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Which Week 10 game are you most interested in?



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3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Unfortunately the Miami/FSU game is going to be over by halftime. Florida State will get credit for beating a team that is ranked in the top 10 by default.

M*chigan at MSU.

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Think Miami gives them a game. Winston is a badass but he's still a frosh. Think MSU blows the doors off of UM. Devin and their shatty D will be in a world of hurt. Hoke will be seen in waning stuffing crumbled Twix between cheek and gums.

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No doubt the Miami squad will be ready, but without WR Dorsett missing as their deep threat, I think FSU rolls. Stephen Morris has an absolute cannon, but he makes stupid mistakes and forces throws that aren't there. Hopefully Duke Johnson and Dallas Crawford keep the ground game rolling. Sucks, getting tired of these primetime blowouts. Can we get a good night game? Too bad Iowa-Wisconsin wasn't a late one.

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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Ohio State @ Purdue


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IF Only Miami had a realistic chance. After two last minute wins over unranked teams I have no confidence they can go into Tallahassee and do much of consequence. 
But the answer is OTHER : OHIO STATE at Purdon't

ONE Not Done!

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FSU-Miami.  In terms of ACC  strength of Schedule and finding a way to jump a potentially undefeated FSU I think we need to be cheering for Miami to start dropping games left and right (same with Clemson).  Hopefully FSU kills their spirit and they come back and drop a few more down the stretch - VaTech, Duke, Pitt (something!).  

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Just like we need Wisky and Sparty to keep winning, as much as it pains me to say.

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Its a tough call. I'd hate to be jumped by Miami if they beat FSU, and I don't know if their remaining schedule poses any danger to them at all. However, if FSU wins, the only tough game left for them is Florida. I'll probably root for Miami (gross) in the upset in the hopes they won't get the nod over us.

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If there has to be an undefeated team we need to jump to get in I want it to be FSU.  The SoS of an ACC team against the SoS of a B1G team is a debate we could potentially win.  

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I can't say that about SOS since FSU would have a win against a top 10 team.

"Nom nom nom" - Brady Hoke

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Which is why I want to start seeing Miami drop multiple games from here on out.  FSU's victory might look good on Sunday morning, but in 3-4 weeks much less so.  Same goes for Clemson, if they drop another game or two then FSU's victory is dimished and suddenly they have very few (if any) quality wins.
I think everyone can see that Miami is not a real contender...Wake nearly knocked them off at home last week.

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I agree, we need two of three undefeated teams to lose.  We simply won't jump any other undefeated teams, but also won't be jumped by any one-loss teams... so SOS simply doesn't matter at this point.

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Other than the obvious(OSU/PU), the TTUN/MSU game because I love B1G football even though Miami/FSU has MNCG implications.
If Miami were to pull off the miracle and beat FSU, they'd jump OSU because voters don't seem to respect OSU or the B1G anymore. Maybe I'm wrong.



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It would have to be a very ugly game for Miami to win, so there's almost no chance they'd jump us in the rankings, especially since they've been skating on thin ice all year. The 2002 Buckeyes, they are not.

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I'll tune into the Miami/FSU with the hopes there is an upset.

I'll probably be done with those hopes by the second half.

Voted the Mitten State showdown, go Sparty....set yourself up nicely for the B1G title game.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Ohio State v. Purdue
Forever and always. Everything else is noise.

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#1 defense in the nation against the most turnover prone QB in the nation. I like the odds here....

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Oregon vs Stanford, yes I know it's Thursday next week, but it is week (game #)10 for those two teams.

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Calling it now, Wide Right Edition 5, Miami goes on to beat the Seminoles.
Miami can't be as bad as they were last week. I don't care how good your coaches are, it would be difficult to get excited to play Wake Forest.
I chose MSU vs TSUN because Devin Gardner vs. the best defense in the Big Ten (cue the circus music).

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I realize that we need to be paying attention to the Florida teams; but cmon, MSU is going to wax UM and it will be glorious.

A man got to have a code...

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Went with mich vs. Sparty b/c i think Miami will get hammered. But in actuality, i'll have full focus on my team having to go to that arm pit in West Lafayette.

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Can't believe the damn BCS has put me into a place where I have to actually root for miami. Makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit. I know it would seem that FSU is just a buzzsaw waiting to roll through miami, but it is still a rivalry. And rivalry games are never easy to predict. Who really saw a texas team that limped into the red river shootout beating oklahoma? Stranger things have happened.

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Lol. After I clicked the button to submit my vote (Miami @ FSU), I chuckled b/c the results were just as I suspected.
It will be interesting to see how TTUN's offense does vs Sparty's D.
I doubt they have much of a prayer, but Miami knocking of FSU would be frickin' tremendous. The Hurricane$ will have to play a near perfect game and hope Jameis throws a few picks.
Go Sparty! Go 'Canes!


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Mmmm, Canes...

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Ugggh, that looks delicious!


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mannnnn not cool i'm stuck in malaysia for two weeks for work. looking at a canes picture is cruel and unusual punishment at this point

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On a National scale, the Miami FSU game has to be of interest for Buckeye fans. Whether we want to admit it or not, we need help. Miami somehow finding a way to win that game would be huge. Then we would all become Stanford fans when they play Oregon.
On a conference scale, I think Buckeye fans have to root for Sparty to win out. We desperately need to play a somewhat high ranked team in the B1G championship, and since Nebraska proved they want NOTHING to do with that, Sparty it is!

Loving all things Buckeye from SEC country in Alabama.

"How firm thy friendship....O-HI-O"

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Conference-wise, I think the best case scenario would be for Wisco and Sparty to win out, and for ttun to have 2 losses heading into The Game.


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Forgetting about bowl impact etc, I just plain like watching coach Dan/Pat Narduzzi teams play defense.

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That Georgia vs Florida matchup really sucks. Both teams suck, but whoever wins that game is guaranteed to jump back into the top 25 because... you know... SEC.

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Yeah I don't care about about any game other than the one that features the Buckeyes. The rest of the country has no interest in OSU, so I have no interest in them. I'll be happy with an undefeated season and no NCG appearance because politics can not dilute what the Buckeyes have (and will have) accomplished.


Because I couldnt go for 3.

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This could be the worst cocktail party in Jacksonville in my recent memory.  I cant remember a time when both of these teams were so irrelevant.
And by the way I feel like the SEC is truly overrated this season and this is probably first time I believe this to be true in the last 4 years.  They have always had 4-6 good teams and this year they might have 2.  If Georgia's backs could have stayed healthy this year they would have given the SEC three.  
I think Alabama is clearly better than every team in the SEC and a lot of them no longer can play defense.

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I went with MSU vs. *ichigan because it impacts our Buckeyes.  The FSU vs. Miami game will be over before the 1st quarter ends barring a miracle...It's 2nd to tOSU vs. Purdoo-doo..

"At critical moments throughout the season, we learned about the character of this football team.  This was a team of true character, of true resilience." -- President Barack Obama

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Other = OSU vs. Purdue

-The Aristocrats!

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Miami over FSU, with the 'Noles or Clemson beating Miami in ACC CG. Then, go Stanford next Thursday.

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Also, I know this isn't scientific, and don't think the poll writers ever listen regardless, but can you please list the options in alphabetical order?  Unless they're being presented in a random order for each site visitor, that is the least biased way to look at poll results.

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The Mich/MSU game will go a long way in deciding who our possible opponent might be in the B1G game.  Oh yes, we will make it there!  Let's go Bucks!!

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OSU - pURDUE.  There are other games?

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Technically you'd want Michigan State to win since they are (maybe) the stronger team and we don't play them till the B1G champ game. Michigan beating them and then us beating michigan I feel would have less impact.
On a side note, its depressing we're even having this conversation: Miami over FSU! (or is that vice-versa)

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