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Which true freshman emerges as the best defender this season?



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+1 Hill, I couldn't agree more! Although it's a difficult choice.

Punks jump up to get beat down.

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My vote as well.

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That was my other. We always play 2 deep on DL. 

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Conley. Appears to be getting some love and I think will contribute more than the others. Although I hope to see all of them on the field a lot this fall.

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Hill is getting some really good press at the moment.

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There really isn't a wrong choice here....all have the potential to contribute.

Voted Bell....he's made for the Star role, and I think we see that 4-2-5 set quite often this fall.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Eli will get the best shot at starting. With no Drad-Dog to compete against at corner. GO BUCKS!

I wish I didn't know now what I didn't know then.

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I'm going with Gareon Conley since he has been getting reps with the 1's.

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This is like trying to pick my favorite Metallica song, there are so many options ... I'm gonna have to just close my eyes and point.


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Book of Eli

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I actually went with LB Trey Johnson, just because we are so thin at that position that the freshmen are going to make immediate day 1 impacts.

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I'm not gonna lie, I just closed my eye and clicked on a poll option. Eli Apple it was!

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Just by hearing things from first 4 practices gotta go with Michael Hill hes taking reps over Bosa right now maybe even Conley since he was taking reps with the first team yesterday

We were born to love Ohio State and hate that team up north.

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Don't know how much Bell sees the filed this year, given that Powell and (Pitt) Brown are running 1 and 2 for the STAR position.  The two safety spots seem locked down with the seniors as well.

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I agree with your opinion, but I think Bell could see time at either the safety spot's on obvious passing down's.

Punks jump up to get beat down.

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I think Bosa will make noise in the 2-Deep, he's already got a couple backfield plays in practice and I can imagine as we rotate guys to keep them fresh, he'll make his fair share of plays subbing for Diesel or Spence with Ty Lewis on the other end as O-Lines wear down from the relentless effort of our front four.

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1.  Conley or Apple (kind of a toss up)-Roby's replacement until returning.
2.  Bell-Star position for sure with T. Powell as well seeing time.
3.  Bosa-will play before Hill due to his injury last year.  Not to mention, he's a BEAST of a DT in the making.  Similar to a guy named Eric Kumerow who played early in his career (if you're not familiar it's Joey's uncle who played LB at OSU in the late 80s.  Not to mention 16th pick in round 1 in the NFL draft).  
In order by how much playing time they'll receive.  I tend to think Apple will see time soon bc of Roby.  Not sold that Conley will play before Apple just yet (due to the spring game performance and enrolling early).  I tend to think Grant and Reeves may see time before both of them.  I can see both Conley and Apple splitting time.

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Looks like Conley is going to be that guy. Hill is getting rave reviews as well...too early to tell though.


Buckeyejason's picture

Looks like Conley is going to be that guy. Hill is getting rave reviews as well...too early to tell though.


Buckeyejason's picture

Looks like Conley is going to be that guy. Hill is getting rave reviews as well...too early to tell though.


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Bet you can't say "Bert Bielma is a bumbling buffoon" five times fast.

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I went with Bosa, but really I think it could be him, Michael Hill, or Billy Price, all of whom I expect to see some action in the Fall. If Bosa is really impressive the staff has mentioned putting Bosa at SSDE and moving Adolphus inside on passing situations to increase the rush. Sign me up.

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Going with the Buckeye version of JJ Watt,..... Joey Bosa

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Went with Bosa.  Consider him to be like Spence/ Washington last year with working his way onto the field.  He may not have the biggest impact immediately but I think towards the end the year he contributes greatly towards the line rotation.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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Me too.  I think he's the 5th or 6th lineman, and those guys will be rotating a lot.  If Diesel can move inside on passing downs and Bosa comes in on the edge, I see him getting a lot of sacks as QBs run for their lives away from Washington.  :)

Of course, if Bell wins a spot at Star, forget about it.  He's the guy.

Dan Isaacs

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This poll stinks, there's too many to choose from. 

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Remember when urban was asked about Trey Johnson and he said, "I love freaks." 
So I voted Johnson.

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I went with Apple first, then Bell.  There are a lot of good choices there.  It could be a bunch of them that contribute.  Should be a fun year to watch!
Go Bucks!!

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I'm thinking TJ is gonna bring the boom and solidify a spot on the D. However, it could be Mitchell. This is too tough!!! Conley is lighting it up early too!! Like to mention Like a Bosa, Hill, 
Apple and of course Mr. Vonn "Brother Mouzone" Bell

I never noticed his tie before. That is just perfect!!!!
He is a stone cold "killer" in the secondary. 
Damn I can't wait for the season to begin!!!

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Like other have mentioned I am going to take the field and more specifically say Conley or Hill.  Taking 1st team reps as a true freshman means the staff thinks very highly of him, or they want to throw him in the fire and see what they have compared to Burrows or Apple.  Hill is getting great reviews and definitely passes the eye test.  Very impressive players.