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If Michigan runs the final play ten times, how many times does Michigan convert?



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Zero.  If Captain Obvious​ Borges is stupid enough to call the same 2 point conversion play after setting up for it after a timeout and if Coombs spots it, then zero.

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0-2, The West Lafayette Voodoo they'd been running on all game had to run out sometime!

ONE Not Done!

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it's a trick question..... the correct answer is:  It doesn't matter!!!!!

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On chance alone, I say three to four. Pressure packed situation, not an easy convert.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Whoever voted 5-6 are idiots; 7-8 are complete idiots; and 9-10 are fucking idiots!
Edit: See Iwearmocs comment below.

“You have to make decisions, ... I've never pretended that every decision I've made was right. And I've been reminded of that.” 

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I mean, Coombs knew what was coming so our players knew what was coming. Can't imagine they get beat too many times out of ten when they know what's dialed up.

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^^ This.  tOSU coaches and players admitted to knowing what was coming, had practiced for this triple stack and were not going to be beaten by it.  It's always easier when you know their plays!  Lol.  

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If they run the same play 10 times? O.



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NFL 2 point conversions are completed at around a 50% success rate, I don't know the numbers for college, but assuming its a little less, and then add the fact that our D got destroyed all afternoon, and I went with 5-6.  It was a coin flip, and fortunately our guys cam out on top.

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Due to your insightfulness IWear, I retract my 5-6 comment.

“You have to make decisions, ... I've never pretended that every decision I've made was right. And I've been reminded of that.” 

     - James Patrick Tressel

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As of 8:57am, you can still edit your comments where you called us all idiots.  Maybe you won't look like one yourself if you do that.  Just a thought.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Does this mean they get to run ANY two point conversion play 10 times or if they ran the SAME play 10 times?

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Irrelevant and I refuse to discuss this any further...

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The way they spent all game completely shredding our defense, the people voting '0-2' and '3-4' are clearly deranged homers. Thank god they called that play, Bosa finally got pressure, and Powell seemed to know (or have some idea) what was coming. The definition of an escape.

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Our defense knew it was coming... A bad defense can stop a play if they know it is coming. I said 0-2.


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Even if they knew it was coming, if Bosa doesn't get pressure and Gardner had another half-second, Funchess was going to be wide open on his out pattern. If you answer '0-2' you are a homer. Period.

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I voted 0-2 because although Borges called the game of his career, he blew it here. You don't go with the same play after a timeout. If he is calling the same play then no they dont get it. Funchess wasnt coming open. Ohio State knew the play and the linebacker was waiting for him. If you say they can change the play, then my vote would be different.

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If they call the same play we can usually get the same pressure.


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Keep telling yourself that.

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0-2 and it's simply. Bad play calling and Gardener isn't clutch. Hopefully this serve as a rallying cry against Sparty. Taylor Lewan quote of "that wasn't the #3 team in the country" is hilarious because it really says that they aren't that good. Ttun played the best offensive game all season and you still lose.

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I'm assuming you mean that they run the same play all 10 times. 0-2. Powell knew what was coming and he picked it off.

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Coombs apparently said it was gonna be 1 of 2 plays, and they ran one of those plays. That shows predictable play calling, which is terrible for clutch situations. So that diminishes the odds of success greatly, but you only have to pick up 3 yards, and there is always the chance that a CB slips, or Gardner breaks contain, so I'd say 2-3 times. 

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I dunno.
I voted 3-4 because it's El Guapo's number. teehee.

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We had it sniffed out from the start.  Unfortunately I wish we would have had a few others sniffed out from the start as well.  The only way *ichigan completes the pass is if Gardner throws it way earlier and if we don't react as quick as we did.  Very poor chance they get it done.