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Which tailback will lead Ohio State in rushing in 2014?



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Voted for Rod Smith....senior respect, as well as being a fan of the power back.

But can absolutely see EzE with the most production.

This question is a statement to the talent of this unit.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I've hopped on the EzE bandwagon but I wouldn't be surprised if a different back emerged, Smith or Dunn especially. MoC said to watch out for Dunn this year. 

Football is complicated...

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Voted for EzE, really want to see what Warren Ball can do.

Help is on the way.

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I voted for EzE - I thought he looked great whenever he got the chance this year.  Could be a running back by committee type thing though - a lot of talented guys in that backfield.

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Good call, I could definitely see all of these guys splitting carries and ending up between 300-500 yards on the ground. Elliott seems like the likeliest to be used more often in the passing game.

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Voted for EZE, but this is the year of he QB. I would love to see Dunn tear it up. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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EzE is the popular pick, but I have a feeling Smith is gon' bring the Pain from Ft. Wayne.

A man got to have a code...

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I actually went with Ball, things rarely go as you expect and from the little I've seen of him he reminds me a little of Hall when he got his first few carries, good vision, accelerates through the hole and makes the most out of each carry, I truly think he could be the surprise of the will he lead the team, I'm not sure but he will contribute more than expected 


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Too many variables to consider. I think all of them are very talented. A lot of it depends on who the starter is and if last year set precedent. The easy answer is EZE. None of us know why Brionte didn't get the nod and red shirted. Hyde got the ball often, will Smith fill his shoes with similar size and power? My honest answer resembles a dual system. I see both having success. Smith/Elliot. 

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I'll add that I expect EZE to have the most all purpose yards, but Smith to have more rushing yards. I've been known to not know what I'm talking about though.

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Picked Eze, But I could see Rod or Brionte easily being our top back!


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So many RBs, so few carries to give out. Its almost not fair. I went with MoC's pick of Dunn. He looked amazing when he was a Freshman and I imagine he's only gotten better.

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Eze is my vote. I think Dunn is talented but screwed himself by getting so deep in Urbans doghouse. I am a big fan of Rod Smith but see him getting used more like Brandon Saine did his senior year. I think we'll see Smith in two back sets running wheel routes and getting 5-7 carries a game. Just my opinion, everyone on this list is capable.

Because we couldn't go for three!!!

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I'll go with Elliott. He beat all of those guys out last season; no reason to think he won't do that again.
If the competition between these guys is fairly close and there's not much of a difference in talent between everyone, I'd like to see a running back by committee approach (think New England Patriots) where everyone gets to contribute in a way. But it seems like they usually pick 1 guy to ride the hell out of, and then have a #2 that will get 4-6 carries a game. Wouldn't shock me if that were to occur again this year but eh... if everyone's capable, get everyone involved and keep guys fresh. 

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Smith or Dunn.

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I was hoping for 3-4 of them. Our play calling was very limited and predictable when Hyde went out. 1800 between all of them

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Ezekiel about 1100 that can easily be Dunn or Smith. But I'm going with Eze. Just a gut a feeling. 


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Eze will have 1200 yards rushing with 12 touchdowns. That is my bold prediction 

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Went with Elliot, another year in the system and weight room and he could be ready for a breakout year. 


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It's gonna be my boy Bri'onte Dunn. I sit next to him in one of my classes and we've gotten pretty tight. He's pretty confident and for good reason IMO. He's going to surprise some folks.

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Cardale beats out Braxton. Braxton moves to tailback and wins the Heisman. Only a matter of time.