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Jalin Marshall and Mike Mitchell have yet to see the field this year. Who plays first?



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I voted both will redshirt. Not that I know that to be true. I want to see Mike get some playing time. I have been on his bandwagon since he signed on tv. The kid is a beast. And fast as lightning. I think once he "gets it" he will be one of the best to wear s&g. At least that's what I'm hoping for. Another 11w member told me that he thinks Mike will redshirt. But I haven't heard anything about him. Anyone else know anything?

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Mitchell b/c we're thin at LB.

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Voted Mitchell for the same reason. 

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Voted Mitchell, thought Marshall suffered a concussion in camp?

Also thought Mitchell may have at least some special team work by now....but I guess that's still a proving grounds for some of the upper classmen still vying for pt.

Conflicted with this.....I'm eager to see Mitchell in action, but know that may also mean the LB corps may have taken a hit. Don't need that.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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You are correct HOVENAUT.  Jalin was or has been a bit banged up.  However, when I saw him in warm ups against Buffalo, WOW is all I can say. He's put on some good playing weight and looks like he'll be playing soon enough.  I went with M&M too just because he's healthier at the moment and OSU's really light at the LB position.  

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Yup, I saw him during warm-ups for the first two games, and he has absolutely ridiculous athletic ability. He'll play. I think Mitchell will, too. Really doubt either redshirt. It's been two games.

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I voted Mitchell.  I believe he is being held due to the fact that we are only recruiting 1 MLB this year.  If the staff misses on McMillan, they'll need a MLB for this class and redshirting Mitchell will do that.  I could see Marshall redshirting too, but I think his lack of PT is more due to missing time in camp.

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IDK, I would be pretty confident in Berger being a MLB. He is excellent at read and react.
and I can also see Trey Johnson moving to MLB if necessary. He can do the job even though his skills are so much better for OLB.
so I don't agree that all the eggs in the basket are on Mitchell's PT this year and whether or not McMillan comes to OSU. Knowing Urban, if by chance McMillan doesn't come to OSU, there will be someone else he would get much like he did with Mitchell.

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If you didn't get in during a 20 point win that was never really in question, and a 35 point win... you may not be getting in this year. My vote went to red shirting both of them. Unless there is an injury that forces one of them to step up and play (even as a backup).

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That was the main reason I said I thought Mitchell would red-shirt this season in another thread. I'm pretty sure when Grant's been out of the game Berger's been the one to come in, and Mitchell hasn't been in on any special teams. Darron Lee, a fellow linebacker (and much "lower-rated" recruit) has been in on special teams. I feel like if Mitchell was going to play, he'd be playing by now.
With Marshall I don't know, but the way I feel is... if a player isn't going to contribute anything to the team other than getting in on a few plays at the end of a blowout... why not red-shirt them? It's just a waste of a year. I've seen guys like Carlos Hyde and Brionte Dunn get 24 carries in a season, and all of those carries came in like two blowout games, and it just seems like a waste. Those 24 snaps at the end of a game seem meaningless to me. If they don't need Mitchell or Marshall this year (and it seems like they don't at the moment) then redshirt them.

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If we need them or they have proven in practice that they deserve some playing time I'm sure they'll get in. 
Maybe it's just me, but I'm hoping for redshirts to assure we have some key guys in the next few years of Urban's dominant reign as King of the B1G. 


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I voted Jalin, but I'd love to see "the Abusement Park" get in some action.


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Voted Jalin as well. I know the depth is insane at WR and slot, but you gotta think Urban would like to see what he can do..

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I know the depth is insane at WR and slot

Isn't it great that we go from a "clownshow" to having so of the most talented WR's in the country. I still can't believe UFM called it a clownshow... LMAO

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I voted Jalin Marshall, because the reason he has yet to play is due to missing time after his concussion.  I'm not exactly sure on why Mitchell has yet to play, other than the fact OSU plays mostly in the nickel package and he isn't one of the top 5-6 LB's yet.
I have a feeling Marshall is going to get a chance if he's healthy.  After Wilson, he and EZE were the two other names that seemed to always crop up in discussions by the team or coaching staff regarding freshmen skill players who may make an early impact.  The concussion set him back, but if he's healthy for a few weeks and showing well in practice like he was prior to his knock, I'd like to believe he's earned some time.

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I think Mitchell may see some time on special teams before the year is over. I'm interested in what the staff of 11W thinks on this poll question. 

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I believe at this point both will redshirt. Sometimes it's just what a player NEEDS, and for these two guys it seems to be shaping up that way.

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I'm completely fine with that too.  It will save us 2 studs for another year and will also allow them a year in the weight room and in the playbook before seeing the field.  Both could be starters at their respective positions next year at redshirt freshmen.

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If any player redshirts, isn't that like wasting a year on a scholarship? I understand that you still get their services eventually, but it seems the way Urban recruits it would be best not to redshirt. Wouldn't it be great to tell a recruit that no one is ever redshirted.

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I don't think it's a waste.  Marshall missed time in the spring due to a concussion and Mitchell might not understand the schemes yet.  I'd rather them spend a year in the system getting adjusted to things, redshirt them, and then get their services for 4 years.  Otherwise, you only get their services for 3 years because they might not contribute at all this year. 

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At the same time, if they are as good athletically as they were thought to be, and it is just a matter of getting healthy (Marshall) or better learning the scheme (Mitchell), Ohio State may only get their services for two years (after their redshirt season).
The coaches know best, and frankly, they aren't going to keep these guys from the field if they believe one or both can help the team this year.  If the return on one or both isn't enough to justify burning a year, then sure, go the redshirt route.

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Redshirt them both and save their year of eligibility.