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Let's assume Alabama is the top team out there. Who is No. 2?


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I've got Oregon #2, they are the team I'd least like to face on Saturday. 
Just Keep Winning Buckeyes!!

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I've got Oregon at #1, but I think they'll slip up either against UCLA, Washington, Stanford, or in the Pac 12 title game.
Bama and Oregon are the clear-cut top two teams IMO. I think that #3 should be a three-way tie between Clemson, Stanford, and us.

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Who exactly have they played?
I know people say that our schedule has been crap so far (and is crap for the rest of the season), but the Ducks' is just terrible.
Just because they put up 60 some points up against an FCS team that won one game last year?
I'll go by who I've seen people play this year.
Bama #1
Ohio State or Clemson #2

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Oregon is putting up ~60 a game and only giving up ~11
We are putting up ~47 a game and giving up ~19
We played two ranked opponents to their none and we both played one FCS school. To date our schedule is tougher but Oregon has looked better. using our common opponent (Cal) they outscored us (55-52) and we gave up more points (16-34) - advantage Oregon

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Oregon has looked better against lesser competition.
And as far as an OSU/Oregon vs. Cal comparison, there's this.
Hardly much of an advantage for Oregon.
Look, if Oregon goes out and beats Washington 55-10, I will think they deserve to be 2nd. But until they play someone of actual merit, I will withhold my judgment a bit.

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Why Clemson?

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Clemson because they went to Georgia and came out with a win. They haven't played much of anyone since, and they will probably drop a game or two before the season ends, but for now I will put them at #2 in a tie with OSU.

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They played Georgia at home

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I just don't see it. They're definitely top 5, but their defense isn't that good.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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The Nike University Ducks

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I do not consider Alabama No.1 they are at best #3. Just because they started high in the polls , their play this year would have caused them to drop, except they are an SEC team. They play a weaker second half schedule than any other SEC team.

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I think being the reigning champs and winning 3 of the last 4 titles probably has more to do with them starting #1 and staying there than being an SEC team.

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Of course I'm going to vote for the Buckeyes.

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I chose Oregon because we're not where they are yet.  On both Offense for sure and defense too.  Our Offense has to be more consistent and it all starts with #5.  We'll see what happens against the rest of the schedule come next weekend.  Speaking of which, I worry about our schedule not being tough enough for OSU to get in even with another undefeated campaign. Guess we'll see... 

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Curious ... does anyone else have Baylor in their top 5?

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Off the top of my head.
1) Oregon
2) Bama
T3) Clemson
T3) Stanford
6) FSU
7) Georgia
8) Oklahoma
9) LSU
10) UCLA
11) Baylor
The defense worries me, but I'd have no problem putting them in/near the top 10, over Texas A&M. I think that the top 2 are pretty obvious, but there's not enough to seperate the next three teams, and FSU has a case to be included in that tie for third.

When I walked in this morning and saw the flag was at half mast I thought, "Alright, another bureaucrat ate it." but then I saw it was Li'l Sebastian. Half mast is too high. Show some damn respect.

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Ohio State narrowly wins the body of work award to this point.  Clemson plays FSU in two weeks and Oregon plays Washington this weekend.
Things will become clearer very soon.
Of course there is that Stanford and Oregon showdown on Nov 7th (Thursday night) which will be for a lot of marbles. 

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My feeling is that winner of Oregon-Stanford and Clemson-FSU plays in the national championship.  I don't think Alabama will beat Georgia in the SEC championship, and I think SEC will miss out this year.  But Clemson could end up losing to South Carolina at the end of the year.  A LOT could still happen, but that's how I'm seeing things end up based on play so far.

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I have Oregon #1.  They are the best team I've seen.  I have Alabama and Clemson tied at #2 and Ohio State #4, Stanford #5, Florida State #6, Miami #7.   

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I have Oregon 1 and Clemson 2 so could not vote in the poll. Why assume bammer is 1?

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1. Alabama
2. Ohio State
3. Stanford
4. Oregon
5. Clemson
6. Florida State
7. Miami (FL)
8. Baylor
9. Georgia
10. LSU
12.Texas A&M
13. UCLA
14. scUM
15. Washington
 We're at mid season so record can start coming into play, being of year is usually based on previous year, history of a program also comes into play. I think win streaks should also come into play. 18, 15 game streaks I don't care who you're playing is impressive. Alabama has won the last two NC's but may not be as good as Oregon this year, but you don't hear any one at CBS or ESPiN saying Oregon should be #1, so why should OSU's 18 game streak thrown out? 
As far as Ohio State being ranked ahead of Oregon, I am going by history, everybody said Ohio State couldn't handle Oregon two years. Clemson has played 1 game beating GA. GA has played 3 tough games won 2 and lost to Clemson. Stanford played Washington an OK team, Oregon hasn't played anybody, but plays Washington this week. FSU hasn't played anybody yet, and not a peep from the media. Who has Ohio State beat, they beat Wisconsin who has been to the last two Rose Bowls (BCS Bowl lost both by a TD or less, last year was a TD by the "fastest" non SEC team Oregon), so they beat the best in their division. They beat NW, maybe the best, but they will play the best of the Legends division in Dec., maybe for a second time if it's NW or if it's scUM. Lot of football left to be played. My 1 and 2 or solid until they lose. Hopefully my #2 doesn't!
Go Bucks!

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Like some of the other commenters here, I'm not convinced that Alabama is #1. 
They aren't as dominant as everyone makes them out to be.  They have a weaker schedule than OSU (fewer top 25 teams) and have been pressed by a couple of teams already.  Va Tech was the first game of the year so they had the whole summer to get ready for it and all of their tough games come after a bye week.

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That may be right we'll see they did play aTm also at College Station, if they get beat they drop, maybe LSU gets it done, if not, we'll have to wait until Dec 7. After how Tennessee played Georgia, they'll be ready for them. They will wipe Auburn off the map. Mississippi State will be wiped out as well.

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

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I voted for the Buckeyes.  We're the only ones voting for our team in any capacity, so...might as well keep it going.

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I voted Clemson based on assuming Bama is #1, but I don't think Bama is number 1.
My ballot would currently be:
1) Clemson
2) Oregon
3) Bama
4) Ohio State
5) Stanford
6) Florida State
7) Oklahoma
8) Louisville
9) Georgia
10) LSU
Yes, I drop Texas A&M out of the top ten, and yes I put Louisville over Georgia. Louisville is undefeated and just last year we saw the "toughest schedule team in the SEC" lose to Louisville in the Bowl Game. And decisively so. 

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I have Oregon/Clemson for the NCG. Too bad we can't have Bama in the Rose

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I have Clemson #2 based on having beaten UGA.  Honestly, Oregon's schedule to date isn't a whole lot better than ours.  And we'll see how the season shakes out, B1G and Pac-12 could be pretty even.  In terms of depth at least, as far as strength at the top, I think that would go to Pac-12.

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I just have to say, I'm really proud of you guys.  This objectivity thing just might be catching on.  Upvotes all around!

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Was listening to the Fan earlier and they had a "BCS insider" on. The guy said that no team with one loss would jump the Buckeyes in the final standings if OSU was undefeated. Said he doesn't expect OSU to lose. Just a FYI.

"It's just another case of there you are". ~ Doc (1918-2012)

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I went with Clemson.  Tahj Boyd and Sammy Watkins are DEADLY.  And they have faced mostly legit competition compared to the others.  i see them jumping everyone in the standings when they beat FSU in two weeks.  Everyone is riding the Jameis Wilson train right now....and for good reason.  Best FSU team I've seem since the 90's...

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Why so much Oregon love? We must have a short memory. They will dominate teams like they always do, then they get up against a team that punches them in the mouth and they lose. Happens every time. I'm not concerned about them, its Stanford, FSU, and Clemson that I worry about. The good thing is that one of them has to lose.

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Exactly. Oregon is very good at destroying bad teams but often struggle against better physical teams.

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After watching what the Fighting Sarks' did to Stanford last Saturday night, I am not too afraid of them now.  They are uptempo just like us, but have a power run game with Sankey.  That seems to be a descent recipe to give them fits.  I agree that Clemson and FSU still seem like a handful though. 

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I voted Oregon, because I don't think, right now, that our pass defense could hold them to a reasonable number of yards/points.
I think we match up better with Alabama than Oregon - that said I'd vote Oregon 1 and have a logjam @2 (us, Alabama, and maybe FSU)

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I went with the biased pick and took the Buckeyes. Oregon hasn't played anybody yet so I don't think they should be #2. But Clemson and Stanford do have legitimate arguments, I'm kinda surprised that one of those 2 aren't ranked second, but I'm also not surprised because voters will always give Oregon the benefit of the doubt.

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Because of Ohio States inability to tackle in space, Oregon is the team I would least like to face. 

I've spent time in the South, I don't care what anybody says they don't have the passion for football that us Ohioans have. 

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Went with Oregon.  They have impressed me the most so far this year.