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Which Ohio State assistant will become a head coach the soonest?



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Sadly, I have to say Mr. Herman.

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Although I voted for Herman as well, Withers could also be considered for a head coaching position before long.  I thought he did an admirable job with the dumpster fire/fiasco he "inherited" from Butch Davis at UNC and it is well know that he can get the job done as a recruiter.  That being said, I do not think it is a stretch to say that the Buckeye offense will outperform the defensive unit this year and coach Herman will receive his well deserved recognition and job offers.

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I just hope Coach Herman stays through Braxton's senior year. That would be great for the program.

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Withers would be second on this list behind Herman, IMO.

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Tom is in for a big payday after we avg 40+ points a game this year..

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Herman, although I would say Vrabel now has a lot of steam, but I just don't see him leaving OSU for anything less than a major job. Then you have Fickell & Withers who are ready too, especially if the defense goes well this year with a bunch of young guys. I'd love to see these guys all stay together for a while but this is likely the last year with this full staff IMO, especially if there's an NC appearance.

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Herman, but really hope to see this staff stay on board until crystal is hoisted (at the least).

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Withers only guy that doesn't really have Ohio ties and is a good coach/recruiter 

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Tom Herman is the obvious choice, especially with the expectations for the offense. If the defense performs at a high level, expect Withers to be a popular choice to be invited to interviews also. I don't expect Vrabel to go the HC rout yet, with only being in his third season so far, and not at the coordinator level. Plus, I'd like to keep him around Buckeye land for a long time to come.

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I chose "Other" because I'm a selfish little shit and don't want any of them to leave. Absolutely love this staff and the job they've done so far.

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Withers, he already tried last year so my guess is he's gone after this season.

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Have to go with Withers.  He was interim with UNC before we got him.  He seems the most logical to make the jump first.


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I'd love for Fickell to become a successful head coach some day, but I went with Herman. First, this season I (among with many other Buckeye fans) believe the offense will be more potent than the defense as the defense gels which will bode will for stats for the year and reflect kindly to the offensive coordinator. Second, as more schools are moving to spread offenses if Herman can continue to upgrade the Bucks' offense and develop Braxton into a complete quarterback other schools will want that sort of person to be their head coach who can successfully install a high powered offense and develop quarterbacks. 

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Withers....I'm thinking Herman stays for Braxton's senior year unless Mack gets canned and Texas comes calling....he'd be crazy to turn that down

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Can you imagine the Muschamp butthurt that would ensue?