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Who will take more snaps against Florida A&M?



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I refer back to my stance last week.  Let Miller heal and let Kenny play.  Miller does need to play some, to stay in the groove and keep sharp, but why not let the knee rest.  There are 8 conference games still, which are must wins.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Actually FAMU would be a great game for Miller to get some missed-game kinks worked out before Wisconsin.  You have to remember that Miller is absolutely incredible, possibly twice as good as Guiton when playing well.  I mean that in the sense of TD production.  We flat out score more with Miller leading this offense.

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I agree with Oyster. Let him sit and heal. His injury is the sort that can linger and give him issues for a long time. I know that "rust" is a real thing in the sports world, but I would rather have a slightly rusty Miller for the B1G schedule as opposed to a slightly injured Miller.

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I get that, but Wisconsin isn't the type of opponent that you want to go against rusty.

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Not saying he doesn't play enough to knock the rust off, but I would hate to see him play more than is required and either A: Not heal or B: Aggravate the injury more.  Risk versus reward.

3M hoards the KoolAid like Elaine hoards sponges.

(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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He just needs to throw like 5 deep balls, 5 intermediates and a couple swing passes and they can call it a day.

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Also it's not so much the physical "rust" I'm worried about here.  In my 15 years or so playing competitive sports, the only certain thing was that if you were unsure or doubted your ability, you played poorly.  I just hope Miller gets that confidence back.

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I could not have said it better.

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I look at this like an NFL exhibition game.  Have Braxton play the first quarter and then let Kenny G come in to start the second, and by the 4th qtr lets see Cardale.....

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Will probably be in long enough to knock the dust of the "Diamond" to show its luster.  Hyde will also be in then.  Show the conference a couple new wrinkles and then make a call to the bull pen.

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While I think Miller does need to get a few snaps in to kick off some rust before 'Sconsin ... he shouldn't need to play more than 1 or 2 series. Hopefully good old Smooth Jazz gets a lot of snaps, and then maybe another QB can come in and gets some reps too. Should see a lot of different faces this weekend on the field after the first 1 or 2 quarters.


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Let Braxton shake the rust off and get some quality game reps.  After that bring in the closer!  Wouldn't mind seeing Cardale Jones get some playing time; its probably his last chance this season.  

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I think the vote that the 11dubbers have cast pretty much explains how much each player should play. At this time it is 55% Guiton and 45% Miller. That should keep each of them sharp for Wisky.

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2 qbs in the diamond would be awesome

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Play Braxton a quarter to a half, let Kenny G play from whenever you take Braxton out until the 4th quarter, and then let Cardale play some football (instead of just playing school).

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If Braxton's knee is ready, let him play the 1st quarter.  If not, let him rest the whole game.

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He needs to be playing provided the game is within 40. The most important factor in is development as a QB and this teams development on offense is game reps. If you want to beat Wisconsin, Michigan and Northwestern and whoever else we end up playing in the postseason, you want him getting a significant amount of reps in this game. If he can't make it through without getting hurt then he wasn't making it through this season anyways.

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My hope is Kenny G starts and if we are rolling, we just leave him in. No sense is getting Braxton hit, although he could use the time to work out things, especially his passing and pocket presence, but for now Kenny has earned the job against an FCS team. Bring Braxton in for a couple series in the second half when, hopefully anyways, the game is well out of reach. 

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Kenny will more than likely play more snaps, but Braxton has got to get some reps. I don't want him to rusty when Wisco comes in and he hasn't play in basically 3 games.


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We beat any of these fools with either.