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Northwestern has rushed for at least 200 yards every game so far. How many rushing yards does it get on Saturday?



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Not many rush yards, but pass yards? Aye, there's the rub.

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Sure after watching game film they won't be challenging the line and Shazier as much. Roby, Pitt Brown and gang better be ready for a lot of balls thrown their way.

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Wisky only ran for 104, but Northwestern will spread our D out a little more......but not much more....100-150

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I'm worried about our LBs against the pass. Curtis Grant stepped up against the run, but that was when the other 6 guys are also helping him out as the whole front 7 was in run stop mode. But when he's out in a zone by himself trying to defend the pass... we'll see.

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We might not see much of Curtis Grant against NW - it could be lots of dime and "penny."

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I remember reading about an "unstoppable" run game a week ago too...

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We're not going to completely sell out against the run like we did for Wisky so they'll pick up some more yards. The good news it that means our pass D shouldn't be as atrocious as it was last week.

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Exactly my thoughts. Everyone keeps saying since we stopped Wisky's run game we can stop anybody's. I'm not gonnna disagree with that, but I will say that Wisky didn't complete make us pay like NW could if we commit to only stopping the run. With Wisky, we said, let them pass and they won't beat us if they try to do it with the passing game, and it worked. They got 200 yrds out of one receiver and still lost. NW that won't be the case. They will do short dump offs over top of our blitzes and take them for 20+yrd gains.

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I would like to submit that Wisconsin rushing attack was a tougher matchup for our defense, IMHO. I think our players are better suited to work in space..

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I hope so. We will find out. I'm not too worried, but in the interest of discussion I sure like talking about it on here with all of you.

“Any time you give a man something he doesn't earn, you cheapen him. Our kids earn what they get, and that includes respect.”  - Woody

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I have a feeling this game is going to be a whole lot like Nebraska from last year- tons of big plays and lots and lots of scoring. Although, I think that this game will be closer as I do not think NU will make as many mistakes as Nebraska did. I don't see why NU will want to run the ball much. Even when we aren't completely focused on the run, we are still susceptible to giving up huge chunks of yards through the air.


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I gave them 150....think they spread the ball with balance with Venric Mark returning.

Just think the Buckeyes will be a little better on offense fortunately.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I went a little higher, Hove, but for the same logic. They can spread the ball out which should open up the running game a bit more.
The thought that we stopped Wisconsin so we can stop NW is a little misguided. These are 2 completely different offenses and the latter is one that typically gives us fits.

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I'm hoping our pass rush finds Colter a few times to take away some of that net yardage, with the secondary (Roby, and the group stepping up with the loss of Bryant) rebounding and the linebackers limiting things in space.

But the fellas up front are really going to need to get consistent penetration. I'm going to go apeshit if I see the holds we saw Diesel and Spence suffered against the Badgers.

Have a feeling Fitzgerald is looking at the 'sconsin tapes quite a bit this week.

I almost want to cite their home field advantage helping them out....have a feeling OSU will be well represented in the stands. That's going to be a huge help.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Northwestern will likely attack the edges with quick outs at first.. See how we do against it..

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The big uglies up front definitely need to shine in this game. Blitzing is probably going to have to be limited to contain the spread with our back 7 so getting pressure from the ends is critical. I actually wouldn't be against deploying a line at times that contains Diesel and Bennett on the inside and Bosa and Spence on the outside. It gives us strength (Bennett) and quickness (Diesel) from the DT's and speed (Spence) and power (Bosa) from the ends. Wishful thinking at least but it makes sense in this old brain of mine.

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This may end up looking more like an SEC game. Some defense and a lot of scoring. I believe OSU will win the shootout though. Turnover margin could decide the game. Go Bucks!!!

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Mark is supposed to back for this game, so there may be some run threat. I still think they'll get held to under 120 yds.

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This week is different than last week, DE's won't need as much help from CB's to contain run. LB's will fill the gaps, if LB's don't wrap up, CB's may have to help out on run like last week, this won't be good, since they have a better passing attack. I think the line gets the pressure though, a few runs get through front line but LB's lock down. More rushing yards given up than last week but shouldn't be much more, More yds passing, but more spread out, not one receiver  beating us up. If the coaches let the offensive play in second half, when by more than 2 scores.
Go Bucks!

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I look for them to spread it out.  I think they will break a few plays for some big yards.  Overall I see them getting upwards of 150 to 175, but in the end the Bucks prevail 34-20! 
Go Bucks!!