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Which player from last year's team would you choose to play for this year's team?



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I had to go with Mewhort as I think this years team goes as our Offensive line goes, so leadership there would be the most valuable.

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I went Shazier since he was the only consistent player in the back 7, We have a stable of RBs, and Warriner will get the OL ready so I am not too worried. Roby did not live up to expectations so his loss will be felt more on special teams IMO.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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All of the....nevermind.


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Christian Bryant.

Thanks, NCAA.

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Hyde wouldn't be as effective this year without dat studly oline.

Depth is so thin upfront on the offensive line...hard to say no to Mewhort...

I can definitely see an argument for returning Shazier, but you're crazy if you want Roby back.  He didn't even want to be back LAST year.

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I'm with BVTW and would rather pick all, but given the uncertainty and inexperience of the OL right now, I'm going with need and saying Mewhort.

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Lol @ the poor showing for Roby.

Not surprised one bit

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Shocked it is close.  The gap between Shazier and his backup was by far the largest.  

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Picked Carlos, but Kenny G is my real choice.