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Who wins tonight?



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Don't care. Probably won't watch.

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Would much rather have UCONN win!  

ONE Not Done!

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YoU conn make the presumption I won't be rooting for an SEC team.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I'll admit I don't care for John Calipari, so I definitely want UConn to win, and picked them here to do so.

I do feel like everyone is declaring UK as the "team of destiny" but are maybe underselling what UConn has been able to do.  They've gone through quite a gauntlet themselves - picked by many to lose their opening round game against St. Joe's (and without a crucial and-one late in regulation they probably would have lost), they've beaten #2 seed Villanova, #3 seed Iowa State, #4 seed and national favorite Michigan State, and then #1 overall seed Florida.  That is an impressive list of programs they've beaten in succession.

Kentucky doesn't do anything special - they rely on their guards to penetrate and consistently beat their men off the dribble.  Once in a while they'll throw in a lob to a big man.  What is the one thing UConn has been so good at the past two games especially?  Cutting off penetration into the lane.  I doubt the Huskies will hold UK to 6 points in the paint (or whatever the exact number was) like they did against Sparty, but if they can force the Cats to shoot more than they'd like from the outside, I give UConn a great chance of winning tonight.

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Connecticut has looked like the more impressive team to me. But I obviously won't be shocked if it goes the other way,

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I don't want to see Kentucky win either but some of you have truly allowed your bias to sway a false sense of reality.  Kentucky doesn't so anything special?  UConn has looked like the more impressive team?  Come on.

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I already admitted I'm biased, but I stand by the fact UK doesn't do anything special on offense.  By that, I mean they rarely run any set plays, they can't hardly shoot from the outside, and they get lost defensively quite a lot at times.  This may be one of the least well "coached" teams to play in the NC game in quite some time.

They may have the resume of an 8 seed, but when Cal decided to get out of his guys' way and let them simply play ball, they've shown off their considerable edge in talent.