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Would you travel to see an OSU game in another country?



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Sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity, if I could afford it, I would go. Why not?

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I voted no, but then I thought about TSUN- is that the same thing?

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Unless that country was Canada or I was already abroad when the game was taking place, I can't see traveling internationally for a game.

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I'll try anything once...

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I used to live overseas so heck yeah... It would be cool to see play them in a place like Old Trafford. I also hate that the Man U vs Real Madrid game this fall will be in the big house that giant uninspiring cereal bowl up north it would have been a thousand times better and a thousand times louder at The Shoe and in Columbus a true soccer/futbol town. 

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Absolutely yes.  

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As long as its a warm weather country. I'll never go to another B1G Championship game in Indy in December. That was miserable. Especially when they wouldn't let us have adult beverages in a professional stadium in our seats. If you wanted one, you had to purchase at concession stand and hang out there and drink.  Mexico would be cool.

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No. I love the Buckeyes, but If I'm going overseas, I'm there to see that country and its history and culture. Visiting other countries is not an opportunity that pops up often so I would give my best effort to actually experience that country. Expand your worldview. Visit a museum, a national landmark, a festival, etc.

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and you cannot do both?

Go Bucks!

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You can, but there is an opportunity cost. If you think 4 hours in a stadium watching an American event is worth more than what else you could be doing in the country, then have at it. Personally, I disagree. That's why I wouldn't eat at American restaurants overseas or listen to American music. You have limited time. Soak up every last bit of that country you can get.

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I absolutely would.  I am jealous as hell of PSU heading to Ireland for a game this year.  My wife and I visited Ireland last year, and we had a blast.  The people, the land, the history, all of it was fantastic.  I would look at it as combining two of my favorite things - travel and watching the Bucks.  It would be such a unique experience.  I hope Gene is open to this idea in the future, if OSU is approached in any way about the possibility.