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Do you plan on attending an Ohio State game in person this year?



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It's considered a very bad year if I don't.  Got Virginia Tech as of right now, subject to change.

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Navy, Maryland, and Penn State.

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If your area code is indeed 703 then this geographically makes sense.  Every other year is going to be a blessing for us Buckeyes in the DC area.

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I'll be at Navy and Maryland. Hoping to make the trip up to Piscataway next fall.


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Yes, I live in McLean; I am loving the fact I am less than a hour from two OSU games this year.  The Navy game was a birthday present to me, I work at Maryland and have season tickets, and have friends who are PSU alums who are taking me to the "whiteout."

"Attack the Strong, Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead!"
-Former OSU S&C Coach Lichter

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Pregnant wife, a 2 year old daughter and 770+'s not going to happen.  Although, I might be able to make the LA Kiss - Jacksonville Sharks game on July 26th.

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Try to every year, anyone know when individual game tickets go on sale?

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Should be some time in July.

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If I can actually afford a commoners ticket?! Maybe?!

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Finally a game at the Bank in MN, my wife and I are going.

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Got bucket list item number 1 crossed off my list this year. In Columbus for The Game. Excitement level is off the charts.

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Yes. The dilemma is go to VT game, or wait and go to Cincy and the tailgate formely known as Eat Too Brutus...

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Already have tickets to the Cincinnati game. Even the 17 hour drive to Columbus from South Dakota can't dampen my excitement. This will make my second game ever in The Shoe. 


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Can't justify spending the money, especially for one of the really good games.

...and Michigan still sucks.

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I think the tickets are significantly over priced for what you get and wont go unless I get some significant discount on a game like say $30-$40 per ticket, otherwise wont happen, I would prefer to watch from the comfort of my couch with a few friends over and beer and food at reasonable cost

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Jerry's World for championship game and if playoffs are in a warm city, except Miami.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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Michigan and Michigan State, the rest are total garbage.

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Going to buy some OSU vs. Navy tickets tonight! My first OSU game since The Game in 2010. 

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Doubt I will make it back into Columbus for a game this year.

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I want to try to pull off Baltimore for the Navy game, but we'll see. Definitely going to MSU and I try to get to C-bus once a year, maybe Cincy this year for "The Tailgate Formerly Known as Eat Too Brutus"

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I plan on going to the Kent State thrashing. Kind of sucks the way it lines up this year. A friend of mine started a little tradition where we will go to an Ohio State day game, then drive to Cleveland to hit up the Casino Saturday night, Wake up go to the Browns game, then head home. Last year it was IU/Steelers, I didn't think Carharts were needed, just thermal underwear.... I was wrong.

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East Lansing to see MSU fall on November 8th. My brother lives pretty close to the campus so we can walk/shuttle in. Win/win situation.

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All of the home games, of course.

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Going to the OSU Beats Michigan game with my dad. Free tickets on the 30 yard line, about 60 rows up.

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Flying in from Hawaii with my family for "The Game". It will be their first time in the shoe, hoping I get tickets at face value when the public sale starts so I pay $150 per ticket and not $300+ per because flights/hotel/rental are already getting me good.  I emailed the ticket office last week and they still do not have a date or at least a date they will tell anyone.'s picture

Navy, Maryland, Illinois, Cincinnati and *ichigan. More games than I expected. Go Bucks!! I will buy student ticks for every game in the Shoe. The others will cost me.