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If Ohio State finishes 13-0, will they play for the national title?



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My heart says yes, my head says no. Obviously we're in the Rose Bowl if Bama and FSU win out. I don't think we pass FSU even if we win the B1G CG vs. MSU big. There's that much B1G and Ohio State Haterade out there.
I just read an article on Yahoo! about Ohio State being ahead of Stanford and Baylor and it's the same ol' argument: "Ohio State hasn't played ANYBODY!", or "The B1G is a weak conference."
As it stands, I think the perception of the B1G is just north of the MAC right now, which is effing ridiculous.



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Only 2 undefeated teams from "AQ" conferences have not been in the BCS title game (Auburn 2004 & UC 2009) - so the odds are that we get in.

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But the problem would be that there's two other undefeated teams from "AQ" conferences ahead of Ohio State. Yes, I'm hoping Alabama would stumble somewhere along the way, but highly doubtful.
If the Buckeyes finishes undefeated after the bowl game, then they'll be in the same boat with Auburn 2004.

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More than 2 undefeated teams from "AQ" conferences have been a regular occurrence in mid November. There is still more football to be played!  Crazy things happen - See Ok State loss to Iowa State in 2011. Historical odds say one or more of Alabama, FSU & tOSU will lose between now and December 8th....the premise of the question is that WE are undefeated - so Go Gators, Go Hokies, Go Tigers!!

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If there's any other undefeated teams, probably not, due to strength of schedule. Like BuckeyeDude said, lots of BIG hate going on.


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Unfortunately, I don't see Bama or FSU losing another game.  We better hope that MSU beats down Nebraska this weekend.  If Bama or FSU would happen to lose, I could possibly see us getting leapfrogged by a one loss team, due to our weakened SOS with an MSU loss.  Luckily we're farther ahead in the coaches poll than the AP poll, which makes up 2/3 of the BCS process.  We just need to win out and hope for the best.

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Coaches poll is only 1/3 of the BCS. Harris Poll is 1/3 and computers are 1/3. 

Columbus to Pasadena: 35 hours.  We're on a road trip through the desert looking for strippers and cocaine... and Rose Bowl wins!

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My bad.  Thanks for the correction.  

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As long as we dominate our last 3 opponents, and beat a 1-loss Sparty team, it will be VERY difficult for voters to leave OSU out of the national title game. I know it wouldn't be the actual Rose Bowl, but the game is played in Pasadena this year.
I still think we're in if we take care of business. Something will happen.............

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No. Alabama and FSU haven't played hardly anyone yet. Their schedules are backloaded. There is a strong possibility for a loss from either of them.
They're getting a bunch of hype for a strong schedule that they haven't played yet -- but they do still have to play it. I'm not worried yet.

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Florida State already played Clemson/Miami...but yes, they would have one more "tough" team in ACC Championship.  I'm hoping for Virginia Tech since their defensive front could make things interesting, but they have a really terrible offense.

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The fact that Clemson/Miami are considered FSU's "tough" teams says about all you need to know about their schedule.

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I was mostly considering Baylor and Alabama.
FSU doesn't have a tougher schedule than us, their tough opponents just have more hype.

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I think as of right now the focus should solely be on beating Illinois and then moving on to the next one. However, for the sake of this discussion, I believe that if MSU rolls into the B1G title game with 1 loss and that highly ranked defense and the Bucks can put up some kind of offensive show against them and win handedly then FSU gets skipped over. The key will be to continue to look sharp offensively and look improved week-by-week on defense. Voters will have to take notice if OSU rolls up some blow out wins to close out the year. Wisconsin is being ridiculously undervalued IMO, they should be in the top 15 considering their losses and how theyve played in their victories. Theres just this gut feeling the voters put OSU in the title game if they can manage another unbeaten season and look impressive from here on out. Go get em Urban.

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It's a damn shame that Wisconsin couldn't get that last FG off.  It would have put Wisconsin in Top 10 at this point with their sole loss to Ohio State.

"I don't motivate the players. I get them to motivate themselves. That's the only kind of motivation that's worth a damn." - Woody Hayes

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OH YEAH! And we play Auburn. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Exactly - Crazy things sometimes happen! #1 Mizzu lost to Oklahoma by 3 TDs in the Big 12 title game and #2 WVU lost the 100th backyard brawl to an unranked 4-7 Pitt, by a score of 13-9

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I voted NO...if Bama and FSU win out. There is no way in Hades a 1 loss team plays in the NCG if 2 out of the top 3 are undefeated. Don't listen to that crap. It's not happening.

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There is nothing in the question to suggest a 1 loss team plays in the NCG - But I agree that won't happen, unless there are losses by 3 of the 4 undefeated teams at the top of the present BCS ranking. 

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I love that this poll is dead even at the moment... I think its 'no' but who knows what can happen. I will say that I think Missouri's spread could give Bama some trouble. If Baylor wins out (which I think is unlikely) they could make a pretty strong push considering who they will be playing. However, I wish that the BCS would just say screw it and have OSU play FSU (assuming they win out) and then Bama plays Baylor (assuming they win out). Then the teams can play again in the BCS Championship game.

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I still feel in my heart that if we take care of business we will be rewarded.  I am just starting to get concerned that there is so much thought going into this that we are going to overlook someone.  We still need to win every game.  The last two games are not going to be as easy as the rest of the country is making them out to be.  Michigan has nothing else to play for except to try to end our season.  MSU is getting better and better each week, and they could finish in the top 10.  That ASU/Wisconsin outcome is getting more and more frustrating as well.  ASU leads the Pack 12 South and that loss off of Wisconsin's record would have them higher than 22 in the BCS standings.

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We have to hope Auburn pulls out a win at home in the Iron bowl or Mizzou can pull off a win in the SECCG. Of course, if Mizzou was to pull off a win against 'Bama, they would probably be clamoring for a shot at the NCG.
What if Clemson loses against GT and @ SC, Miami loses at Duke or @ Pitt and FSU ends up playing DUKE in the ACCCG, and Duke keeps it close? Meanwhile the Bucks throttle ttun (a win that is losing national meaning by the week) and puts up 30-40 pts on the no.1 defense in the country in the B1GCG. All of that would help our argument, but I'm sure it still wouldn't change the national media's perception.
Regardless, it sure would be nice if Clemson and Miami lost one more game (very possible) and the ACC Coastal champ is Duke or GT. From look at the standings, it looks like it will come down to Duke Va. Tech and GT.
Hopefully Sparty and Wisky both win out. It would be nice to see Buffalo keep winning too. 


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Just keep winning.

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There should have been a "Maybe" choice, because things beyond OSU's control have to happen.  I still voted yes.  Ya gotta believe...

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Stanford lost to Utah who is either going to be 6-6 or 5-7 NOT EVEN GOING TO A BOWL, they have Oregon (loss) Colorado(win) and at WSU(toss up slight edge to home team), but computers have Stanford in many cases ahead of tOSU, something isn't wrong it's dead wrong. We have had a close game to NW which may not qualify for a Bowl but they were undefeated then and have loses to all teams going Bowling. The perception is tOSU is not good enough. This is a lie perpetrated by ESPiN. You repeat a lie long enough and the masses will believe it. What helps give credibility  to this lie is a "Big Ten" expert by the name of Kirk Herbstriet. WHO STATES OSU does not belong. He played at OSU, so coaches and their staffs who they rely on for info, WATCH ESPN. He is a TOOL, I use to love watching ESPN, I don't anymore, I don't expect Herbie to be a homer, critiquing Osuy weak points I don't mind but saying we don't belong there HAS A HUGE IMPACT on Coaches and Harris poll voters. 
So if tOSU is the only or 1 of 2 undefeated teams YES they get in, but if 1 of 3, OUR "BIG TEN EXPERT" for ESPiN has already spoken. 
Buckeyes started #2 and SHOULD NOT have dropped, but they did and now need help. Alabama or FSU has to lose.
Alabama is in even if proof from Western Unions shows refs being paid from AL boosters before SEC CG in which AL wins on a disputed call, that should have been over ruled but wasn't or vise versa. Amazing how Herbie calls out OSU over MC and TP, but not the SEC even with clear documented evidence. 
ONLY Option keep winning, hopefully pinheads won't bother the team

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I started watching Fox Sports 1 to try to get away from eS-E-Cpn's blatant subjectivity, but they rag on OSU and the B1G too.
The only way to fix it is to shut everyone up by winning a NC against Alabama. Roll Hyde!

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Let's just start the playoff early.  Ohio State and Stanford will already be in Pasadena.  Make Alabama play Florida State in the Sugar Bowl, and then meet the winner of the Rose Bowl out in Pasadena the next week. Too much logic?

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YUP. Waaaaay too much logic.

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Unfortunately, the Buckeyes do not control their own destiny. So I had to vote No for that reason. We can go undefeated and get left out. Doesn't mean we won't play for a NC, but we need help.

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

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I always answer this question with a "yes" but in truth, I don't think the idiotic press would let it happen this year.

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Unless a major injury or something else drastic befalls Florida State I can't see them losing another game.  At Florida would be their best chance of falling from here on out...which doesn't look likely at all.  
Alabama looks more likely to fall than any other undefeated team.  At Auburn and the SEC title game (Missouri/South Carolina/Georgia) are reasonably difficult.  Auburn or Georgia looks like the best bet in my opinion.   

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I only said no because of the potential for 3 or 4 unbeaten teams at years end. Baylor, Bama, FSU and OSU. No way is FSU losing to FL like I had been praying for after Vandy beat them handedly. LSU, I feel IMO, had the best chance to upset Bama (gotta pray for a loss in SEC title game...with Mizzou??? Big IF). Auburn is good, but not Bama good. Baylor has the toughest remaining games of the final four teams (and you're crazy as f@#k if you don't think they'll pass OSU, no matter if TxTech lost). Now, OSU....ttun did us no favors and proved that they're even more overrated then previously thought. And MSU will be the only ranked team left....gotta hope for 11-1and ranked #12 or higher for any respect whatsoever. Basically what I could've explained in in seven words was, there should be a play off now.

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Not a very smart question seeing how everyone should know the answer to that. YES but only if FSU or bama losses.


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I'm keeping the faith that somebody will drop a game in the last few weeks.  So if we do win out that will punch our ticket to the big game!
Go Bucks!!

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I voted yes since it rarely happens that 3 AQ conference teams go undefeated.  But I think OSU has a better chance of going undefeated than Baylor or Bama, and less than FSU.  But only because I think Sparty is a lot better than VA or GA tech.

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I had a dream that tOSU lost to Nebraska. I hope we don't play them in the CCG.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!