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Will the men's basketball team finish with a better record than 25-10 in 2015?



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Anthony Lee will make a difference in the middle and we improve overall on offense with more options, if younger, But Thad will get more Ws

ONE Not Done!

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I hope I'm wrong but I don't see how having a crappy offense this year then losing our best scorers that we are going to be better. Freshman very rarely come in and put up great numbers. Sam and Shannon better put in some work this offseason. Loving has to take the next step as well.

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I put no but they will make a run in the NCAA tournament. This will be an improved shooting team that should run a little bit more..

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Scott - Scoring is improving.  I think leading the team will give him more confidence which will help scoring too.

Slam - There has been steady progression which I think will continue.  Decent scorer.

Loving - This guy will be miles ahead of where LQR was his soph season.  Valuable scorer

Lee - Unknown but I'm optimistic.  Hell 10-12pts and a handful of rebounds a game would be great.

Russell - Has all the makings of a go to guy.  Again I'm optimistic.


I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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Russell and Keita Bates-Diop are shooters, no question about it.  Both should have an impact next season, if only as shooters who can stretch the defense.  I do expect more than that from the two, though.  Add Kam Williams into that group as well - he's a flat out scorer.

The 5 spot cannot be worse next season than it was this year.  Even if Amir and Trey do not improve (which is unlikely going into their senior seasons), they'll still put up a few good performances here and there.

Loving showed flashes of great potential.  Normally you see a big jump from freshman to sophomore year, and that will especially happen with Marc because he'll be seeing a lot more minutes.  He can play the 3 or 4, and hopefully at times he'll be paired with Lee as the "small ball" frontcourt.

I'm not sure exactly what to expect out of Lee, but he does produce points and rebounds.  Add to that a change of scenery and sometimes guys just thrive in a new environment.  He, along with Thompson and Scott, are three experienced guys who will stabilize the team.

The wildcard is Jae'Sean Tate.  If he can get healthy in time to practice from the start during the fall, and utilize workouts to improve his shooting once his shoulder heals, I think he could really surprise people with his production.  He flat out dominated a few of the summer events this past summer on the AAU circuit.  He can attack the basket off the dribble.  He can rebound.  He defends.  He's a feisty player who will earn Thad's trust right off the bat, and again if healthy, I think he'll see a lot more minutes than what people are expecting.

+1 HS
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This team is going sideways until they get a big man ....WITHOUT STONE HANDS,WHO ACTUALLY WANTS TO PLAY.

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The question is will the Big Ten be better or worse next season.

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We could go 25-10 again, but no way it is as ugly and frustrating as this year. 

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Considering the last last second losses we had this year, yes is a no brainer.  Add the new talent, we are going to win the title. Then dance our way to at least the 8, if not the 4.

Go Bucks!