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This fall, do you think you'll watch non-OSU games on BTN?



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Likely some part of a game or two, but I doubt I'll make a plan to watch any non-OSU game on BTN.  Hopefully there is a more interesting alternative than Illinois v Purdue.....

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Absolutely.  Even though the B1G may not be that good, I still like to watch 'em play.  As posted above, I won't watch Illinois/Purdue unless something better is on ..... wait, that's impossible.   I always enjoyed watching PSU, scUM, or one of Bert's teams losing to an inferior opponent.

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I will absolutely watch. I root for whoever is playing against TSUN.

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I will change over to catch the score, but a whole game?  Probably not,


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BTN isn't carried on my cable company (still?!) so I certainly won't be watching any games. I'll go to a bar to watch any OSU game on BTN but that'll be about the extent of any BTN viewing for me.

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I'd watch football on Disney if that's where it was. 

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Absolutely! Where else can I see App State beat *ichigan again?

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I'm not just an OSU fan, I'm a college football fan. ESPN, ABC, CBS, BTN, The Oprah Network...if good football is on, I'll find it.

So I really don't understand this "only watch OSU games"' attitude. If you don't enjoy the sport, why do you even watch OSU games?  I hope OSU Soccer kicks ass, but I don't enjoy watching the sport, so I don't watch OSU Soccer.

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For me, my "no" isn't an "only watch OSU games" attitude but it's more of your "if good football is on, I'll find it" attitude.

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I normally feel there are better games on other than whats on the Big Ten Network a majority of the time.  Outside of an OSU game I will venture to other networks to find a better game unless it happens to be on BTN which in my experience it is not very often.

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Are we doing a bit of B1G marketing research here? Are they finally seeing 11W on their radar?

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Yes.  If top 25 teams are playing I will watch that, but I like to flip from game to game.  I'm a clicker when watching football.  I want to watch them all.

I believe the SEC players put their pants on one leg at a time like we do.

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If Comcast/Xfinity would remove head from ass regarding central Maryland...

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I do all that I can to avoid watching BTN.They have added an unwanted expense to my Buckeye viewing.

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Here's your dollar back. Sorry for the extortion.

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Since Suddenlink does not include BTN in its sports package, I have no choice but to vote "no".  If I had BTN, I'm sure I would watch other B1G games.  I get Fox Sports Ohio, but not BTN.  Go figure!

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I can only hope that BTN will deliver us a thrilling cross-division battle between Purdue and Rutgers ...I'm on pins and needles.


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as long as scUM is playing the appy states, uconns, and akrons of the world, i will be watching BTN.

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I may watch BTN ... but there are several good options out there ..


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Why wouldn't I? I love football, and while Buckeye games are always my priority - whether they're playing USC or Bowling Green - there are often times some very interesting match-ups on BTN, especially late in the season. 

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Yes because my second favorite team often plays on BTN; whoever is playing *ichigan.

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Sure will. Football season is short. I feel like I'm cheating myself out of loads of great games if I limit myself to just the buckeyes. Gotta keep an eye on the competition too

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Big BTN fan here. Especially living in Texas and travel frequently. I watch it regularly even during non-football season. I will watch the best game regardless of the network but I do watch BTN games to see how other B1G teams are especially if the Bucks have an upcoming game against one of them. The overall insight of the post games and studio material is very good. They share great insight and compared to others who try to be everything to everybody BTN gives me solid B1G experience that I wouldn't get otherwise. 

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