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Was the win over Wisconsin a statement game?



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On the one hand, Ohio State's front seven probably made a statement, fairly well shutting down the best rushing game they'll see all season and making a non-factor out of the much-praised running backs of Wisconsin. Likewise, the coaching staff made a statement with their ability to gameplan for the most potent part of the opponent's offense.
On the other hand... We played Tresselball in the second half, and while Braxton made a definitive statement that he's back in pretty solid form, the defensive secondary was fairly well exposed for much of the night.
Oh, and Oregon destroyed Cal, making our victory on the road out there look a little less impressive. And now (thanks to those Pac-12 officials), the one ranked opponent we've faced thus far this year, will no longer be ranked after we beat them last night, so there's that, too.

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What this guy said.

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Actually, one thing I want to add is I am gaining an appreciation week by week of how good our receiving corps has become.

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Oregon got to play at home, with their starting RB and QB... Plus Cal, as you know, is a pass happy offense, the rain kind of slowed that down a bit. I think Cal scores more with great weather like against Ohio State. OSU scores 52, Oregon scores 55. Don't see a reason to discredit OSU here?

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Fair point, though I doubt a single voter will take that into account when they compare the two games.

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Cal also played with Kline as qb. Geoff went out after 7 attempts. 
And Oregon kept starters in midway through 3rd quarter. Still throwing ball up 48. 
But Andy's correct. No one cares. They see final scores. 

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Goff got pulled because he couldn't grip the ball due to the rain... but Oregon's best player left after the opening kickoff.  I'm not so sure we can beat Oregon... they're offense is pretty nasty and their D looks much improved than what it has been.  We'll see how they do against a physical Stanford team.  We're going to need a loss from 2 of the following: Bama, Oregon, Clemson or Stanford I would think for us to get into the National Title if we were to go undefeated.

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OSU will need a loss from Clemson or Bama. Oregon and Stanford play each other so one will have a loss.

Anyway, Ohio State's best player, on offense, didn't play in the game against Cal either. Nor did Carlos. Ohio State matched Oregon's speed once, they could do it again.

"I've had smarter people around me all my life, but I haven't run into one yet that can outwork me. And if they can't outwork you, then smarts aren't going to do them much good." - Woody Hayes

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Naw Oregon didnt have speed like this when we played them in 09 (I think?) Oregons tempo and team speed is on another level right now....

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We're faster now too.  I think we'll fair well against them as they seem to under evaluate our talent as much as the media does. 

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I'm pretty confident we'll see Clemson drop one.  They Florida State still to go (At home), and have to travel to Maryland (Better than you think) and end the season at S. Carolina, who tends to beat them recently.  Plus, you know, it's Clemson.  They always seem to lose to someone no one saw coming.
Alabama is a little tougher- they get LSU at home (if it were in Death Valley, I wouldn't worry) and, Arkansas is there next best opponent that I can see, though the Iron Bowl is at Auburn this year, so who knows?  (Also, Alabama can totally lose to some team we don't expect- god knows I never expected them to lose to A&M last year.)
Well, and both teams have a conference championship, too. 

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Don't forget that Cal lost 4 fumbles and an INT deep in their own territory. Plus they gave up 2 PR TDs.
I'm gonna go ahead and say that Washington and Stanford beat Oregon.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Yes, all I heard on the radio and on the 'nets and on TV was the idea that "Wisconsin has the best running backs in the country." 
They were even pushing this on BTN, no less.



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Well, I think most people would expect us to win this one, so it's not as much.  Next week, though?  I think that's our chance to make a statement: Hot new team (Well, Northwestern hasn't won much, so the fact they're winning gets some attention) on the road, at night.  I think a lot of people will pick the upset- and so, if we win, we can make a strong statement.
I think Northwestern and Wisconsin this year are about on the same level- top 25 teams- and so winning on the road is going to make it a good statement.

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For the media-at-large it was not enough of a statement, but for the team itself, I think it is definitely a watershed.  They know now what a really tough, physical game is--and for those freshmen and new starters they also know now what it takes to win against that type of determined team.  Make no mistake, Wisconsin came to play and gave it everything they had.  Now we go into Evanston where Northwestern is a cupcake no more--but will be just as determined as Wisconsin was.  This was an important game for us to win on our terms--ultimately we did make the Badgers change their entire scheme.  That sweep they usually ran for big gains did not work ONE time.  This was a statement for the team--for the young defense--for Braxton Miller, who took back the quarterback mantle with four big touchdowns.  This was a statement for themselves and it's enough for now.  The rest will work itself out as the season progresses.

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Statement on how much our secondary needs improvement. Offense showed why they are a force. Thought they took their foot off the gas, but that could be Braxton running the ball more. Wish Hyde would've been rode a little harder, especially in the first half when it looked like he was 5+ per rush. Lots of positives and a few negatives. This day and age a statement would've been us winning by 20+. 

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It was a statement at this point in the season to the rest of the B1G.  OSU shows that it is currently the best team in the B1G.  We've got some work on D for sure.  Also, next week the next big challenge is here already in NW.  Should be a great game!
Go Bucks!!

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Great win but not a statement win.   We were in control the whole game.    I thought we won on both sides of the line.   Zone D by the secondary sucked in that Abadaras (sp?) kept finding holes and making catches even when covered.    I agree with Throttlefinger above we should have rode  Hyde harder.    He was averaging 5 per carry and we stopped giving him the ball.

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Win next week too and they combine for a statement win how about that?

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Good win, good conference win over a rival with a good coach.

It'd be a statement win in 2002, but not now. There's another level to this team we haven't seen yet.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Could have been, should have been. All games this season we start fast and then coast to the finish. I would like to see 100% all game, but happy with the win. 

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If our secondary wasn't getting abused it would have been a blowout 32-7. If we kept playing in the second half it would have been a blow out. Overall I am impressed. It's a shame though Barnett is out. That's gonna hurt us for sure. If we can get our secondary to man the hell up, then I still feel we are championship level contenders.

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Secondary was decent, ROBY was getting abused... lol

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I got the message. The Buckeye's are undefeated and it's a great time to be a fan. All they do is win.

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The offense in the second half was pathetic. Roby was pathetic pretty much the whole game. The front seven did a nice job stopping the running game, I just wish we could get some more pressure on the QB when they pass the ball. Glad we came out on top, but this game shouldn't have been as close as it was.

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Good B1G win, yes. Statement win, no. Expectations are too high to call that a statement win.

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I predict Wisconsin will be back in the top 25 by the end of the season.



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I wouldn't say it was a statement win nationally but it did stop the ridiculous talk that "Wisconsin is the best team in the Big Ten" and "OSU is not that good". So it was a conference statement win, just not nationally.

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Braxton made a statement. Our team as a whole did not. Thats why we have next week.

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It's a shame that we took our foot off the gas in the second half.  We went into the 4Q with a 17 point lead.  Had we finished the game strong and won by another TD or 2 instead of basically shutting down and coasting it could have been a statement.  Scoring only 1 TD after halftime and not covering the point spread is not a "statement" W.

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It was a statement in the since we beat the team who went to the last 3 Rose Bowls (although if the NCAA was as nice to us as aTm and LSU we would have been in the B1G Championship game last year). Lots of people upset about Roby, his first job was to keep them from running wide. If I'm not mistaken he was dinged up early in the game, and the guy he covered is going to be a starter on Sundays sometime soon. Losing Christian (praying for a quick recovery) is going to hurt, but someone will step up. After the game I was rather disappointed, I thought we should have driven the stake in. And we didn't. The coaches asked the team to shut down the run and they did, the fact that I had us winning 45-17 was probably my ego getting angry because it didn't happen. I think if the coaches played the 2nd half like the 1st it would have happened. If getting style points for not big enough win then "no" it wasn't a statement game. My definition of statement game is beat the big boy on the block, and that was achieved. They came in averaging 350 yds a game rushing and they only got 110. That's a statement. We knocked the Big Boy of the throne, that's a statement. Go Bucks!
P.S. I'm a pessimist by nature and would be all over Roby, for giving up so many passing yards, but on this particular day against this particular GAME he was asked impeccably TO LET NO ONE ROUND WIDE. More than any other game we have left on the schedule he was asked to stop the run this day. If they could run wide it would spread out the front line, he protected his flank, the air force was relentless, but they couldn't breakout our line. Roby has this week a 4:30 game against Iowa and another night game with Penn State, he will not be asked to put as much emphasizes on the rushing game freeing him up for tight coverage. Go Bucks!

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The defense has  a lot of growing to do....and needs to get a lot more aggressive when we force teams to pass. Why aren't there more sacks ?

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When you literally wrap your arm around a players neck he will never get to the QB. Those are corn feed boys at Wisconsin as well, we will get to the QB this year, 6 of front 7 new, played lights out. Roby had 8 tackles 6 solo. I give him a passing grade. His assignment was to stop the sweeps, he did that.

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

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Holding a running attack like Wisconsin's in check like that was a statement. On the other hand, I never would have expected them to cause so much trouble through the air. When I read the poll question about holding Wisconsin under 120 yards on the ground, I thought that if that happened OSU would win by 30. Still a great win, but probably does not win much respect nationally.

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2002 team won some very close games to teams who don't even belong on the field. I agree with you we should have put the pedal to the metal but that's a coaching decision, not on the players again 6 of 7 are new starters. Alabama and Missouri are the only undefeated teams left in the SEC, If and it is an if; Alabama loses to LSU (MO is GOING TO LOSE), everybody will have a loss in the SEC. If you have one undefeated from ACC (CLEMSON, FSU, Miami (FL) Maryland), OU, Oregon/Stanford/UCLA/Washington, OSU wins all their rest and B1G Championship they're in. A 25 game win streak will be enough. If Alabama goes undefeated they are in, if they lose it will be one of the others. IMHO Buckeyes go undefeated and play the Pac 12 winner who will be undefeated, I see ACC beating each other. Of all the colleges chance was of going undefeated in order OSU, Oregon, Alabama, Washington, Clemson, FSU, Stanford. I believe two of these teams will match up.  As Tres said it comes down to Nov, that's when style points matter the most. Your beat up, tired sore and have a few more games to go before a 3-4 week lay off. Style points get thrown out now if you lose a trap game. Best to win the game now and next week, get Miller back into the grove and he was styling with those TD passes. They beat the 3x Rose Bowl Badgers, I give them a few pts for that.

I may not be able to outsmart too many people, but I can outwork 'em.
Woody Hayes

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Very true about 2002 team. I also agree with your ranking of various teams' potential for being undefeated at the end of the year (though I might swap spots of Washington and Stanford). OSU is in great position.

Proud Michigander, OSU grad. Life is complicated.