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How does Ohio State's opening line (-31) at Purdue strike you?



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Who am I to argue with Vegas?

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We won't really know until Wednesday, when President Harding weighs in...

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Does Vegas really apply to West Lafayette in November?

Any-who, I'm sure we won't see Holy Buckeye 2: Electric Boogaloo.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Really hope for a 31-point win, wouldn't bet on that spread, though. 

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People are crazy to put money on lines like that, but we better win very comfortably. Purdue's offense is ranked 122nd of 125 and scoring 13.1 points a game. their Defense is ranked 69th and giving up 400 yards and 34.4 points a game.  Other than West Lafayette voodoo this should be ugly. 

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We've lost the last 2 there, 3 of the last 4 and 4 of 6, we are 12-8 at West Lafayette, it's been a tough place for the Buckeyes, we have never scored 50+on  the Boilermakers, the only Big Ten School we haven't. We average 30 pts when we win and give up 11 pts as well, that's a 19 average margin, we've beaten them by 32+ twice in 12 wins there. I think we blow them out, and our defense keeps there score low. I wouldn't bet the house on it though, but my gut says a very large victory, Urban knows it's November so style matters more than ever. So for the 3rd time in 13 wins and 21 visits yes, we win by 40+. 56-14 ish.

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we have never scored 50+on  the Boilermakers

Expect that to change...this isn't Joe Tiller's Purdue.  Unfortunately for Hazell, he took over a poorly recruited and poorly comprised Boilermaker team.  I wouldn't worry.  If PSU game was about a 2.5 out of 10 for the upset meter.  I'd put this at .5...seriously!  It's not going to be close.  If Braxton can turn the ball over 3xs vs NW, then I'd say he can turn it over 5 times vs Purdue, and OSU still wins.  

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Wow, those are some sobering stats on how we've fared at Ross-Ade... How on earth have they managed that? Crazy.

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I agree that I wouldn't take that line and that we'll most likely blow them out.
In 128 games as head coach Jim Tressel had 24 games scoring at least 40 points, 6 games scoring 50+, and 1 game above 70 points. In just 20 games as head coach Urban Meyer has already had 10(24) games of over 40 points, 7(6) of 50 or more points, 3(1) games over 60 and 1(1) over 70. Gotta love the new Buckeye era of scoring points fast and often. (#) = Tressel's number.
This should help us rack up some points.  Different philosophy with our offense now than we've had in the past.

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It's really hard to beat a team by that much, unless it is an FCS school.

Or Penn State.

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Penn State fans across the internet just read this & have come up up 456 more reasons/excuses what PSU was beaten so badly...I believe I can hear the keyboards now.

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Should we beat Purdue by 31? Absolutely , especially given what we saw on Saturday night against Penn St
But anytime I see a line that huge I stay away ( with an exception being if the Bucks are playing a crappy D 1-AA team. See: FAMU)

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Yeah, it's probably "just right", but I'm staying away from a spread that big. Especially on the road.

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too high, I'd give the bucks a 17 point favorite given the past issues with Purdue, on the road, and we are coming off a too-good-to-be-true type of offensive performance. I'd expect us to pound the ball a lot with Hyde and try to break Purdue's spirit with the ground game. But i am not Urban Meyer and what I think is pretty much irrelevant. 

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I see it this way to. A lot of ball control, time possession drives by us. Are we going to score? Sure. But I do not think it is going to be fast or quick.
Plus that blackhole that is Purdue seems to suck the life out of OSU.

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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I think Saturday will be the perfect time to put the "yea, but Purdue always plays OSU tough" crap to rest.


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I, for one, respect the fact that Purdue has really stuck it to us at their place. There is a stigma about it. Yes, on paper we look like we will rock Purdue. You can't look at history and discount it's value. There is something there (or maybe I am just too superstitious). I see a lot of posters on here that are on the verge of being brash. Respect the team or see victories wither. The spread is too large.

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I voted just right.  All joking aside, I'm always concerned about playing Purdue.  They always seem to play us really tough no matter how bad they are.  I just hope we go in and take care of business like we can and should.  

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Too low because Purdue is just very bad at football. They can't play defense. They can't play offense. The Buckeyes are finally hitting their stride, and you better believe Braxton and the gang remember last years close call.
Too high because we're primed for a letdown after the tough game with Iowa and the beat down of PSU, and you know, Purdue.
Therefore, just right, sort of. I say 42-10.

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I voted "Just Right"  I think we win easily.  Urban will come out with guns blazing and put them away early.  After that El Guapo pounds them into dust.

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We expected our team to do that last year playing at home too.

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Our offense is much better now than last season, and Purdue's offense is averaging 5.5/game in B1G play. I know what Purdue has done against the Buckeyes in the past, but not this year. It won't be close.

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I hope you are right brother. I'd rather have them show me than expect it and be utterly defeated if we don't show up. I am pulling for a blow out to keep the pollsters guessing!

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This is 100% completely true (ignore the last paragraph for now):
I have a friend whose father, Andrew, is a goat herder near Logansport, IN (he lives about 20 miles from the Purdue campus). He told me that every season, on the evening before the Boilermakers and Buckeyes match up on the grid iron, a large order comes in for 50 goats. 
Andrew always delivers the cargo to an old rusty sewer grate near an abandoned building on the east side of campus. He has no idea what happens to the goats, but the next day a river of blood pours from the grate!
Andrew suspects that the animals are sacrificed to the pagan deity Turnoveris in a mad attempt to even the playing field!
Okay, so maybe I made it all up, but I'm just trying to come up with the best explanation for why Purdue always seems to give Ohio State such a hard time. There is no reason, short of animal sacrifice and divine intervention, that they should be able to stay within 5 TDs of OSU.

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I believe the spread is to low. I think this is the year we excorcise the demons from our Purdue experiences and score 60. The curse will be shattered!!!

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If we consistently played like we did on Saturday then I would consider this line just right, but we haven't.  Maybe this team is turning the corner and this will be the new norm, but until we play like that all the time I wouldn't bet that line. 

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I'm sure Ross-Ade's field this Saturday will make NW's turf look like a green at Augusta National. It won't matter, Bucks by 40.

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Cleaned up this weekend on the penn state game. This is why Uban Meyer is our coach. When he can , he will put the foot on the throat of the other team! Stop us if you can! Ohio state by 45.

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Man, 31 points is a lot.  I'd like to say that we can cover that spread, but we've had such problems with Purdue the past few years.  I would love to see the Bucks come out and continue right where they left off against PSU. 

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I'm so tired of the streak.  I'm so tired of fucking Purdue.  Last year's win was nice, but we need to score 50+ on these bums.  Purdue absolutely, positively sucks.  Carlos Hyde runs for 200+, Miller accounts for 300+ yards of offense again, OSU wins it 66-3.

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We will beat them by 40+.  Perdue is flat out terrible. They can stop the run (El Guapo will just run wild) and they can't defend the pass (Brax will go off on their 2ndary). With the D starting to find itself and the whole team getting better each week, UP is in deep trouble. I look to see about the same thing happen this week as last week. The starters will/should be out by half way through the 3rd qtr. this one wont be close and should be by 40+. GO BUCKS!!!!

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