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Who records Ohio State's first sack of the season?



throttlefinger's picture

Washington 3 sacks
Spence 2 sacks
Shazier 1

Hovenaut's picture

Wouldn't have a problem with any of these guys.

I feel bad for the Buffalo QB's.....went with Spence.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

BuckeyeInOrlando's picture

Washington and Spence get there at the same time...
...and this is on Buffalo's first offensive play of the game when they try to catch them unprepared.

Dread's picture

Clowney, because he's so much better than everybody.

BCOM's picture

Ha I just imagined Clowney running from the side line Terry Tate style and sacking the Buffalo qb before  the snap. Then standing up, visibly winded, with his hands on his hips for a minute.

CentralFloridaBuckeye's picture

I went with Spence.  Can't wait to see anyone get a sack though!
Go Bucks!!

BCOM's picture

I think Washington ends up with more for the season, but Spence gets the first one today 

Baroclinicity's picture

Joel Hale.

When you're holding a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

buckguyfan1's picture

Michael Bennett is healthy and just might be the shining star of the Defense this year.  I think he gobbles one up first.

xrox's picture

They'll never see it coming.

BucksfanXC's picture

Gonna come from the edges. Spence gets there before Big Wash

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