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Through 13 games, who is Ohio State's offensive MVP?



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Carlos has been sealing the deal, but was not given the rock or was not on the field when it was crunch time. We were crunched when not allowing him to carry the ball at those crucial times.

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Hyde. Not that you would know it from watching last weeks tape.... 

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Which would you rather: Braxton is injured and replaced by his backup, or Hyde is injured and replaced by his backup? In which situation do you think the team performs better? 
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Urban might not know it, but Carlos Hyde is his best player.

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Which would you rather: Braxton is injured and replaced by his backup, or Hyde is injured and replaced by his backup? In which situation do you think the team performs better?

Hyde missed 3 games last year. What happened?

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Could probably throw the entire offensive line as a choice in this poll... without their brilliance, Hyde and Braxton aren't able to do what they do.

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Completely agree. A really good offensive line can make even average runners and quarterbacks successful. Put real talent like Hyde and Braxton behind them and magic happens. It's an old, tired saying, but football really is won or lost in the trenches.


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Hate this question...stalemate for sure though. 
Hyde has been amazing when able to get touches...I'll remind those being dismissive of Braxton that he is the Offensive player of the year in the B1G...not running back..not quarterback...player. Braxton is the most dynamic and athletically gifted player on the team without a doubt. He struggled down the stretch last game but the play calling was not his fault...he also carried the team on the final scoring drive against Michigan ...I will agree with the poster above about the Oline though because its so true.

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I was going to vote Hyde as many others did. Buuut them I saw the highlights from the wisky game and Miller was pretty great. While that one game isn't enough to seal it, between that and his runs this season I had to vote stalemate

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When Given the Ball..... HYDE is as solid as they come. He brought it every play, every game!  He never eased up, when I felt some players may have! 
I cant think of one time when we had a 3rd or 4th down and short, that Hyde was stopped when called upon.
 HYDE= WORK HORSE! Definitely this years Team MVP

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I still don't understand what Ohio State was trying to do lining Hyde up out wide vs Msu. 

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The worst way to utilize Hyde? Get him moving parallel to the line and toss him a pass against a great defense.
I couldn't believe it when I saw that play the first time, but we went back to it again later.

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Feed Hyde = win.
Don't feed Hyde = lose.
Enough said.

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If the defense doesn't give up 34pts to MSU, it's a win.

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I still saw Braxton miss too many easy throws in games.  Gotta pick Hyde (or the offensive line)

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He's done that a few times. Wide open people and all he has to do is float it in there and he over throws em

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4th and 2, oh well, good bye Invite to NY for Heisman & POY for tOSU.
Kenny G stepped up for B Miller, so I think we would have been fine w/o him. Perhaps B Miller gives a slight edge overall, but I liked Kenny G's passing better. Perhaps we would have lost two or three games if Kenny G had been QB, we'll never know. I've seen us lose a few games but other than the FG from OU back in '77, I don't recall a precious play like I will the 4th and 2 call against MSU, it will live in infamy.
Nobody really filled Hydes shoes, Hall did pretty good, but not the animal Hyde was, Wilson still young and scUM actions (though I believe justified, needed to show maturity and not allow thugs from Michigan to bait him).
B Miller struggled down the stretch, Hyde got better, and because of this the 4th and 2 call, it will live in infamy. And this Hyde deserves the POY. Shazier 2nd, Bosa 3rd. 

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Hyde has never had a down game. He consistently puts up stats and performs the best when it's needed. It's not as easy for Braxton to be as consistent because the position he plays is much more complicated than what Hyde plays, but Braxton has had a couple of below average games.

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Much love to the OL! Now that's more like it!

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BaJervious Stalemate is one hell of a player.

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I had to go with Hyde just because of how many times he put the team on his back and willed us to a victory.  I think things could have been different in the B1G championship had he gotten more carries. 

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Braxton Miller.

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How many times did Miller provide a lead block for Hyde?  Hyde was consistently reliable.  Either with his own performance at running back, or providing a lead block for Miller.  I just don't understand the short yardage calls against MSU.  With Hyde in the backfield, you have multiple options on the play call.  With Miller alone in the backfield, the MSU defense wasn't looking for a pass play because Miller didn't prove that was a real threat.  We made the job for their defense much easier.  With our offensive line and Hyde, we could run with numerous different quarterbacks and be successful.

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If we would have played these games with no Carlos Hyde:
Northwestern- We lose big.  34-17 or so.  He was our heart and soul.  Braxton just fumbled the shit out of the ball.
Wisconsin- Since Roby had the worst game in history, without Hyde we might have barely lost.  I give Braxton credit for a great game in this one however.
Michigan- Braxton was the flashy plays, but Hyde was the heartbeat.  226 yards! Damn!  Take away 200 yards of offense in that shootout and we get sodomized.
MSU- Well this is my point.  F**king play calling....