near future. 

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ugh. please get here, football season. how many different ways can this topic be brought up?

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