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Could a Miller-Guiton platoon work?



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Braxton at 100% is your QB, you can hardly defend the threat of his scrambling - See PSU highlight from October 28, 2012.   But since he keeps getting dinged up we are so blessed to have Kenny G, who may be a better passer as the back-up.  I expect the next two weeks to be much tougher with similar results and we benefit from having one QB until we need the other. 

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Only reason I said no is I truly believe that QBs need to get in a rhythm offensively and constantly switching them in and out could prevent this. I think the only way a 2 Qb system works is if you have one that's a pure durable runner and comes in for a handful of plays in a "wildcat" formation.

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^This   I also remember the times that OSU has run a two-QB system and how "well" that worked out for us. The only reason Meyer had success with Leak and Tebow was because of their different skill sets. Plus Guiton's and Miller's skills are too similar.

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Tebow usually just came in on 3rd down and ran the ball or did the 'Timmy jump pass' near the endzone. He roughly saw about 122 snaps through 14 games and 90 of them he was playing the 3rd down bruiser back since UF normally featured a tiny back.
The system Ohio State ran with Stanley Jackson and Joe Germaine was completely different than the Leake-Tebow system. I remember seeing times when Germaine would take the 1st half and Stanley take the 2nd half of the game.

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All I remember about how well that worked was when Germaine was by himself he was one of the best QB of the Cooper years.

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He was top 10 in the '98 Heisman voting.

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I certainly think that Braxton is a better a QB and does provide OSU with the best opportunity to win but there is no denying how incredibly efficient Kenny G has been. There is also no denying that at times last year and at times early on in the season, the offense becomes stagnant with Braxton at the helm. This leads me to believe that the play calling may have something to do with it- perhaps with Braxton under center, there are too many options and the play calling gets too cute? To me, it seems like the playbook is simplified for Kenny G which ends up being high effective, maybe we should do the same with Braxton.


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C'mon guys.  Kenny G is a great story and has put up swell numbers against inferior defenses but our best chance of going undefeated and winning the B1G and / or national title is with our Heisman candidate and arguably best player in college football, Braxton Miller.
The way I look at it is the Ferrari needed a new CV Joint.  We were driving around in a BMW M5 for a few weeks while the Ferrari was in the shop and it was a magnificent driving experience, but now that Ferrari is up and running 100%, there's no reason why driving her 100% of the time wont win the race.  There's no benefit to driving the M5 intermittently unless the Ferrari experiences further mechanical problems. 

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Braxton is a dynamic playmaker no doubt.  Kenny G is the better QB, he makes better reads, executes better in the passing game and in the read-run option.  He is a better leader and has shown toughness and tenacity and a will to motivate his teammates.  The best chance is NOT with Braxton at the helm, we would have lost that game against Purdue and Kenny came in and won it for us.  Just because Braxton is a Heisman contender many on here want to think and deny that there is no one on our team better than him, the fact is QB entails lots of things many on here have no clue about, reads and leadership being the primary and Kenny G is above and beyond Braxton in those categories.  Braxtons dangerous with his legs, no doubt.  Start Kenny G and bring in Braxton as a change of pace, that's our best chance to win and go undefeated.  When Kenny G is in, defenses have to worry about Wilson, Devin Smith, Evan Spencer, Hall, etc getting the ball in space because he is such a great distributor.  When defenses play against Braxton, they are just going to put 8 guys in the box and make him beat them with his arm/reads/distribution.  Braxton makes me question how bad he wants it missing so many series thinking something is wrong with him and theres nothing.  Maybe I just expect too much but in HS if we would have dropped a live ball, our coach would have called us panzies then proceeded to bench us for 5 games if he found out there was no injury.  The ambulance which revealed he had no concussion, the dropping of the live ball against MSU and curling up, the missing multiple series, he COULD HAVE finished against SDSU if he really wanted to, it is a grade 1 MCL sprain.  He needs to earn his PT back in my book.




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When defenses play against Braxton, they are just going to put 8 guys in the box and make him beat them with his arm/reads/distribution. 

And I'm pretty sure he did that last year successfully, and with 1 game and 1 series to go from this year, it's very hard to tell how much he's improved as a passer. 

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Agree to disagree.  I doubt he had much say in whether or not he came back against SDSU or any team thereafter. 

Time and change will surely show how firm they friendship... O-HI-O.

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Could it? Sure. Should it? No. 
Like everyone else (including Kenny G!) said, this is Braxton's team and he is the starter. When he is healthy, he should be under (6 feet) behind center.


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Kenny G has been fantastic, but Floida A&M is not exactly top competition, and nothing against Cal, but they are not a good defensive team either. Wisky and Northwestern will be a lot tougher to beat. Braxton needs to be the starter. Brax and Kenny in the game at the same time, for a couple of plays might be a really nice thing. I do think the Buckeyes can win the Big 10 with Kenny G, but it definitely would be easier to do that with Braxton.

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I would prefer not to have a QB platoon, but I think it could work b/c Kenny knows how to run the offense.


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Smooth Jazz has done his job, his role is backup QB. 


hodge's picture injury-prone starting quarterback on the field with the man who makes the offense tick whenever he inevitably goes down. Yeah, that's going to end well...
Maybe once in a blue moon during a big game or something; but, in general, hell no.

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Screw the platoon...I want them both on the field at the same damn time!

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Like when Boeckman threw a TD pass to Pryor.

And then I told her...i'm no weatherman, but tonight's forecast is calling for several inches!

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No...more like Kenny G runs the option to Brax, or to Wilson, or Hyde or you plug in any name (or hell a Brax option to Kenny G).
My point is having all them in the backfield at one time would give defensive coordinators nightmares.  I'm not trying to say it's a necessity.  It's more of (as Urban called it) a luxury to have SO many weapons.  I'd agree...

Some people think we’re the hunted.I don’t feel that way at all.We’re the hunter.Everybody wants an angry football team.Everybody wants a team on edge and a hungry team.If you’re a hunter,that usually equates to being hungry.

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Before the season, everyone was talking about how Miller has been working on his footwork and passing and that he was much improved in those areas. So, I think we need to see more of him before we can say definitely that Guiton is a better passer. Guiton is a better passer than 2012 Miller, but I don't think we know yet if he is a better passer than 2013 Miller.

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I don't think they should rotate them at QB, but I think they could have plays where they're both on the field at the same time. 

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I focus on the word platoon, and it's definition:

v. pla·tooned, pla·toon·ing, pla·toons Sports To play (a player) in alternation with another player in the same position.

To that, I say no. The quarterback has to facilitate the offense, that requires rhythm, as OTrain states above.

The regular platooning of two or more players in one position can, and usually does, disrupt rhythm.

Long answer. Short answer....look up the 1997 squad under Cooper, re: Jackson and Germaine.

That all said, do I think Guiton has earned the right to see the field in spots (not regularly scheduled, other than mop up time). But a frequent alternation of he and Brax is not a good idea in my opinion.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Both Guiton and Miller are leaps and bounds better than Stanley Jackson. And with all due respect to Jackson, he ain't worth a velvet painting of a whale and a dolphin gettin it on. 

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Just ask yourself this - how often does a 2-qb system work?

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I think it could work, so I answered yes, but I don't want to see it.  I love Kenny G.  Love the guy.  I think I'm one of his biggest fans and when he took over for Braxton against Purdue last year I was talking my friends away from the ledge.
With all of that said, I would like to keep him in his reserve role.  Braxton is our starting quarterback.  Braxton Miller is a game changer at all times on the field. 
If Braxton goes down again, he might not be able to come back by the end of the season.  We'll need Kenny to step up in that case and add to his growing legend.

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Short answer :  No
Long answer:   No way.
Could Kenny G get a series every now and then?  Sure, because Braxton is winded running down the field celebrating TD's.

I'm not saying,  I'm just saying.

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Yes, there is no question a platoon could work.  We have essentially already seen it work.  However, Braxton starting and playing as many meaningful downs as possible works better.

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No. Every time I hear about a platoon at QB I think of the 2005 Texas game. Even after realizing how special Troy was (beating Michigan, 300+ yards) and how bad Zwick was (5 losses on the season) in 2004, everyone felt that Zwick had turned the corner after we eviscerated Ok. State and won our opening game of the '05 season. So instead of playing the "better" player (Smith, Braxton) who some were arguing would be rusty, we platooned them with the other QB who had shown glimpses against very poor opposition (Zwick, Guiton). The result was a 3-point loss where Troy accounted for 19 points and Zwick for 3 points (and that was on a drive that started inside the Texas 30). Braxton is the better player and I love Guiton but he is not in the same league as Braxton. I was at the Purdue game and as much credit as Guiton gets for the come back, he was awful for the quarter and a half before the final drive. A final drive which consisted of a blown coverage for 30+ yards, a pass interference in the endzone, and a pass that required an amazing catch in the end zone. And in overtime we just ran it in and didn't leave anything up to Guiton

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When did Zwick ever break 2 records in 3 weeks?  You can downplay Purdue all you want but Kenny got us out of there alive and while Braxton was in, the team was losing.  Kenny G orchestrated the come back on the final drive and put us up in overtime.  Kenny G is the better QB because of his reads, execution, leadership and he is the better passer.  Only reason Miller is the starter is because of his dynamic playmaking ability and its obvious which one Meyer values more because I can guarantee you, Braxton doesn't read the coverage, the defense as well as Kenny does, not does he execute as well as Kenny does. You fail to realize the fact that he found the open man in a zone, not blown coverage against Purdue.  You fail to give him credit for recognizing coverage and throwing it to the man which caused the PI, you fail to realize his composure on the 2pt play.  What kind of fool are you for downplaying a backup QB's comeback when his team was down by 8 points while the Heisman contender was in there.




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You sound like the bigger fool trying to even make this argument. Yes Kenny makes the better reads. But where at all does it say that he is a better leader than braxton? Nowhere. Execution? Against who? Cal and FAMU? That is hilarious that you think beating these two teams shows better execution. Better passer? More accurate at throws 15 yards and less, yes. Nowhere near the arm strength that Braxton has. And no I just watched the play. It was a blown coverage where the receiver was lost by the DBs. And rolling out after getting pressure, throwing the ball up for grabs, and getting a PI call involves recognizing coverage? Yes Guiton is composed and understands the offense very well. But he is nowhere near the Heisman type of player that Braxton is. Maybe try to avoid calling people fools for putting their opinion out there next time. Especially when it's just as valid as yours. 

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Lol if you think that was blown coverage then you don't know a thing and you're not even worth my time, it was a dig route and he just got behind the linebackers and in front of the safeties, the ideal area if you're running a dig route.  Leader?  Its obvious, I'm sorry you can't see it.  See some of the teams comments about them being less worried when Kenny is in the game, Urban has said Braxton needs a lot of improvement in the leadership department and is not vocal enough.  You don't get voted as a team captain as a backup if you aren't a leader.  Better passer under 15 yards and over 15 yards, did you watch the Cal game where he hit Devin twice in stride on the long ball?  Arm strength doesn't equal accuracy.  You're kidding yourself, if you think that, the only thing Braxton is better at than Kenny G is running the ball.  His playmaking ability is better and its obvious which one Urban values more if you think Braxton could have thrown for as many TDs in those games as Kenny did then youre kidding yourself.  You sound like a homer or Braxton's relative Lol




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Just like Urban ran a couple unnecessary 2pt conversions early in the season to give opposing teams something extra to prepare for, I hope they show a play with both QBs a few times, but never actually use it.  

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I voted for "Yes" though it would not be my personaly preference.  But with Urban Meyer and Tom Herman, anything is effing possible... 

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We're probably going to find out....