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If Braxton is ~80%, should he play Saturday?



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If he is 80% Braxton not play.  No reason to risk a worse injury when we've got the best backup QB in the land.  Kenny G can get it done!
Go Bucks!!

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That pretty much sums it up.  It's a long season also.  If he is not needed, let him heal.

FitzBuck is clearly the winner.  Not even close.

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I voted yes, but ONLY if he's needed. Kenny G hasn't had to shoulder the load away from the Shoe yet, but I have faith that he can do it.
My mind would be a bit more at ease as well if Hyde was playing. Nothing like having a monster tailback take pressure off of your QB and silence the crowd.

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Rod Smith =]
I also think this game will be Dontre Wilson's coming out party.

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Hells no! Kenny G is more than capable and Braxton at 80% limited by a knee doesn't have the intangibles that make him better than 99% of the rest, so in my opinion Kenny G is the better choice at that point. 
The only reason I could see it is if Cal's defense guaranteed couldn't get penetration and his injury forced him to stay in the pocket and make the right reads and choices then it would be a learning experience for him to grow.  But we all know that's not going to happen, so the risk just isn't worth it.  Braxton at 100%  or no Braxton at all. Kenny G's smooth jazz all the way for the win.

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If he can play, use him, at least situationally.  It'll throw Cal off, as the defense will have to adjust for each of the QB's strengths.  Once we're comfortably ahead, give the reins to Kenny.

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I don't think the team doctors will allow Braxton to play if they determine he is 80%. Just hypothetically, I think the number will be at least 90% before team doctors give the OK to Urban. This is out of Urban's hands but I think Braxton should start if he is ready. Braxton was really mauled on the play that put him out of the game. The player who twisted Braxton's knee should have been ejected for dirty play. Kenny G will play a good game but definitely Braxton is a better offensive threat.

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I have watched that game about 6-7 times since it happened...didn't really seem dirty to me...I guess I was just not looking at the correct moment? Are you talking about the helmet to helmet hit?  I didn't see anybody physically twisting his knee....

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Andy, It was #47. He grabbed Braxton by the foot and rolled over with it and kept twisting. Take another look. Also, this happened to Archie against TTUN. Even Archie had to come out of the game after getting his leg twisted like that. I don't have a link to show Archie's incident and I am too lazy to look it up. The helmet to helmet should have drawn a penalty.

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Gotcha, thanks I'll check it out again then.

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I noticed it. It was dirty IMO, it's clear cut, but definitely looked to me like dude was holding the leg & twisting...

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No- he should sit. After watching Washington mismanage RGIII, it just shows that if your star QB ain't 100%, you shouldn't play him unless you want to risk a more serious injury.

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What is 80%? Either you can play or you can't play. Simple as that.

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You would think our stable of RB's including the exciting freshmen Wilson and Elliot could pretty much run through Cal with some opportunistic passing by Guiton.

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As much as I am a fan of Kenny G., he simply doesn't have the experience of extended playing time let alone a start in a hostile environment against a team that has superior athletes to SDSU all over the field.  Even Purdue could arguably be considered no better than Cal and possibly in fervor to them.  Braxton at 80% with a FCS school coming up next week at the shoe is a clear recipe for starting a semi- healthy Braxton in the big game and letting him take two weeks off before wisky comes to town.  Not to mention the fact that Braxton actually needs the game reps that he hasn't been able to get a whole lot of this season.
I also believe that Braxton has showed he is not a player that is ideal for situational duties.  He is a player who always needs to find rhythm, especially in road games.  Unless he is a decoy there is no point to using him "situationally".
i also think people are over emphasize Kenny's good game against a very weak opponent.  Against Purdue he looked much less in control.  He has a tendency to under throw receivers due to his arm strength when the bucks try to stretch the field with the vertical passing game.  If he cannot pose a deep threat to Cal they will stack the box and make running much more difficult for OSU.  OSU also offered Cal a decent amount of game film to evaluate in comparison to prior to last week.  Cal will have a plan to try and exploit Kenny's physical short comings and that could spell trouble.

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I agree.

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If Kenny starts (which is fine) but struggles and we risk losing the game...I don't care if they bring Hyde in as long as we win!

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This may be an unpopular opinion but I say give Kenny a fair shot at being the starting quarterback. He has played well and is the better passer in my opinion. Maybe he'll even get drafted. Braxton Miller has many more years left.

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Sorry friend - not going to happen.  He probably could have started at a multitude of other schools.  But Braxton Miller isn't just hype.
PS - I disagree on Guiton being the better passer.  However I will say that his patience while running the option play is better than #5.

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Based on what? Beating Purdue, and SDSU? It's funny how some Buckeye fans have forgotten just how good Braxton is after one game.

I like Kenny, but this hype is getting ridiculous.

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I'm just saying he deserves a fair shot. Braxton shouldn't get the automatic over Kenny. That's all

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While the gap between the two isn't significant like Pryor, and Bauserman, there is still a gap.

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Braxton broke the OSU season total yardage record in his first year on this offense, He's a better passer (arm strength wise), faster(more explosive), and has carried this team since his freshman year, Kennys good....but not that good.

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Braxton broke the OSU season total yardage record

I know the NCAA wants to pretend it didn't happen, but that record still belongs to Pryor.

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Agreed, it annoys me every time they mention it without even the slightest mention of the vacated record that is still pryors.

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I don't agree that he "deserves" a fair shot.  It is clear that Braxton is better, we just haven't seen him near his potential yet this year.  Many people seem to have amnesia.  Kenny G was struggling on long passes, though he runs the offense well.
People said the same thing about Fickle, that he deserved another shot because he had a tough situation in 2011.  I'm SOOOO glad we didn't give him another shot with having Urban now.  This is the same situation.  Yes it would be nice to see how well Kenny would do as a starter, but Braxton is way better so you can't sit him. 

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After what happened with RG3 in last years playoffs, he definitely should not play at 80%.  He would be risking a serious knee tear if he plays with an unstable MCL.  

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But if the knee was in that bad a shape, I doubt he'd be considered at 80%. 
My standard would be: is Miller limited to the extent that it increases the risk of further injury, and that it hampers the offense? If the answers are "not really," then there's no reason he shouldn't play. Football will never be risk-free.

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I completely agree.  Great standard to go by.  I'd like to see Braxton play through some pain because he will probably have to again at some point this year when we really need him.

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80%, no he should not play. No reason to risk injury with conference play a few short weeks away.
90%, yes. Very rarely is any football player 100%. Just the nature of playing a physical game.

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100% Kenny Guiton > 80% Braxton Miller = no further injury to Braxton Miller. Do the math,

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It was my understanding that there would be no math.

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Did I miss something?  Why are there comments on giving Kenny G a "fair" shot to start.  I am sure he got some consideration before the decision was made to start  Miller after Bauserman's awesome performance as a starter.  There were some crying back in 2011 that Kenny should get the nod before Miller.  I guess we are that good if our backups are possibly better than a Heisman contender, not to mention last year's undefeated season.  Yes, Kenny helped with that - but if Braxton had not left that game the Bucks still would have won.  Not to take anything away from Kenny - But who has he played against (can he play this way against better teams).  Braxton has shown he can, but Kenny is still an unknown:
2010 - Marshall, E. Mich., Indiana, Purdue 
2011 - No stats
2012 - Miami (OH), Indiana, Purdue, Ill.
2013 - San Diego St. 
Kenny is a good QB and glad he is on the OSU squad 

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You play to win the game. Hello?!!