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Which would you rather have happen to Wisconsin, Michigan, and Michigan State?



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I would prefer Wisky and Sparty to make the final 4. As for scum I want them to never win a game in any sport, and to never make a tournament in any sport. I want scum to have to resort to cheating in order to win a game in any sport and to be caught cheating. Screw scum. Maybe they are cheating now.

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I can root for Izzo, but I tried yesterday to be a Bo Ryan fan- nope couldn't do it.

And I think every Buckeye is on the same page for the third team mentioned here

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I picked Sparty & Wisky into the Final Four - so as just those two isn't a choice I had to go ALL IN. 

ONE Not Done!

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What I don't want to happen, is for all of them to make the Final Four, and then a non-B1G team win it all. I am mostly about conference pride, but that could only stand to hurt the image of the conference - and my wallet (who happens to be pulling for MSU now).

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Since you included TTUN in the equation, and offered only two choices, I voted for all to lose in the elite 8. I will never vote for anything that benefits TTUN. Aside from the poll question, I hope MSU and Wisc win and TTUN gets punked.

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I'm going chalk with most of the comments.  Since the choices were so limited, I went with all 3 making it. This will be the hardest I have ever and will ever root for UK to absolutely throttle somebody into submission, that team being tSUN.  SCUM has had a fairly easy road so far (beating 15,7,and 11 seeds), so this will be their first true test, even though UK is an 8 seed.  The B1G desperately needs a championship.

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I was hoping "Simultaneous meteorite strike" would be a poll option.

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Given the choice of the 2, I picked as did the majority. I would never hope for another banner for scUM but they would eliminate Sleezeball Cal / UK / SEC. This shows well for the conference. I had all 3 going deep, to the Elite 8. Would be a major statement for the conference to have 3 of 4 or to have 2 square off in the final. 

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My Final Four Dream....Three B1G teams plus Dayton, and the Flyers win it all!

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My sentiment exactly.  For all the negativity lobbed at our basketball team, people need to keep in mind that they are quite possibly a rimmed out Aaron Craft layup from playing for a Final 4 berth tonight.

Ferio.  Tego.

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I live in Kentucky, and at this point I would rather see TTUN get a win. The UK fans here are it might put an end to the "S-E-C" basketball chants. 

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B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! B-1-G!!! 

Oh, is that not ok around these parts?

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All or none eh? OK I choose all,But...............If a certain team from up north lost, I wouldn't be heart broken. I will root for the Big Ten though.