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Illinois' offense averages 425 yards per game. What does it get on Saturday?



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Our Defense gives up 311 yds/gm on average, and I'm hoping for better than average as our Offense has the ball for most of the game.  

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Don't forget about Scheelhaase.  He can make things happen.  I'm not predicting an upset, but I do think they will be able to move the ball, especially if OSU goes up early and starts rotating players in the 2nd half. 

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You're right, even winning 63-14 we gave up 350+ yards to Hackenberg......In the end, winning is most important, and winning by 40 is more important than yds.

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I'd wager our Defense holds them under our average 88 yards rushing. (The Illini average 136 yds per game rushing)

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I'd say the defense steps up big time against this Illni Offense. 150 total yards or less!

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276 total yards for Illinois on this Saturday.

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I think OSU gives up less than 300 yards but over 250 on Saturday of this week.  About 40% of that will come against the backups after the game has been decided.  

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250 sounds about right to me.

I think the Buckeye offense sets the tone per usual....scoring early and often. The Illini will have to start passing earlier and with more frequency in an effort to keep up.

Hoping to see that pass rush in full force as well.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Our offense scores a lot, and they do it fast.  That gives the other teams plenty of chances to get some yards.  This defense has still been playing much much better the past couple of games.  

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I think they'll give up ~300 yards.  Final score: 52-13.  Illinois' offense is not nearly as inept as Purdue's.

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145 yards
30 rushing, 115 passing


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Are you sure they are averaging 425 yards per game? Illinois hasn't won a BIG game since Hoke last saw his own feet.

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