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What's your favorite non-Rose BCS bowl?


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That Fiesta Bowl has been pretty good in years past.

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I believe they completed the build on the new field just before the Fiesta (that year) so that the Buckeyes would not be playing on the field that they won on every time prior.

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Jdadams01's picture

Orange. It changes each year depending on which one the Bucks are in.

TMac's picture

The knock against the orange bowl is their halftime show as opposed to letting TBDBITL perform!

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Hard to beat the food and atmosphere of New Orleans while partying with thousands of Buckeye fans. However,  I will enjoy the  less than 2 hour drive across Gator Alley to catch the Orange Bowl with family.

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In the words of R. Kelly, Fiesta, Fiesta!

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Or in the words of Gronk, yo soy fiesta

Football is complicated...

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The Fiesta, since we've played and won there most often

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I've only been to the Sugar, but I loved New Orleans. I'm not really a party or tourist sort of person, but it still managed to be my favorite city to visit. I guess there's enough real history and real culture (musically, at least) there to make up for the tourist schlock. I could spend a month on Bourbon Street just listening to the music acts.
The Super Dome is a pretty cool venue, too.

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Right now the Orange cause thats where Ohio State is right now. Overall, that Fiesta was awesome!

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The Fiesta Bowl will always have a special place in my heart for some reason.

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Smanpoint10's picture

The Fiesta is my favorite, but it got worse when they moved it from Sun devil stadium

UrbanCulture's picture

Sun devil stadium was just the perfect place for a bowl game. 
Great weather. Perfect size for a bowl game.

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wherever the Buckeyes are playing

Nick's picture

This is hard. Best in what way? Fiesta bowl has produced the most entertaining games though.

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Fiesta Bowl only because of the memories created there

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three words: Nawlins, Nawlins, Nawlins. Definitely the Sugar. Great game, great city. 

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I'm with you & it's not even close. Of the 3, it's the only place I'd visit on my own dime regardless if there's a bowl game.

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I'd say the Orange bowl is my least favorite of all of them. I like the Fiesta bowl.

Knarcisi's picture

1) the best matchup
2) whatever game doesn't have the BCS Buster or CUSA or whatever in the hell that conference is
3) the one that is actually played outside! And on real grass!  Hence my choice for the Orange Bowl.