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Would hiring Larry Johnson flip any Penn State recruits?



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I don't know about flip, but I know that he'd help to quell any creeping doubt that our current recruits might have concerning the departure of Vrabro. That's my main concern. Flipping anyone would just be icing on the cake. 

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Thomas Holley seems like the only recruit affected by LJ coming over to the good guys, but the Buckeyes had cooled on him. Guess a lot depends on the reason we cooled on him.  Regardless, I think you have to like the hire. (If it happens)

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I'm not really expecting any flips from PSU, but it wouldn't be that surprising either...

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Where is the usual wishy washy maybe answer. There is no safe answer to this question. But I say if they had an offer from TOSU and chose Ped State let'em suffer. We'll be alright without you. GO BUCKS!

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If we're talking to DT Daniel Cage from Cincy again, why not reopen things with Holley now that our other DL choices haven't panned out? Looking at Cage and not Holley makes me feel that the issue with Holley is something off the field.

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I think that unless the off the field issue was something serious staff might reconsider Holley.  If Holley has interest and LJ wants him, I think we should allow our new coach to bring in highly rated recruit that he wants.

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I think it would be a good vote of confidence from Urban to LJS to say, "hey, maybe Vrabel didn't see what you see in this kid, but you're a seasoned vet in this game, and we'll trust the judgement you use to form your position group." 
Obviously this kid is seen as a five star from some people in the know, so in the absence of Thomas, I don't think it would hurt to take a flier on him, as it were. 

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PSU kids are usually very loyal to the program. I doubt this happens. They all seem to love Franklin.

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Franklin has been there for 4 days. Plus, don't you remember the handful of kids we sniped after the whole scandal took place?

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If this happened months ago maybe. Now it is so close to NSD and we are near capacity.

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You never know, maybe he has one guy that he loves and wants to bring over.

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Thomas holley could be an interesting situation. Thought I had read somewhere one the big issues with holley was how he related to vrabel. If that's the case, and LJ was the guy who brought him to PSU, it could be something that comes to fruition. If its not the case, then I don't see anyone else who could be swayed to come over to the good guys. I don't know if that's the real rsason...just basing that off of something I read in the last couple days. Take it FWIW.

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Maybe he's close to a certain TE prospect...

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Yes, based solely on hope.

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If I was a recruit (McDowell, Thomas) I'd do a double take at OSU, great O-line coach who prob talked to them about PSU at one point or another, and a new DC who has a proven track record.  Hopefully we can get them in for a visit to meet with the reworked staff.

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My first reaction was no, we don't flip any because we are not after any of them anymore, but now with Jeremy Birmingham's newly released information about Thomas Holley and why we cooled on him and he became a PSU "lean", I think we get the stud. If you think about it, our new D-line coach is probably the main reason for all that. LJ negatively recruited against us, it got in Holley's head and Vrabel cooled on him because of it. Now Vrabel's gone, we have Johnson and I bet Holley is back on our side again.
Once Urban puts LJ on Gesicki he might flip to us too once he sees how much depth PSU has at TE and how little OSU has after our top two, one of which (Huerman) is gone after '14.

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