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Will Carlos Hyde be able to supplant Jordan Hall when Hyde returns from suspension?



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@190 I'm not convinced that Hall can withstand the B1G schedule as an every down back like we saw Saturday. He'll get carries, give him a seam and we saw what happens!! But Carlos will be the one eating clock in the 4th qtr. 

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Agree.....was pleasantly surprised Hall had 21 very effective carries Saturday. I don't see that sort of workload from him the rest of the way, too much talent in the stable not to be utilized.

Whether Hyde starts again or not is irrelevant to me, but he has to play...and have the ball late in big games.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I have never been on the J Hall bandwagon like I am now. He looked like a different player on Saturday. I think Hyde gets his job back, but adding Hall and Smith to the equation will make our running game that much dangerous. 


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Use them all to pound them into submission. 

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I think this is what we're going to see.
I think you're going to see it go something like Hyde (10-15 carries), Hall (8-12), Ball/Dunn (4-6 touches), and then a handful of plays for Wilson/Elliot with Wilson playing out of the H at times too.
Not that Carlos can't tote the 30 times a game and us be successful (2012), the staff is just going to rewards those who work hard and the RB position has an embarrassment of riches.


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I see no mention of Rod Smith in your comment. Was that accidental?

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It absolutely was...

I suppose we slide him somewhere in the Hall range? (8-12 carries)...good lord we've got so many able bodies back there


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Once Hyde is back I dont see any back getting 20 carries in a game.  Hall will remain the starter unless the injury bug hits him.  Hall  looked to good in game one to  think he  will loose the staring job

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I was very happy to see Hall have a big game, but I think that any one of the backs would have had a lot of yards Saturday with 20+ carries (did you see those holes?). Hyde brings a power element that Hall just doesn't have, and it will be needed against better competition.

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I'm not one of the Hall haters, and liked his Week 1 performance, but I feel like Hyde (and Smith) will get the spot back.  I think Hall increased his role on the team go forward, but more in the H-back position than a true carry-heavy HB role.

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UFM said himself last year that Hyde was becoming when of the best backs in the NCAA.  Those are lofty words for him not see the majority of the carries when he comes back.  
As for Hall, I think Saturday is the most single game production we are going to see from him this year.  To much talent at RB/H-back to justify one player getting 20+ carries.  Let's not forget that Braxton will get plenty of touches against good competition as well.  

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Man isn't this great that we have to argue over who is going to be our starting RB. How many teams don't even have one decent running back but we have a plethora and are worried about spreading the wealth around. 

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More like Hall moves back to h-back. With his presence, Braxton doesn't get as many carries,throws more screens & defenders will become a lot more leery on blitzes! It's all good!


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Just because I don't think Jordan Hall is OSU's best back doesn't mean I'm a hater. I'm glad he had a VERY GOOD(I'm lookin' @ you Jason) game. It was Buffalo.
It's 4th and 2 on the goal line vs. Purdue/Wisconsin/TTUN, etc. Who is our go-to guy?  That man was and still is EL FREAKIN' GUAPO.
Meyer is trying to create competition between the players when he says, "Jordan Hall is our best running back right now." Well R. Smith and El Guapo were suspended from playing vs. Buffalo, so I guess you could say that.
I have ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT that once El Guapo comes back, he will be the featured running back.



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I'm rooting for Hall as much as anyone, but Carlos brings a much bigger power element that complements all this speed.  And once they start turning Braxton loose a bit more, I want Hyde leading him with those crushing blocks we saw last year. 

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El Guapo getting the love on the poll. 2 more games big fella!

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I voted no, only b/c of what I've read from the coaches and how well Hall played on Saturday. If Hall isn't as effective the next two games, then I can see El Guapo taking over when he returns. BTW- Hyde would've gotten that 4th & 1.

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Hall can play other positions as well. I think Carlos will get plenty of carries when he returns.

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Ugh, Jordan Hall...well the least I'll say, is he is "reliable", but damn it I'm tired of seeing "reliable" running backs at Ohio State, and I think that's a sentiment people feel solely because of the excitement brought on by the newcomers.
I mean we always seem to go through this cycle of "reliable" backs and "superstar" backs. With our power backs unavailable, some people are clamoring for SPEED.
But even with Saturday's performance, ANY of our running backs would've scored with the holes our offensive line created on Hall's biggest runs & even he was surprised that the holes were so big.
The element that Rod Smith & El Guapo bring is that they pound defenses & wear them down. We need that element to run our power spread that will allow our playmakers to do what they do in space. 

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That's what I said. Kind of.



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I'm not sure that supplant is the right word........Compliment sounds like a better word to me.

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Hall is needed at that H-back position (if that is the correct position terminology in this offense) and his presence there will strengthen the offense.  
The fact that he showed strong in the opener at TB means that the opposing defenses have to game plan to include him as a threat, along with the other threats.  
So yeah, Hyde will play but Hall will play as well, and that will be a good thing.

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I like Hall as much as the next guy, but I think Smith is going to at least take a chunk of his carries. My biggest complaint about Hall is his vision. It seems like Rod Smith has the biggest upside. Hyde is a good combination of power, patience, and vision. I believe Jordan Hall has already seen his season high for carries. 

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Carlos Hyde will be the starting rinnung back, but Jordan Hall will still get the ball whether it's as a slot receiver, option game, etc.
Kid's too fast.

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It's going to be interesting to see where Rod Smith plays into the equation.  I'd like to see Smith get 12+ carries next week and the week after.  We know what we have in Jordan Hall, a quick shifty back who has decent overall speed.  Considering Smith is significantly less proven in game-time scenarios, I would love to see him give opportunities to see what he can do consistently.  
We all saw glimpses of an elite running back during the Nebraska game last year.  I just want to see if that can become consistent, because if it can our offense could go from great to elite.  

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Was Chris Wells better than Boom Herron when both were healthy/eligible?  That is almost the exact comparison I see here, except that Hyde has character issues as opposed to the injuries that plagued Beanie's OSU career.

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How does Hyde have character issues? :/

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Well he is suspended, and Meyer has repeatedly said that Hyde is not good at receiving praise.  He is by NO means a Johnny Football, but he apparently gets into trouble here and there.

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I still think his situation was mishandled.

Not handling praise could mean he loses his focus when he gets praised.

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I want to see big backs wearing defenders down.  Hall has got some moves, but he won't break those long runs so easily as he did against Buffalo.  Hyde doesn't have the moves but he punishes tacklers and can protect Braxton against blitzing LBs.
Smith has the size and the moves. I have this fantasy of going to Berkeley and watching him shred Cal's defense.  But he's going to have to get out of his own way first.

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We couldn't convert a 4-1 vs Buffalo. Hyde is THAT guy. And his ability to wear down opponents. Think of that combo, a spread O getting D to run all over then get pounded up the middle.

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Kind of like what OSU's offense did to Michelin last year in the Shoe?



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Lets not forget that last year Hyde got stuffed at the goal line(before halftime) against Miami(OH).

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Nobody's perfect. I'll take my chances with Hyde any day of the week. 90% of the time, he's money in the bank.



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60% of the time it works every time

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I think he will become the tailback while Hall will shift over to the H back.  We are still going to see a lot of guys on the field.  It's just that there are so many highly talented players on O, good problem to have. 

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Will he take carries away from Hall? Yes. Will he supplant Hall? No.

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Halls injury last year opened up carries for the handsome one. I think they will split carries this years, but is that a good problem to have. Boom and Zoom 2.0

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Hall knows how to knit pick his way through holes and I like his agility and toughness, he brings a different element to this team as he is hard to tackle.  He may not possess elite speed but I like his vision and his agility.  I think he'll get a few carries a game but Hyde and Smith will be our feature backs.  Hall will get snaps at the H-back but look for Wilson to take over that role and take if not all, a majority of the snaps by mid-season.




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I voted No because to me...supplant means "take the place of".I see speed emphasized at running back.Carlos will have his role spelling other backs and helping eat the clock.But THE primary back ? I don't think so.Speed speed speed is the primary weapon IMHO.

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Hyde isn't exactly slow.

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Jordan Hall isn't exactly the fastest RB on this team.  Wilson, Elliot, and Smith are easily faster, Ball and Dunn are probably faster too.  Hyde is probably just about as fast, Hall's strengths are his vision, center of gravity and his agility.