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Will Braxton Miller again lead the Buckeyes in rushing yards?



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Before the Hyde suspension, I would have said no. But combine that with other backs getting more PT, I really don't see anyone else getting more than Miller.

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My thoughts exactly. I think with Hyde there all season, you would have seen him handling most of the running load. With Hyde gone, and two RBs whose upside is still yet to be seen (Smith and Dunn), I think Braxton might be relied on to run the ball early this season just as much as he was early last season. I hope I'm wrong though, because even though Brax's conditioning is without question, durability is also an issue for a QB (or RB, for that matter) who runs as much as he does. Hopefully Smith and Dunn will come in and show they're capable of carrying the load immediately, and Brax can have considerably fewer designed runs this year.

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I sure hope not! I hope his passing has improved enough that he doesn't need to take as many hits as he did last year. Hopefully we have enough playmakers to allow him to stay in the pocket a little longer this year. 
I think he'll still have his moments because I mean come on, he's Braxton Miller! But hopefully his passing has improved to the point that he'll be able to light up the scoreboard in different ways this year!
Go Bucks!!!! And football season, please get here fast!

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I don't think he wants to stay in the pocket, he is most dangerous when scrambling. I just picture him scrambling and throwing this season as opposed to scrambling and running.

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Virtually none of his yards were from scrambling, so it had nothing to do with staying in the pocket.  In fact he usually stayed in the pocket too long and took a sack instead of scrambling.  I agree that having other weapons will allow him to not run the ball as much, but it won't be because of scrambling, if anything we want him to scramble more this year.

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I hope not. His passing should be center stage for him. If it isn't, we might be an undefeated team up to the final but I don't think we'll be a national championship team.
Besides, there are a ton of weapons on this team that can run the ball. With Hyde suspended, I expect we'll see one of those Urban type teams where three or four backs all have similar yardage totals at the end of the year.
Imagine Rod Smith, Jordan Hall, Carlos Hyde, and Dunn or Wilson or Ball all being utilized effectively. If that many guys are used to their varying strengths, they might all have similar yards but they will have gotten them in very different ways. That is a well-rounded, hard to stop offense. On whom do you key? And when you do, oops, there is Braxton's improved passing ability, with an occasional highlight reel scramble.

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I want the ball in Brax's hands.....just want him to distribute it a little more than carrying it.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I voted yes, because I still feel like when the game is on the line, at least during the first of the season he will be the one Urban trusts.
On the other hand, I dearly hope I'm wrong, because his threat should open up *giant* running lanes for everyone else.

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Depends what you mean by game on the line. If you mean need a last touchdown and he sees a hole in the defense maybe, but if you rewatch 2012 anytime we needed to run the clock out, and there were a few, the ball was in El Guapo's hands. Yes he is suspended, but I don't think the first three games are ones in which we'd need his brute strength.

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Second half of the season, yes. For the first half, it was all Braxton all the time. It took some time for El Guapo to gain Meyer's trust, and Miller's.

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I love having a QB that can take some contact and break the game open with his legs, but it would be great not to even need him to do that.

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Hey guys, this is my first post on 11W, although I have been quietly stalking for a little over a year. I voted yes just due to the (hopefully) large distribution of carries for the RBs and just as a follow-up I would like to know if not Braxton, who would you guys expect to lead everybody's favorite team in rushing yards? Will Hyde come back from his suspension and be welcomed with the starting spot? Or will another hero arise and steal the spot?

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I agree, the stable of running backs may split the load so much that even if Braxton gets less yards the other guys won't top his numbers.  
As far as your question goes, that's a tough one.  I could see Rod Smith or Jordan Hall taking the most yards.  I still think that Rod Smith will be starting by the end of the season, but its so hard to tell.

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I voted no because Braxton said himself he only really had 83 scrambling yards last year (or something close). I know Urban has repeatedly said that this is the number he wants higher and the number of pure rushing yards down. With Hall back, and the freshman coming in I think there are a few other lightning strikes to the thunder of El Guapo, Dunn and Rod. Moreover, I expect Urban to want Braxton to throw more often and tone down the option reads, and designed runs.

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when push comes to shove and we need that 3rd down and 11, Braxton will buy time in the pocket, then gracefully scramble for 20 yds and the first down. 
With all the backs planning on sharing the load, I see Braxton leading the team once again.   

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I voted no, but upon further review it wouldn't surprise me if he did lead.  Not because he is doing the majority of the rushing, but because there of the large stable of running backs/hybrid players.
If we play in 14 games and we average 215 yrds rushing/game = 3020 yrds.
Miller 770 = 55/game
Hyde 750 = 68/game where he is eligible (last year he averaged over 100 yrds per game that he actually played in)
Smith 700 = 50/game
Dunn 300 = 21/game
Ball 200 = 14/game
EZE 100 = 7/game
Wilson 100 = 7/game
Hall 100 =  7/game
Plus any wide receiver end-arounds/reverses and anybody else I am leaving out.  There are just so many options and IF the young players get some touches (usually in garbage time when the game is ugly) they tend to be against either a tired defense or the second/third stringers.
Miller could be the leading rusher with hyde and smith close behind.  Meyer wants a power rushing team and with Hyde/Smith/Dunn he will have the big power back along with Miller's legs and arm to keep the defense honest. 
One way or another somebody is going to lead the team in rushing and we all get to enjoy the show... Is it football season yet
Go Bucks.

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hope so...that would likely mean heisman

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I'm hoping for the NC first. We saw what the Heisman circuit did to Troy Smith. Maybe the Heisman next year?

Thank you sir! May I have another?

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Don't want him to be because I don't want him taking the hits, but with the RB carries being split, it's probably going to happen. As long as we get a combined 1750 from the RBs, I'm good. 

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Keep him healthy. I'd like to see him average under 10 carries per game until the big games later in the year. There will probably be a few games where he exceeds that because the Buckeyes need him to, but I'm hoping to minimize his hits in the rest.

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Yes, hopefully from scrambling and rolling out, not from designed runs. Because Hyde is out first three games, Smith (and Dunn) will get a lot of carries. Then when Hyde returns, carries will be split. So not because Brax is running a lot, only because the carries are all getting shared.

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Now that Hyde is suspended I think the backs will end up working into a rotation through the year and I think the split carries could lead to Braxton being the leading rusher. 

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I said no, more in hopes that Braxton does not have to take the pounding week after week.  He took some scary hits like year when we were like "is he going to be able to come back from that?"  Luckily he did.  I think the younger backs will step up and take some of the load from the start then Hyde will come back strong and angry! 
Go Bucks!!

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Good poll question.  If Hyde hadn't been suspended, I'd have said "no way."  But now that the backfield is a bit questionable for part of the season, yet knowing that Braxton's #1 priority for the past 7 months has been to understand the offense as a passer, it's a tough call.  I said no, but it could just as easily be a yes.

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If he plays every game, he should be the leader--he's the best runner on the team, after all.

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True, but just need him to throw it every now and then too.

I think the offense will click with the upgrade in the passing attack....the ball will be distributed.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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I voted "no" basically out of wishful thinking. I think we need to have a second running threat to keep defenses honest. If we have a second running threat (say, Smith or Dunn ... in the absence of Hyde) emerge, and B. Miller improves his passing efficiency?!  Whoa....