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Is Chris Ash the man to right the Silver Bullets?



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I am infinitely more excited about Chris Ash righting the Silver Bullets than I am about Mike Pettine righting the Browns

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The group think/mob mentality and fear of downvotes on this forum will probably dissuade anyone from making a comment other than positive for Ash and negative for Fickell.  And that is a shame.
I think a better wording of the question would have been is he the right man to HELP right the Silver Bullets.  It is not a one man job, it takes the entire staff and the players to fix what is wrong. 

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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Fear of downvotes.  I laugh in the face of downvotes.

I don't know much about him, but if the staff picked him, that's good enough for me.

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I surely hope some people would not post something on here simply because they was afraid of getting DV. That is a shame (as you said) if so. 
How I look at this question is the Silver Bullets are a framework for what we know we need to get to. There is no way we can re-create the Silver Bullets-- not going to happen. What we of course all want is an attacking defense that impose its will on people, form tackling, heart and energy, sound coverage, and they rise to the challenge at hand. Is he the man to bring all those things to the table? I would like to think so. If I thought otherwise, it would be a miserable offseason.
Lastly, this team could be worse than years before and never win another game and I would still be there rooting them on hoping for better days... It would be torture for me and my family for sure, but I would still love my Buckeyes. There is nothing like being a Buckeye!

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The real question for me......who is calling the shots for the overall defense ? So far the answer to the answer is being purposely hidden.

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Chris Ash is a Buckeye, why would we want to discuss anything but optimism about him and our '14 edition of the Silver Bullets at this point? 
We, He, Urban, Luke....everybody can see that the '13 edition wasn't up to the expected standard. We replaced half of our defensive coaching staff, and I have to believe that we come out with a different philosophy on August 30th!

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I think if you state Ash is NOT the guy then you specify who you believe IS the guy. Someone mentioned Pruitt below and I can understand that. There were some interesting names thrown around but some have never been a DC. That's a bit of a crapshoot imo.

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I disagreed when he was first being looked at and was lambasted for my comments, now I have no opinion.  And don't tell me I need to tell you why since anything I say will be a useless point as he is now the Co-DC.  As a Buckeye, I hope he and Larry do well as I hope the team does well.

Go Bucks!

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I say yes tentatively. WE have the recruits. We just need the coaching/scheme. This definitely isn't Wisky or Arkinslaw though. We have higher expectations. The good news though is our secondary can't get that much worse. Now we play the waiting game. Pip pip cheerio.

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I like what the man is saying.
Ask me again in 2 years.



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I'm not sure, but Urban said this was the most important thing on his plate after the bowl game. I have faith in the guy he picked, I'm sure he didn't settle just to have someone.

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Hell yes he will right the Silver Bullets. Chris Ash is Genius when it come to defense and pass defense. I just wish we one if he was the man running the show. I sure hope he is.

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Urban hired the guy and I'm sure he had a lot of other choices to fill out his staff. Good enough for me, looking forward to see what kind of impact he will have on the D.

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If Ash isn't, who is?
I'm not considering Arkarmasas' defense last year, but I like what the guy did at 'sconsin.
Plus he takes a pay cut to leave the Bert Hole in Fayetteville? Ok in my book.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Ya gotta love that!

Ferio.  Tego.

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I voted "Yes" for a variety of reasons.  First off, I like Ash's more aggressive approach to pass coverage.  Second, a lot of the problems in the back 7 have been the result of a lack of experience and depth.  Stuff like that happens when 2/3 of the LB recruits over a 3 year period are washouts.  Third, I have faith in Urban Meyer's ability to identify and correct problems within his staff.  I suspect there was a communications breakdown between the two co-DC's along with the CB's coach.  I believe they will all be on the same page going forward.

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we need a "dear jesus god I hope so" third option.

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The fact that he too a pay cut to come here shows me he wants to be here and want to coach the buckeyes. Not everyone will pick up their family and move them across the country and taking a slight pay cut. 

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Luke better impress this year, bc his contract is up in 2015.  Good luck Luke.

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I mean, he's the guy hat's there w/Fickell so I hope he's the guy...

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First, I obviously think Ohio State is a better job than Arkansas.  That being said, here is some food for thought:
Anyone else think it is interesting Ash took a pay cut to come here?  I mean many on here thought Withers might have been asked to leave b/c he took a pay cut (even though he became a HC).  Yet, when Ash comes here for a basically lateral move and a pay cut, we all say it is clearly because OSU is a better job.  I just think it is something to ponder.  Please poke holes in this thought...


I'm giving Ash a chance because he did a lot with what recruits he got at Wisconsin. You can't blame him for Arkansas because they historically do not recruit well at all, at least not on Wisky's level. The fact he had a semblance of a defense that improved some does speak a lot about him.
I am very interested to see what he does with Ohio State's talent. I believe it was Birm who said that Ash was not brought in at his salary to simply be a position coach. Nobody can complain until they see the finished product, which we won't see until the Navy game.

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Yes meaning hopefully.
We should have the personnel with the recruiting classes that were brought in so its all in the execution at this point.  If there's failure have to look elsewhere than just the player.  If a unit is struggling have to believe the coach is struggling as well now.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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who are the 89.55 people who think no? and why more importantly? lol...don't be shy come forth with your resoning.
I chose yes because He had a top 3 (B1G) defense when he was at Wisconsin, Herman hated going against him so that's saying something.
Edit : now 90.6 since posting this.

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alot of people are pointing to his time at wisconsin as proof that he has the chops to right the ship but i dont remember wisconsin playing balls on fire defense at any time.  nobody in the  conference (besides sparty recently) has played the aggressive type of defense we all want to see.  i hate hearing about the sec over and over but put any big 10 defense (besides sparty) up against a defense like LSU, Bama, Florida (most years) and there is no comparison.  no one can honestly watch those defenses and then watch our conference defenses and say our defenses are comparable.  those defenses are bringing the heat every down through multiple blitz packages, dl stunts, etc.  big 10 teams play bend, dont break for the most part and that is against some pretty lame offenses.  would you rather have john chavis or would you rather have chris ash?  until we find the defensive coordinator who can coach and install that type of defense i dont think anyone will be satisfied.  nor should they be.

Big B

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I voted no but I would have voted I don't know if given the choice.  I know Georgia went out and got the D coordinator from the defending NC team.  If he was movable I would have rather had him.  I trust Urbz to make the right hire, but I can't say that I was overwhelmed by it.

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I can understand that..Pruitt did pretty well at FSU. Though they have the athletes to do well regardless of who the DC is. I expect little drop off from FSU. My only guess may be is that Pruitt was a DC for only one year. From listening to Pruitt I'm not sure you would get him out of the south. It wouldn't suprise me if Urban talked to him at some point. Ash has been calling the D for awhile so there is plenty of tape to get a feel for what he likes to do. I think that is important to Urban..some of these talk 'pressure' but when it gets down to it they get conservative and play the bend/no break D.

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IMO if Pruitt was irreplaceable, FSU wouldn't have let him get away. I equate Bama assistants much like the former USC assistants under Carroll... A lot of hype due to insane talent. Kiffen, Orgeron and Chow all sucked as HCs... Sarkisian is decent at best.

Yeah, well…that’s just like, your opinion, man.

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He doesn't need to improve a whole hell of a lot to be better, let's face it the bar is at an all time low. So in that context, yes he is the man for the job.

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I voted yes because I want to give him the chance but the proof will be in the pudding.  

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So, as a CoCordinator does he have an input on the DBS? 

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Damn well better be. 

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We needed to improve the defense and we have.  I voted yes but it was several others I would've like to see come because I watched his coaching points. One was one hour long on defensive philoshpy and I watched it to learn what he likes. His scheme, while not in style but in simplicity reminds me of Narduzzi at Sparty. He will teach cover 3 from there, he will have a variation for every set the offense runs, and our defense should play a lot faster. It's all about implementation and the defense understanding where they're suppose to be. I think we will have better players with more potential in the secondary so I'm excited. I'm not worried about the safeties I'm more concerned about the remaining two defensive coaches. Can Fickell and Coombs teach are players how to play their position properly. The questions unanswered will be can lb redirect in pass coverage, read run/pass timely, get proper depth in pass coverage, and tackle. The cb must locate ball, avoid pi calls, tackle properly, and stop peaking in the backfield.

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Can you provide a link?  I haven't seen anything on him preferring to play cover 3.

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I voted no, but I think there needed a "maybe" vote.
see above comment by me for why - and before you dv.
Go Bucks!

Go Bucks!