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Who wins the Legends division?


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If Nebraska doesn't win that division, Bo is gone.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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You might be right and that seems to be one the media has picked to be on the hot seat too. I would hate to see that.  I think he does a good job, he's passionate and seems to be running a good program.  You don't see them in the news for bad things, that's for sure.  When Tressel was relieved, Pelini was one of the names I immediately thought of as a replacement.  Youngstown area, played for OSU, young, energetic. 

Acronyms are hard to remember.

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Is "energetic" a new word for people with anger issues?
No offense to Pelini, but I wouldn't want him as the head coach of tOSU. He's an above average coach, but I don't believe he's good enough to have Ohio State consistently competing for national championships.
Outside of Meyer, I wanted Stoops or Chris Petersen.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Well you have to take into context when this all happened too.  He was only in his 3rd year and was doing a very good job rebuilding after the Callahan experiment.  And to be honest, when Tressel left, who was really thinking Meyer would come back into coaching so soon?  Not me.
Which Stoops?

Acronyms are hard to remember.

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 And to be honest, when Tressel left, who was really thinking Meyer would come back into coaching so soon?  Not me.

I did. The way he drooled over Braxton during the Akron game made it pretty obvious that it would happen.

Which Stoops?

The good one. Bob.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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Bob "Hey Coach Cooper, can I borrow your big game choke collar?" Stoops?
No thanks.

Acronyms are hard to remember.

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I don't remember Coop ever winning or playing for national championships.

"YOLO" = I'm about to do something extremely ignorant/stupid & I need an excuse to do it.

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We have the best in Meyer. 

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From what I've seen and heard, Nebraska has the most talent, but after last season and the bowl game I wouldn't count out Dantonio and Michigan State.  Although they have to replace RB, TE. and DT they are returning most of their lineup (including QB) that lost 5 B1G games by a total of 20 points.  Plus, I'm rooting for a Championship matchup with Sparty for personally biased reasons.  

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I cannot see MSU finishing in the top three of the Legends. Below average incumbent QB, four-person QB battle going on with less than two weeks to go, Bell was the only offense they had and he's gone, November stretch of scUM, Nebrasky, and Nerdwestern University, plus...Jim Bollman is going to walrusinate that offense.

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The Walrus factor should be enough to guarantee that it is not MSU even though they have an easier schedule than the other 3 potentials.

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Dantonio is flirting with the beginning of his end at MSU with his hiring of the Walrus.

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I had to go with the homer pick, no matter how delusional it may be.

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NW, with a bye week and Sparty and tTUN in Evanston may have the scheduling advantage....that division should make for interesting non-Buckeye B1G football in November.  

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Who voted for Minnesota and why must you troll us?

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I'm just as confused as to why Iowa would be a choice at all. I'd see Minny making it before Iowa this year.

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See two posts above.

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So, in the follow up poll: "Who is last place in the Legends, MN or IA?"
Also, I bet one of those two teams finishes ahead of MSU.

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Wait, which one is Legends again?

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It appears that one of the 11W staff owes Urban some pushups for listing "Michigan."
I'm not on the Nebrasky bandwagon, but they do have a pretty favorable schedule.  I think the winner in Ann Arbor will be the division champ.  Naturally, I think that will be Michigan.
Northwestern would be in the running, IMO, if they didn't have the gauntlet of a schedule that they do (UM, OSU, MSU, @Wisc, @Nebraska, @Iowa, @Illinois).

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So nobody thinks Bollman can right the offensive ship for MSU? The defense will be tough...

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Went with the Huskers. Their offense should be really good. I still think T-Magic's mechanics are pretty bad, but the guy is a gamer and a really good athlete. He just needs to cut down on the turnovers. Their defense has to be better than last year because they were awful last year.
As much as I would like to see the Bucks beat ttun 2 weeks in a row, I don't see them getting through the last 5 games of the season with less than 2 losses.

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I'm torn between Michigan State and Nebraska, which have more favorable schedules than does Michigan. NW has the toughest schedule of the four "live" teams in that division. Iowa and Minnesota will be a bit better, but still suck.
In terms of a "power rating," I'd give a slight edge to Michigan, but I see them losing at least two conference games. They win the division only if it's a clusterf--k. 

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It was asinine to even make Minnesota an option, SO I VOTED FOR THEM!!

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I was wondering who voted for them. Haha....

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Best outcome for the Buckeyes would be to beat a 1 loss team up north, followed by an undefeated MSU or Nebraska team in the B1G Cship...

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Undefeated Sparty? But I thought Sparta was gonna Spart....

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As of this moment Minnesota is leading Iowa 4 votes to 3. This is hilarious.

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NW and OSU plays them twice.  I don't see NEB being there unless their schedule is easier than I originally thought.  NEB's defense is SO bad...I can't see it getting that better from last year.  

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I went with Nebraska because they have a good offense and don't have OSU or Wisconsin on their schedule.

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Ok, In the history of me being a Buckeye fan I have NEVER rooted for Michigan, not even 1 game. This year I will be rooting for them in every game except when they play OSU. I really want them to be good when we play them, because that wil prepare us for the NC game if we are lucky enough to make it....Playing and beating Mich in back to back games will make the NC game even easier for the Buckeyes


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Could you imagine the narrative. Urban Meyer, the coach that started SEC dominance by beating OSU in the National championship game, comes back to OSU to beat Michigan for a historic 2 times in a row, the last time it would be possible, then to go on in the National Championship game to crush Alabama for a title and end the SEC's reign? The story practically writes itself! But then again I don't want to get my expectations too high.

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Conventional wisdom has taught me that after an Iowa down year, never ever, ever, EVER bet against this man:

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Iowa and Minnesota with 1% of the vote, the struggle.

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Minnesota will win the division....said no one ever

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No one believes it, especially Jerry Kill. The goal here is to become respectable in the next three years.

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I think it will be Nebraska, then we hang another 63 points on them in the B1G Championship game!

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Minnesota shocks the world and wins the B1G!!! 
Just kidding, I picked Northwestern. I'm a believer in the Wildcats this year. Until they play tOSU... twice

Brady Hoke ate my comment