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Who will have the better OSU career?



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I hate this question.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Yeah, making a choice in this poll made me feel like a character in Cormac McCarthy's The Road.

"We're still the good guys, right dad?"

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It's like asking who's your favorite child.'s picture

I split my vote on 2 different devices.

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Agreed 110%.  The both have the potential to be special players.  There should have been a third choice in the poll..."Yes".

In old Ohio there's a team that's known throughout the land...

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Totally agree with that assertion, except why did you use the sarcasm font?  Just kidding around, but not sure why there is this obsession in the sports world with "which guy is the best", if you're talking about 40 times or a sport like tennis where head-to-head results are available, then yes you have metrics for that.  I see these two guys as complementary players that will be utilized differently, both have speed, Elliot more bulk and power, Wilson maybe better at changing directions and catching the ball, the future is looking pretty exciting for those two.  Wilson will never be the featured back, he's a hybrid guy that will keep defensive coordinators up late every night the week before playing the bucks.

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Tough tough poll.
I picked EZ.E because if he's the next starting RB after Hyde then he's going to get the ball in his hands a LOT.  It's a toss up...they both look very promising.

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They will both have strong careers. EE looks like Hyde 2.0. Wilson won't be Percy Harvin but will be a TD magnet. 

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Down vote without countering? Chickenshit. 

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i know its been said like a million times before here, but how in the hell did either comment warrant a downvote?

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When you get a single down, it's probably a phone/fat finger issue. If you compound the issue by asking, WTF, one downvote?  You're guaranteed to get a dozen or so more.

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Up vote to counter.
EZE is going to be a beast. He already looks big, wait until he goes through another year with Marotti.

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upvote for the nonsensiical down vote - I too think he is THE next RB - Hall is gone & Smith is clearly out of the mix. Hyde may have more power at 20 extra lbs, but Eze seems to have a little more wiggle.

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Before today I probably would have voted for Wilson, but I say Elliot now... Very impressive game today, He looks like he has the talent to be an every down back.. Power, agility, speed, hands, and blocking, this guy may be our next great tailback..

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Had to go with EZE, he'll have more opportunities and bigger numbers at the end of the day I guess.

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Went with EzE only because I think he is stronger and will break more tackles. But the question is like asking me which of my kids I love more. Both will be great

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So much great talent coming in at Wilson's position. Not to say that Elliott won't ever have to fight for his spot, but Wilson will have to fight REALLY hard. McLaurin, Samuel, and Campbell are no scrubs. Haven't played a down of college football yet.... but still. Wilson also has to bulk up, where Samuel, for example, is already bigger and faster than Wilson and still in high school.

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After missing that block earlier that got our RB slammed I figured we wouldn't see Wilson for the rest of the game!

"Lets beat the shit out of Michigan".... Urban. Frank. Meyer.

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Yeah because no one else out there has ever missed a block or made a mistake before...

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@INHARTWETRUST Wilson hasn't been blocking all season, and Meyer said the only way he would get more playing time is if he would. So be a little more informed before you start being sarcastic with people.

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He also said this week that he was now playing as more of a complete player and doing "a lot of things well", after the PSU game. 

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I don't think Meyer cares if you have one good game if you're not doing what he wants you to do the next. I think we SHOULD be aware by now that Meyer WILL pull you. Let's not downplay that missed block either. That looked like it could have been very bad.

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Do you advocate benching him the rest of the game because he missed that block?

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It was garbage time. Sure.

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That running back was EzE....which is kinda ironic considering the poll question.
I went with Elliot because I think he will be the premier back getting a majority of the carries out of the backfield.  Wilson is gonna be more of an H-back / split wide and in motion on the parameter.  I would bet the touchdown totals may be similar; but Elliot will likely have more rushing attempts and rushing yards.  Either way, its a good problem to have....

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Eze will have the better paper stats, he will touch the ball more, and he looks to be a great RB.  Dontre will have the better reputation looking back, because he will be a very explosive and exciting players.
I think both will be great great players for us, and it's incredible to me to think we have these two guys for at least 2 more years, plus Jalin Marshall, Paris Campbell, Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, James Clark, and more.

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"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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This is a really fantastic "problem" to have: Which of these two potential B1G Offensive Players of the Year is going to be better?
These dudes both have tremendous upside. That said, I think Urban's take on Dontre being a really fast freakshow holds true: He's got immense talent, but he's got to learn the fundamentals (like blocking. Jesus, that hit on Zeke was the only decent one Purdue laid on OSU all game). Zeke comes in and is steady, polished, and versatile: He runs! He catches! He tackles punt returners! He fakes handoffs so well the cameramen don't know what to do! He has the misfortune of being behind Carlos this season, but he's handled his PT like a man and really made waves when he's come in.

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Razor thin, but I'll take zeke. He looks like the type of back who can be a bell cow and a game breaker for the next few years

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Are we measuring by Heismans, B1G OPOY, or NC's?

ONE Not Done!

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Eze will have the better stats because he will be touching the ball more.  He's an everydown kind of back but Dontre is the much more explosive/electric player who's numbers won't be as good but everytime he's on the field the defense is gonna key on him.  He's gonna be our Harvin




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I don't know if he will be better, but I think Dontre will be more memorable when it is all said and done.  He can have a Teddy-esque highlight film after his time at osu.

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Mizzou would have a scary offense if he had gone there.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Has anyone else thought that Wilson's straight ahead speed is not quite what you expected? I may just be imagining it, so I'm asking to see if anyone else has made the same observation. Either way, I'm real excited about his future.

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I'm with you, I don't think he's as fast as he's been made out to be.  He's shifty, seems to have nice vision, and I love how he's being used, but I too have my doubts about his 40 time.

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Just from going off of his high school film I never thought it looked like he had elite, breakaway speed. He has enough of course, but it seems like people are sure he's going to eventually be ripping off 80+ yard TD runs all of the time and I just don't see it (the constant threat of it). There's been a few creases there but he just hasn't been able to squeeze through there with raw speed. 
He's going to be a big-time weapon for sure though. Very versatile. 
I've been really impressed with Elliott; I really wasn't expecting much from him this year to be honest.

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He ran the 100m (109.36 yards) in 10.55 seconds in high school.  He is fast as fuck, and should get faster (read: will get fasted with Mickey).  For reference, our boy Teddy Ginn ran it in 10.5 in high school.

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I should add to this that Dontre's most impressive skill isn't necessarily his straight line speed (there are a ton of fast guys nowadays), it's his ability to maintain his speed while cutting and shifting.  Watch the .gif of his kick return against Penn St, he spins and doesn't even slow down.  He cuts and shifts without losing speed, which is scary to try and tackle...once he gets stronger and can ran through the arm "trip up" tackles to his legs, he will be quite entertaining to watch.
EzE, similarly is shifty as hell, with great hips and balance.  His mom was a hurdler (iirc), he was too in HS, which usually means great hips in a RB.  So far, he has also displayed great balance.  He seems to always be getting stronger too, by next year, my best is that he is the #1 back (i.e. he jumps Rod, Ball, and Dunn).

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10.55 is definitely a very good 100m time for a high-schooler, but if you put Ted Ginn and Wilson side by side in pads on a football field I think Ginn wins that race pretty easily. The only players I've seen that have even came close to Ginn as far as on the field speed goes is Chris Johnson at ECU and Dri Archer at Kent State. I guess his long strides hindered him in the 100m.
I agree with you though about Wilson's best attribute being his ability to maintain his speed while cutting and shifting. That's why he's still going to be a very effective weapon and doesn't necessarily need blazing straight-line speed to hurt defenders.

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I agree wholeheartedly that he's fast, but he's not Teddy Ginn fast, not at this point.  I believe Dontre can get faster, and will.  Never seen anyone as fast as Ginn on a football field though.

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I, like everyone else wanted to chose them both. Who knows how an 18 year old will develop in the next 3 years? I hope we are still asking the question for the right reasons for the next 3 years. I think they both have the ability to be great.

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*Insert EzE blocking gif here*

Oh yeah... Is it reasonable?

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Track speed isn't football speed ladies. I knew kids who would make me look silly racing me on the grass but slap on some spikes and straight up race? Wouldn't even be in the same league. 
Not trying to downplay the 10.5, as that is legit speed at most levels, but end of the day, much like the 40, it means nothing. 

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Chip was so high on Dontre Wilson for a reason, he's the next Josh Huff.  He will be fun to watch for buckeye fans over the next 3 to 4 years or so.