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Who is the better fit for the B1G?



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At this point isn't Rutgers a better fit for Comedy Central?

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Maryland has potential to be a mid-tier football school for the B1G, but they really add value in basketball and they solidify the creation of B1G lacrosse. 

Rutgers just sucks. 

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Agreed with your assessment Kgratz (and an upvote for thinking outside of football/basketball).  Maryland's basketball program hasn't been setting the world on fire lately but they have a nice recruiting class coming in and have a strong history.  They can be competitive right away.  I know a lot of people were down on Maryland to the B1G but I actually liked this move. 

Rutgers....  We will need to see how things shake out when their athletic dept stabilizes (it will eventually).

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Both schools are in areas where they can recruit talent and be competitive.  They're definitely set up for more success than say purdue, but I guess time will tell.

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Maryland is prettier, but unfortunately she had to bring along her fat friend from Jersey.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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With that horrific accent.

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I'm really not sure of what you're talking about.


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I'm pretty sure that the actor playing the Oompa Loompa is still wearing less makeup.

If you jiggle your monitor, does that make a jiggly gif?

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The only thing that Rutgers brought to the table before he died, was the possibility of seeing Tony Soprano on the sidelines.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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Thats like picking the prettiest turd in the bowl though. I'd rather things were left alone personally.

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Maryland, without a doubt. Luckily, they both have good wrestling programs to add some more depth into the already stacked B1G.

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I checked off the third box: Neither

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Ding ding ding. Above is the correct answer. I continue to hold out hope that as long as the Big Ten is stuck with Maryland and Rutgers that the rumors about Georgia Tech coming aboard are true. The a jackets would most certainly be a great fit academically, and both football and basketball are at worst mediocre and at best upper echelon. The rumored tag team with North Carolina is looking more problematic with all of the academic questions in Chapel Hill, but something needs to be done to balance out this Rutgers debacle. 

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I really hope they never add Georgia Tech. UNC might be nice but it should happen with or after UVA. Having contiguous states is really important to me. Now maybe that's just me but I think it works better that way. With Maryland and Rutgers we only extended east. To extend south is another matter entirely.

Is Notre Dame forever off the table? I want to hold out hope that one day they will accept the Big Ten's conditions. How crazy would it be to add them to the Big Ten mix? Would adding Boston College as well make the Big Ten more attractive to Notre Dame? BC would make sense when it comes to the media money. Imagine a division with OSU, Notre Dame, Michigan, Penn State, Michigan State, Boston College, Rutgers and Maryland. That would be pretty awesome!

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I looked up the respective ranks of Maryland and Rutgers to see who was better, but the only thing I could take away was that U.S. News and World Report's rankings are extraordinarily stupid and arbitrary. 

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They both are great fits. Great academics with a tilt towards research. And most importantly, Maryland and New Jersey are fertile recruiting grounds. As strong as HS football in Ohio is, it can't provide enough for the entire conference.

Maryland needs financial stability. The B1G will provide that. With Under Armour's influence, they could become Oregon East.

Rutgers needs a reason for NJ and NYC to get excited. NYC is a pro sports town, but they've never had teams like OSU, Michigan, Penn State and Nebraska coming to town with any regularity.

I'm very excited about the new additions and can't wait to play in this B1G East division.

edit - Sarcasm font is not intended. What's with this bug?

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It was a move based entirely on potential television revenue.  To that extent, whichever university draws more viewers to Delaney's beloved B1G network will be the better "fit."  From the viewpoint of competitive football, they fit about as well as when my three-year-old tries putting on my shoes.

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Why is everything in this thread in sarcasm font?  Oh, because Maryland and Rutgers.

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The only ACC schools that would have created a small ripple were FSU, Clemson and Va Tech. But none of those three have the academic cache needed to join the B1G. Other than football, there is nothing attractive about ugh Clemson or FSU. Trust me, Ga. Tech brings absolutely nothing to the table except a good academic reputation and they are definitely not a good cultural fit. We do not need all the baggage that accompanies a Deep South school. Besides, BTN is and has been in the ATL tv market almost since its inception. There are so many B1G alums in metro ATL, especially Buckeye fans. Overall, Maryland and Rutgers may not be "sexy" but, in the long run they give us a solid place in the heavily populated Mid-Atlantic/East Coast corridor.

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I wasn't overly excited about either addition, but the reality is they are both in the B1G now, and that is not changing. Therefore, until they embarrass themselves in contests of athletic skill as members of the conference, I will treat them respectfully and welcome them to the best conference in the country. 

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I do wonder if the folks from Maryland will be offended when we play Illinois for the Illibuck ....


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Maryland, without a doubt. It would be wrong for me to speak against my employer, haha.

(Sarcasm font not intended)

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Maryland cause my cousin lives there is a life long fan and it'll give him a chance to go to his first Buckeye game.

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Well, if I remember correctly Ruth Bader Ginsburg graduated form Rutgers hence the reason why Maryland is the obvious choice. 

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Notre Dame or death.

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I still cant believe Rutgers is in the B1G...
Maybe we can kick Rutgers and Purdue out at the same time now... that way we still have an even number of teams

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Still blows my mind that Rutgers got all the B1G Presidents and AD's all hot and heavy... what it is exactly that they're bringing to the table?  At least Maryland claims to offer crab-cakes AND football

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