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Which out-of-conference team will give Ohio State the most trouble?



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UC - The game is huge for them.  I almost went Navy, but I can't imagine much of a running game against our D line, and VaTech is the first home game under the lights......The Hokies are going down big. 

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Navy. Only because it is the first game of the year.

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E.  None of the Above

Go Bucks!

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winner winner

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I was going to say Maryland, then...oh yea...

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I love how literally zero people voted Kent State.

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Navy. My father served 22 years so I always enjoy watching the Mids. Our opener is a win-win for me. 

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I chose @Navy. I expect to win by a couple scores but I think they are going to put up some points and give the D fits. VA Tech and Cinn. are night games against inferiors opponents. OSU will show up and roll in both.

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Navy because of the cut blocks, more concerned with keeping players healthy.

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Always a concern, but I think defensive line is a unit that could do well this season in spite of some injuries.

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Whichever one Ohio State ends up playing in the title game.

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I really don't expect too much trouble with any of them but I chose Va Tech.

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Whoever chose Kent State wins "Troll of the Day"—CONGRATS!

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Sorry, I just couldn't help it. I'm relieved there were 6 others.

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Navy, because defending their game is heavily dependent on linebackers playing their assignments. I have a feeling that our linebackers may overall be better performers this year, but I don't think that's going to be their strong point.

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Anchors aweigh.

Still get nervous thinking about how that '09 game ended.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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28% Cincinatti? Really? This isn't the Tresselball era anymore. They're on par with Kent State.

Navy scares me only because of their chop blocking.

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Virginia Tech. Remember how many fits they gave an inexperienced Offensive Line for Bama last year? If VT had some semblance of an Offense to go with that defensive front, I believe they would have beat Bama. Seems like a similar scenario to me.