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Did Braxton Miller's Heisman campaign end tonight?



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No.....but he faces an uphill battle to get back in the race.

That pun...guy from aTm lost, Bridgewater didn't exactly light things up against 'Tucky.

I will definitively say that Gardner is out of the running for the September award.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Only Denard aka Jesus McArmpunt wins the early awards.
September: #denardforheisman
October:    #rebuildingyear

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Love Braxton, but with him not playing tonight it's probably going to be tough to win the Heisman.  At this point his health is more important.  Just need to focus on the big picture and doing what is best for team.  He'll be very important when we get into B1G play.  Plus we've got the best backup QB in the nation in Kenny G!
Go Bucks!

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He would need to be out of his mind down the stretch to get into serious contention. 
I think it was probably a longshot anyway. When you see that Newton, Griffin, and Manziel are the 3 most recent winners, it's hard to avoid thinking that the trophy is becoming the private property of quarterbacks who play in numbers-friendly systems. That's really not what the Buckeye offense is about--we're still a running attack, first and foremost.
Tebow didn't have the usual obvious numbers either, except that 1) he had the gaudy touchdown totals which got him publicity; 2) it was 6 years ago that he won, and uptempo "numbers-y" offenses like Baylor's were still rare back then; and 3) he was Tim Tebow.

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Who is the leading candidate for the Heisman right now though? I don't think anyone stands out at the moment. There's still time for Braxton to get himself in it.

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Manziel is looking awfully good. He had 2 costly INT's today, but still shredded the Bama D for 464 yards. Manziel will continue putting up gaudy numbers in that offense.

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He's basically missed 2 games already and his backup may have just put doubts in peoples mind whether he is even the MVP on his own team. I would love to see him win it but at this point too many others would have to fall flat for him to get it.

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I think he has missed his chance this year. He has missed two games that would have greatly padded his season stats for voters to consider.

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I hate to say it, but if it is gone, I'm glad.  I think the Heisman race, while prestigious, is a distraction. 

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

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Couldn't agree more.  Too much focus on individual stats, when the only thing that matters is the team piling up the W's.  


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I voted no because I think it was gone last week. Mariota, DAT, Manziel, Boyd, I think at least one of these guys misses no games and puts up way crazier stats than Braxton. 

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Its over and I'm glad. He doesn't have that weight on his shoulders anymore and can just go out and play without feeling like he has to make these big plays and prove to people that he should be considered for the Heisman. Next year X-Brax.

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No he hasn't, but he's not the frotrunner any more. He will be fine if he plays like 1Q in the first game. Like others have said, its an uphill battle for sure, but who have we played up until now that has said WOW they can win without him?

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He was never the front runner. A contender for sure but never the front runner.

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I mean, given the fact that vegas had him at the best odds prior to the start of the season, I would say yes he was the front runner

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I concede. You're right. I should have checked my facts first before opening my mouth.

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A number of outlets/ experts had him as the favorite to win it. I didn't know about Vegas though.
Chris Wells was also the favorite to win it his last year, but that turned out to be a disaster due to injuries.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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And started the campaign for Kenny G!

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I think his Heisman chances ended in week 1 when cramped up and we took our foot off the gas in the second half.  Add that with the fact that several other QBs has great week 1s and I think Braxton's chances were done.  It's okay.  A crystal football is consolation enough!

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No.  If he threw 5 interceptions, a QB can end his Heisman in week 1.  Cramps?  C'mon.


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I meant he missed his chance to put up gaudy numbers because he couldn't stay on the field.

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Someone in the last few years missed a game or two and they were still in the Heisman talk. I just can't figure out who, for the life of me, it was. Maybe Bradford the year after he won it? It killed it because he went out again during the Red River Rivalry though.
For Miller to win it, tOSU will probably have to go undefeated for sure, which I don't see that as a problem. It would help to win the B1G CCG also.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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Nope, not one bit. He still has next year.