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Carlos Hyde is Ohio State's best running back since:



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Did somebody actually vote Diana Ross? Really? That guy could not read block to save his life. He was fortunate to play on some really good teams. I understand Beane even though I disagree, but Ross?

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Let's just tell ourselves that the pollster today was feeling a bit ornery.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Oh, that couldn't be the case. Polls are serious business.

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Maybe it was an AP poll voter. Whoever it was is obviously displaying the same sound decision making ability! 

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I was torn a little on this one.  Beanie managed a few big games, but never really fulfilled expectations due to injuries.  His stiff arm and speed was incredible and I hope someone develops it in a future back.  In he end, I based my vote on more of ability versus results.  As I write this I now think I may have chosen Beanie in error.

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Voted for Ross.
Hyde is just like him, except bigger. Oh, and I guess Hyde is patient and does read his blocks fairly well. And both had at least one rush for a loss against Illinois, so that's similar. And the only other difference is that Hyde doesn't go down like a house of cards at first contact but usually stays upright and gains yardage after the carry. Plus Hyde is a pretty good blocker.
But if I take all those differences away, they are a spitting image. Oh except I don't yell obscenities when Hyde carries the ball.
But Hyde is the most like Ross in getting me to yell at the TV...even though for different reasons.

I'm a hurtin' buckaroo.

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The question was since. If you vote for Ross, then you think Hyde is the best best since Mo C. That is all. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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Hence why I voted Lydell Ross. Carlos is the best OSU RB since Mo Claurett. 

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No he's not.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I was telling my junior in college aged intern about Lydell Ross and the counterfeit "Kahoots(?) dollars" he got in trouble with.
*Not sure which strip club it was - Kahoots or Columbus Gold.

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Columbus Gold. I've got a few stories I could tell about Lydell...


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Do tell.


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Agreed with the Ross part...

"Oh, that couldn't be the case. Polls are serious business."

      ^^^Sarcastic font necessary Nick;-)

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Font not necessary when obvious.

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With all of the MoC > Beanie talk that pops up here every year or so, surprised there was no MoC choice.  (had to really get that Ross choice in there I guess)

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El Guapo > Beanie.



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Since Eddie.

Beanie was great, but El Guapo is just killing it.

He could have been set up for a very average season after the offseason drama and the delayed start. Instead he's overcome that adversity with a vengeance.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Agreed, I loved Beanie but his durability was very suspect even though he played through a lot. I think if we compare based off durability and of course on field production it would go to since Eddie. Hyde reminded me so much of what Eddie laid down on Illinois on his way to the Heisman. I wish Hyde would get a little Heisman love but he won't and I get it.

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Voted Eddie, but really wanted to vote MoC.


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If MC would've played even two years for the Buckeyes, he would've been talked about in the same breath as Archie Griffin. But unfortunately he listened to and took advice from Jim Brown.



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I think Hyde is more like MoC than any OSU back that I can remember.  Attitude, size speed a little shifty, but mainly a 1 cut back who could run you over then take it to the house.
I freely admit at this point that I was wrong about Hyde and wanted to see more Rod Smith.  Nothing against Rod, but Hyde is proving to be a pretty special back.

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Voted for Eddie, which changes my last month's poll vote from Beanie. Man, was I wrong about that!

If the world comes to an end, I want to be in Cincinnati. Everything comes there ten years later. -  Mark Twain


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Thank you for being a man and admitting that. Now if I could just get JasonBuckeye to admit that he was wrong for suggesting Jordan Hall should be starting over El Guapo.



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I voted for Lydell Ross because I was on campus when he was the RB. There used to be a Blockbuster Video on the corner of 12th and High. For a few years, I was the assistant manager. 
Lydell came in frequently to rent stuff and he was a great guy. He was always very nice and was willing to chat football and indulge me with some stories and details. I personally committed several NCAA violations by giving him free rentals. 
In short, I like Lydell Ross. 

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Very likable guy just didnt transfer onto the field lol. Very average RB IMO....

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I favorited this comment purely because someone gave Lydell Ross an extra benefit.

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Clarett should have been in this poll. He would have been better than Eddie possibly the best OSU back ever. But El Guapo, is in my Big 3.
And I've watched every game Eddie, Clarett, Beanie and Hyde played.

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Disagree, Mo played one season and even as great as it was it was one season. So IMHO opinion you can't compare him with these guys.

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Yes, but one VERY important season. 

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MoC - wouldas couldas and shouldas.
He had a magical year that I'll never forget, but man did he under achieve in the grand scheme of things.

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He's the best since Mo C, but that's not an option. He's better than Beanie.   So, I voted since Eddie, although I don't know that that's 100% true.

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Lydell Ross.... funny. 

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lol Lydell Ross?!  Boom and Pittman are better options than that.  I'm assuming it was a joke, but that would've been better used for Maurice Wells.  At least Ross had over 2K and 26 TDs in his Buckeye career.  Looking back at his stats, I can't believe he had 2300 and 26 TDs for his career, I always remember never being impressed with him, but those are pretty respectable for a career.

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Flydell! No seriously though, I voted since Eddie. While Beanie was a physical monster, the inconsistencies (mostly having to do with unfortunate and nagging injuries) were enough for me to put Hyde in front. I think Hyde has a better offensive line and there's less of a focus on him than with Wells but what he's putting together this year is still ridiculously impressive. I mean he'd be in the mix for the Heisman today if he'd played at all in the first 3 games and got more than 5 carries or whatever in the 4th game. I mean 8 yards per carry??

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The answer is Clarett, don't care if he played for 1 year or not, in that one year he was probably the best college RB I've seen since Eddie.
And as much as I love me some el guapo Eddie>Clarett>Hyde in my opinion. And not by a lot in any of those, but Clarett was something special. Tragedy we only got a year of it.
So I voted Eddie.

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Best since Eddie. Hyde is better than Beanie iMO.

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B1G was better when Beanie played. Hard to compare Hyde and Beanie since the level of competition isn't the same. Hyde is a beast though. His running yesterday reminded me of seeing Eddie's senior year.

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since eddie
hyde and beanie both great backs but
hyde = clutch 
beanie = unclutch

If you will it dude, it is no dream

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No....Beanie destroyed Michigan with huge plays...

I like the bux.

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Exactly. Beanie really helped us vs. USC in Los Angeles, didn't he?



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Curse him for having the nerve to be injured. :/

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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I'd vote Clarett.

I like the bux.

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I think Hyde is a tougher runner than Beanie. Beanie is a bit stronger, but Hyde runs with cruel intentions. My vote is Eddie George. Runs with the same passion. 

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What we can't do in the air we'll do on the ground.

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Hyde's line >>>>>>>> Beanie's line.

I like the bux.

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I went with Eddie. I would have gone with Clarett if the option was available.
I know people guff Lydell. His football career was not what anyone hoped. I think a lot of folks who attended OSU in the early 2000's have a Lydell story. I met him a couple of times in college. Good guy. I think he gave it his best shot here. 

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It's hard to compare Hyde vs Beanie. 
Did Beanie ever even get a legit QB play with?  Boeckman and the walrus offense?
He was pretty much all we had and defenses knew it.  Doesn't Hyde get the benefit of playing w/ upgrades all across the board?...Head coach, OC, QB, other offensive weapons around him...the b1g was also stronger when beanie put up his numbers.
If you could find a time machine and put beanie back to age 22 or 23 or however old Carlos is, then plug him into this team?  He'd go nuts...

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best since clarett

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He is not better than Beanie. This is typical prisoner of the moment reaction. Beanie had over 220 yards on the road in The Game. When Hyde does that, then maybe we can talk.

It's like after the Colorado game where people were saying Braxton was better than Pryor. Then there's the Cal game people had the nerve to say Guiton is better than Braxton.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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You would have to put each of those players behind our current OL, in this system, against these very opponents to come up with a semi-valid answer. My vote is for Go Bucks!

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Beanie would still be hurt, MoC would still only play one year, Ross still couldn't find a hole and Eddie would still rush for over 300.

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Watched every game Beanie played in as well as Carlos (as most of us here have done).  LOVED Beanie, had a picture of him as my avatar when I used to have an account on that conflict-of-interest sports site.  Think Beanie was a little faster, Carlos a little more powerful.  I voted Carlos the best since Eddie George, he is less injury prone and is more consistent play-for-play IMHO, has only been stopped for negative yardage ONE time this season.  His career YPC is probably better than Beanies' I would guess, but someone correct me if that is wrong.  Both great players, if you had both of them in their prime to choose from, flip a coin.

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To Beanie's credit, he only missed 3 game quarters more than Hyde in his career due to injury. Though he did play dinged up on several occasions.

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Yea it seems most have covered this already; Clarett is the answer.  Hyde runs very well, and it's similar.  I remember Clarett getting the ball and going for 6-7 every time without fail.
Add in that he had no passing game and it's clear that he carried an entire team

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And whats even more impressive is that Clarett was a TRUE FRESHMAN!!!