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Will Carlos Hyde break the Orange Bowl rushing record? (202 yards)



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I think that Carlos is going to go off on Clemson in his final game.  The O Line is going to be jacked up! 
Go Bucks!  Beat Clemson!!

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Clemson allows over 150 yards per game and we rush for well over 300 a game. 200+ yards for Hyde is definitely possible. GO BUCKS! Going to the store to get some orange juice for good luck!

Football is complicated...

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Football is complicated...

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The best back Clemson faced all year was Todd Gurley. He ran for over 150 yards, despite missing over a at least a quarter with an injury. I think Hyde has a shot.

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With respect to Gurley, I'd say Andre Williams was the best back that they played all year and he was held to 70 yards rushing on 24 carries. Based on all of the other games, I think that was more of an aberration than the norm though...but it's definitely possible that they can slow down a really good, strong RB if they play well.

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You were correct.  They held Hyde to his lowest yards/carry (4.0) all season.  They did the same thing to South Carolina's 1000 yard rusher Mike Davis.  They also held Andre Williams to his 3rd lowest ypc of the season.

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The only person thats gonna stop Carlos Hyde from getting 202, is Carlos Hyde. Its his.

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The only person thats gonna stop Carlos Hyde from getting 202, is Carlos Hyde.

Or the coaches...

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I miss the days when Urban would call timeouts in the 4th quarter to run up the score and get players stats

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Exactly, play calling is why he won't get 202. 

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Voted no, anything can happen. I want an effective run game, but Ohio State will need effective passing as well.
Prove me wrong, Carlos.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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190 wouldn't be a bad night!!

ONE Not Done!

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I think if the defense struggles we will see a plethora of Carlos, Braxton, and quick swing passes to Philly and Dontre to keep our defense off the field and try to knock Clemson out of their offensive rhythm.  

Out Work, Out Think, Out Play!!!

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if he does, tOSU wins--roll El Guapo!

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I voted yes but I think it really depends on the number of touches El Guapo gets.

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I voted no because I want El Guapo to be pissed off when he see the poll results. 


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But in order to see the poll results, he will need to vote. Does he vote that he will break it or that he won't?

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Hopefully Carlos gets 25+ touches, at least. We know he's capable of an 8 ypc avg. so I think it's very possible. But agree with what others have said, coaches, give it to Carlos!


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Carlos no: Braxton YES! GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I'm saying no. Carlos will play a massive role and sort of dictate how well we control the tempo of the game. 202 yards is a hell of a game. 150, sure he can do that. Unless he breaks a few 60+ yd runs early, I'd say no. I think we will try to spread the wealth a little bit. I can see Braxton and Hyde both cracking 100 yards rushing.  I can also see tOSU pasing more to keep up with Clempson. If our defense isn't getting gouged all game by Boyd and Watkins, I think Hyde sees more carries, but if this turns into a shootout(likely) he won't get the touches. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Orange Bowl rushing record is 206.

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I hope our oline goes HAM on them and we rush for like 500 yards on 50 carries, split between Hyde, Miller, Hall and Zeke (and a Dontre run or two).
That being said, I'm not seeing it, and I think we have to throw enough that Hyde doesn't get 200.

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I think he will break it (or come close) because that'll keep the defense off the field and let the offense grind meat. That's the way to victory, I believe, when the defense, not good to begin with, is minus two of its best players. Go Bucks!

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For the love of everything Buckeye, Run Hyde! If we give give Hyde the rock, he easily surpasses that record and wins the game for us.

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Effective running game will be best defense against Boyd, Watkins, and Co. Only way Buckeyes win it is by controlling the clock and tempo.
Anyone else hoping Meyer has eye to the future and we see more of the freshman (Wilson, Elliott, Bell, Burrows, and Johnson) this game?

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200 yards is alot vs any team, but with the way Clemson plays D, I wouldn't be surprised. They can't simulate this type of power running game in practice and you can't just flip a switch even if you simulate it for the month of bowl prep. Clemson doesn't hold onto the ball long offensively, so we could see lots of time of possession in our favor and more opportunities for Carlos. I believe Carlos will run with even more attitude and show what he would have brought if the coaches wouldn't have abandoned him vs MSU.

Go Bucks and michigan STILL SUCKS!

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Voted yes because I really hope he does. If so, that equals a Buckeye win!


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Hyde for 314!!!

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Voted no, because I believe Clemson stacks the box to stop Hyde & Braxton. I hope I'm wrong!


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I vote yes. I read that it maybe a little windy at times tonight. Also, I think after the msu game they watched the tapes and realized that Carlos should have been feed the ball more and they are not gonna make the same mistake.

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Slow start for Carlos, he really needs to pick it up and break a big one to reach that 202yds goal. I for one believe he will get almost 30 carries and break the record. 

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- Jim Tressel

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I vote no [deletes time stamp of post]

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