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Which coach deserves the greatest blame for the loss?



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Fickell/Withers were awful, but that was sort of expected. Tom Herman coaching as shitty as he did was tough to swallow.

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Seriously. All we needed to do was run Dave!
(Is there any way to denote partial sarcasm?)
Herman's play-calling was mind-boggling, but those pass interferences? Defensive players out of position? Consistently giving up 80 yards on TD drives with Conner Cook under center? That's inexcusable. 

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I was very surprised at the vanilla play calling, but this loss still falls squarely on our defense and the 17-0 hole they put the offense in. 
First series they had MSU stopped cold, but then two defensive penalties kept the drive going. MSU only got 3 points out of it, true, but then the unimaginative play calling played into the hands of the MSU D.



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Herman's play calling fucking sucked !  

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I wish I could vote a combination of Coombs, Herman, and Withers. All sucked in different ways.

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Urban's the boss. It's his fault, just as the 24 straight wins are his success.

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I agree completely.  Win or Lose, it's ultimately Coach Meyer's fault/success.

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^^ Yup.  Urban is the boss and has to shoulder the blame, wins and losses.  I trust his judgment and he will fix what needs fixing after our BCS Bowl win in January.

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Not sure who to fire ....the ultimate responsibility is Meyer's.  I hope he gets stuff fixed by next season.   
I would really like to understand the play calling.  It was pathetic how we played into their stacked box all night?  Do we not have any quick throws.  Yes Miller had some great runs, but most of them were on busted plays so why in the 4th quarter are we running him into the line?  
Ok so we dropped a bunch of passes that should have been perfect conditions.  Maybe we were too tight.  Now that I'm thinking about it we basically beat ourselves and gave the game away.  

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I would like to understand the thought process behind calling all those screen passes. They were playing an agressiive man all game and one time we got lucky and they missed a tackle. They weren't working yet Herman kept dialing them up thinking they would break off for a 50 yarder. Ridiculous.

The offseason begins when your season ends. Even then there are no days off.

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Woof. People let Coombs off the hook too often because he is energetic and intense. The on field results have been pathetic.
We make every damn QB look like Joe Montana.

Urban Warfare

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^^^ ding ding ding..... tell him what he's won johnny!

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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And we make every WR look like Jerry Rice

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Absolutely agree, I can see him being very good in an interview, but he might not know his stuff that well. I voted for him.

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It was Herman.  The offensive play calling was the worst of the season.  The D was about the same as usual.

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I know Coach Coombs brings amazing excitement to this team, and it's fun for us fans to watch, but we need to step back and look at what is failing. And all season long, it has been our secondary that has been killing us. We have 5-star talent back there who are just being shredded. The last two (really three) seasons, we've made average quarterbacks look like world beaters. Gotta make a change there.

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Pitt Brown is not a five star.  Why Vonn Bell wasn't ready to start ahead of him I'll never know.

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We had to score to win the game. I think the blame's 65% on the offensive play calling and 35% our DEF just not being good enough.

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I don't know how anyone can blame Herman, He put up 24 points vs the best defense in the country, He did his job! Sure we wanted some more Dive runs but if you re-watch the game Michigan States D-Line def came to play and forced some 3rd and longs.  The spartans pass D was beyond anything we've faced all year and broke up multiple TD plays so blaming Herman here is completely irrational.  

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I hate having to blame anyone. But if you make me choose I say Coombs. Our secondary has been a glaring weakness all season. Roby somehow regressed under him. I know losing Bryant has a huge blow, but let's be honest, the front 7 has looked outstanding at times, but all season the secondary has been average at its best.  I don't think Fickell should be the scapegoat.  I wish I could find the Traing Days clip of Coombs describing how to defend the out.... watch that and look at the players reaction.  Then once your done, watch us play soft zone coverage and give up short passes all day against whomever we play.  Offense is great, and it's sweet to be a scoring threat at all times, but defense wins championships. We simply do not have a championship caliber defense right now so we don't deserve to be champions.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Honestly they should've given me a mic and let me sit up in the booth, I couldve called better plays

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But we knew our Defense wasn't good enough.  They played better than I thought they would.  The offense's inability to throw the ball was mind boggling.  I thought for sure in the Dome Brax would throw it well.  He has regressed for sure.  

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4th & 1 and they run a lateral play to the short sideline.
Worst possible play call ever.
Run Hyde up the middle.

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I agree, you either go power with Carlos or a quick pass.  It seemed like we got away from letting Hyde carry us. He was gashing that defense then we stopped. 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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My favorite was the TE throwback pass.... because scUM didn't run that 15 times last week.... 

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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I want to change my vote. I quickly picked Tom Herman but, really, UFM is the head coach and, God bless him, he gets my secondary vote tonight. He needs to overrule from time to time. This won't sit well with him. We'll be back...

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I'll answer the question this way:
1. Mark Dantonio said they knew Miller was keeping the ball on the last real offensive play of the game.
2. Urban Meyer said he called that play.
Getting outcoached begins at the top.

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2 plays to get 3 yards and they don't use Carlos Hyde.  I hope Urban has to walk up to Hyde and personally apologize to him sometime between now and graduation.  It's disgraceful to have a Heisman-candidate RB of Hyde's caliber and keep it out of his hands with 2 chances to get 3 yards.

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Amen to that!  Still shaking my head on not giving him the ball then

"Five players on the floor functioning as one single unit: team, team, team
- no one more important than the other." -  Coach Norman Dale

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Urban Meyer has complete control over this team.  I give him all the credit for the 24 wins and I give him the blame for this loss.  He could have fixed the defense, he could have over-ruled the bad offensive play-calls, he could have coached up the secondary.  He's the head coach, he could fix whatever he wanted to fix.  So it's his fault he let the bad play-calls happen and that he let coaches do a poor job with this defense.
All the credit for 24 wins, all the blame for the 1 loss.  Now he needs to fix it.

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I voted for coombs. And here's why...

We had the lead and the d was playing as well as they've played all year. Then the almost interception happened. And so did robys injury. We force the punt. Then they force a punt. Then reeves comes in. And they proceeded to pick that kid apart on their way to the go ahead touchdown.

Why, for the love of all things holy in this world, isn't our backup ready to go? Kid was ok in nickel and dime looks. But put outside...he looked absolutely lost. Thats on his position coach. Roby came to play tonight. He was all ovet the damn place. And reeves comes in and shits the bed. Once we got down, it was elementary for MSU. Grind clock, contain braxton and get the win. I know he's a sophomore. But he got exposed. And that's solely on the guy who's job is to prepare him to play.