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How worried are you about Braxton Miller's proclivity to be injured or dinged, and miss time in games?



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I am super confident in Kenny G.... but I'm still terrified of Braxton going down and missing the rest of the season.

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My answer to this question basically depends on who we're playing against.

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Kenny is a great, great backup for Ohio State. Braxton is the #juice that potentially propels this team beyond just being a B1G title contender.

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I'm not worried as much as I am annoyed...Braxton is to fragile. If he can't handle getting hit then stop running him and have him do it if he's desperate.  love brax but its not exciting watching him run anymore its a minor heart attack hoping he gets up after!

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I totally agree.  It seems he is down after the play multiple times each game and usually it ends up being nothing at all or just something minor.  Every time it gives me a scare though.  I said before this season that my number one concern about our team was going to be Braxton Miller staying healthy.  Sure enough, it's become an issue already.  Hopefully it's nothing serious though, and his knee won't be at risk for serious injury ala RG3 when he returns to action.

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RGIII has had 2 MAJOR knee reconstructions on his "push" knee. Trade him if you got him...
I will eat crow if I'm wrong

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I want #5 out there without question, just too dynamic. I hope he heals up without issue.

That being said....

If Braxton cannot go, Kenny Guiton has done nothing to dissuade my confidence in him. He has proven to be very effective, very efficient in his time on the field so far.

I also think the answer is dependent on the continued progress of the offense altogether. The receivers and ends are catching passes, and we're seeing a near full (sans Dunn, Hyde) compliment of running backs. Still looking for some improvement up front (hi Marcus), but the unit is working for whoever is taking snaps. I know OSU hasn't faced tip top competition yet, but the o can go.

I don't mean to be negative, but I'm sure we're going to have to rely on #13 in another high stakes moment down the road. A backup QB you can trust.....that's a good thing.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Kenny's a good, competent backup qb but against better teams (better than Purdue and SD State) I'd get worried if we didn't have Braxton and his improv skills (not only because of him taking a long run but also the defense having to account for his improv skills thus opening things up for the entire offense)

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I am VERY worried about XBrax's proclivity(A+ word) to injury. 100% worried/bothered/annoyed by it. I am a big Braxton Miller fan. Electric, explosive, game-changer, difference maker, on and on.
I am 100% NOT worried about having smooth jazz at the qb. Kenny is the anti-Brax to some degree. Quick reads, accurate, calm, enough #juice to get the first on the ground. We NEEDED XBrax to make ALL the plays last year. Because of that, to some extent, other playmakers were stunted in development. We got spaceships full of talented playmakers now, with more on the way. There is only one football on the field. Kenny G would be better at spreading the wealth, and Braxton is better at making it happen himself. Just my take, love em both.
Go Bucks

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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excellently worded, friend. This is how you phrase it, not "he's too fragile!"

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I agree with those who have said that it depends on the opponent and the amount of time Miller were to be out.
Guiton is much better than average as backups go, and he understands the offense. Having said all that, there's a reason he's a backup. He averaged 5.4 yards/pass today, and that's not especially good (Miller, for example, was better than that in every game in 2012 except Wisconsin). I think that's a sign that even though Guiton is a solid game manager, his deficiencies would become more apparent if he had to play regularly.

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****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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Kenny G has a different skillset than Braxton, but OSU has enough overall talent to make up for the difference if Braxton is lost for the season.  I don't want to see it happen because it would mean Miller is severely injured, but I think the Buckeyes could still win it all with Kenny G.  Yes, it would take an outstanding job of adaptation by the coaches, but the overall talent is there to get it done.  

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Anyone have a percentage of how many games that Miller has played in that he has come out for some time with an injury?

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60% of the time, he comes out every time.

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Did anyone else want to see JT out there getting snaps at the end?  I think we know what we have in KG.  He looked like Marcus Mariota out there on that long run.