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Could Ohio State win the Big Ten with Kenny Guiton starting at quarterback?



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Go undefeated? Maybe not. Get a B1G title? Hell yeah!

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"COULD" - Absolutely!!
Would - Now that's a question.....

ONE Not Done!

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My thoughts exactly. 

I wasn't born a Buckeye but I became one as fast as I could. 

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Kenny is a very good QB.  They definitely could win the B1G with him at QB.  Without him we don't go undefeated last year.  He's proved his worth. 

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Man. Tough question.
Love me some Kenny G, but boy, I dunno.



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Depends on the middle linebacker more than anything.
If our defense is national champion caliber, then we would probably win the Big 10 with Guiton. If it isn't... I think we'd get to the championship game, but I don't know that he can win a shootout against Gardner or Martinez. We'd be competitive, though.

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Could we? Sure. Would we? I am not so sure. 

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I think we could and would through the regular season. Anything goes in the B1G championship game and National Championship game / bowl season.  Hopefully we'd see even bigger strides from Kenny with him taking snaps under center the entire season.


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Guiton is a more than capable back-up, but as far as taking the team the length of the season.... man I don't know.  Put it this way, I wouldn't be pre-ordering my B1G Championship tickets any time soon.
Too many close games were put away on the athletic ability of Braxton Miller last year.  Now I know that Kenny G orchestrated the Purdue miracle, but Braxton is a difference maker every single Saturday.

"It takes a little something special to be a great player.  What you got in you, we're going to find out.  And if there's a touch of greatness in there, how cool would that be?"

-Urban F. Meyer

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Now that the poll is over, let's never find out if we were right or not. 

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This feels oddly familiar to a convo I had last week in the threads. I'll say it again: Yes I think OSU would win the B1G and win 10 games. I think they would lose maybe one or two of the games but there is just too much talent on this team and a coaching staff that knows how to use it.

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Win, yes; dominate no.

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Last year I would have said no. Now with all the offensive weaponry, Hell Yes.

Long live the southend.

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I think it would come down to how much the defense creates opportunities. Could the defense create turnovers, ints,  3 and outs etc. All signs point to yes, but being untested and inexperienced I could see why people said 'no'. Guiton is the best backup anyone could really hope for, and the fact he has proven himself last year in key situations, key passing situations at that, I'd be confident in his ability but as I said I think hed need a bit more help from the defense than Brax does this year. So, long story short, yes, they definitely could and probably would in my completely amateur opinion lol. 
Edit: oh, did I mention El Guapo and co.? We could rely on that "stable of RBs" a bit more, and the potential playmakers we have on offense, utilizing option read, high percentile screens and passes... I think we would be alright. The two teams (Brax vs Guiton) would look completely different, but I still think the chances are good to still go undefeated. 
Main factors in why: coaching, defense, playmakers on offense and special teams.

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With all the weapons we have now and being able to run a true spread. I say yes because Kenny is very smart with the ball and accurate.

“I have yet to be in a game where luck was involved. Well-prepared players make plays. I have yet to be in a game where the most prepared team didn't win.” -Urban Meyer-

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Only rarely is a college football team blessed to have a back-up QB with the skills, experience, leadership, and trust from both his team and his coaches as Ohio State is this year with Kenny Guiton.  Enjoy it this year Buckeye faithful.  Guiton is a priceless insurance policy that you can't buy.

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Purdue thinks so.

We should strive to keep thy name, of fair repute and spotless fame...

(Also, I'm not a dude)

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With all of the weapons on this team I think Kenny G could bring us to a rose bowl. Besides Gardner and Martinez, who in the B1G has a better starting QB then Kenny G?

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Kain Colter, The Northwestern QB, he is very athletic. Other than those guys, no other QB is better than Kenny G.

Brady Hoke ate my comment

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Oh yes I forgot about him. I'm wondering how he's going to lead that team as the full time QB this season. But ya he should probably be ranked ahead of Kenny.

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You know you might be needed for this team to win a national title?
“Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I always stay ready. I work hard to try to prepare like I'm the starter, so when the time comes, there's no dropoff.”
You expect to be in there at some point this season, Kenny?
“Yes, sir, I expect to get some time, yes, sir.”
In crucial moments?
“I hope so. Let's see.”

F-yeah Kenny G! That's my dude! Humble, respectful, grinds hard at his craft every day to improve. Stays focused and ready. These quotes came from Guiton, who signed with OSU on NSD after we whiffed on Tahj Boyd.
This is purely my speculation but Boyd didn't want to play behind pryor, maybe Braxton wouldn't play behind Boyd. Aside from a disgusting 2011 season, everything sync'd perfectly, we got Braxton and Guiton.
Though an afterthought coming out of h.s., we really lucked out with this guy (typical Tressel move of scouting 3* h.s. talent who become beasts in the college game). I dug up this old Rivals pic: 3-star, 35th best (dual threat) Qb in 2009. Eisenhower H.S. in Texas.

BTW: I still can't fathom why that jackass Bollman never gave him a chance to play in favor of Joe Bauserman.

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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Damn (DV) Bollman. Don't you have a job at MSU to be performing right now?

One day I will valiantly become a political prisoner of 11W jail.

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I love Kenny G but let's keep Braxton healthy.


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Just goes to show how spoiled we are with QB depth.

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If he can get the ball to our backs we'll be alright!

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I believe we could win with Guiton because he is smart and makes quick decisions.  He has plenty of talent around him and he knows that he just needs to get them the ball.  
If Braxton would have never came to OSU, I still think this team would be a top team with Guiton having 2 years of starting experience.  This is a really good kid who could have  bailed out but wanted to be apart of something bigger.

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Absolutely yes. I think this year with all the play makers a game manager can win a championship (see Mccarron @ Bama). 

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Sorry fat fingered meant to up vote!

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I voted could. I think Kenny works his tail off to be prepared and I believe in his talent. He stepped into a tough situation, Purdue, and came through with shining colors. I would have voted "would", if that was the question. Kenny is a grown ass man.

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I really think without a doubt this team WOULD still win the BIG, first because this schedule is so light, and second because I think if you take Braxton out of the picture, this staff would just find ways to get the ball in the hands of the other playmakers on this team, seriously there are so many weapons on this offense and I think with Braxton under center you will not see many of them shine the way they could just because of how good he is. I think if Braxton goes out for an extended period of time, this staff would just throw devin smith, philly, dontre, EzE, Jalin, Hall, Hyde, Dunn, Ball(i could go on and on but you get the picture) and opposing defenses would have so many looks and players coming at them that they would have no idea what was going on. O and on top of that, Kenny G can hold his own back there as well. 

Well i like college and i like football...and im gunna keep doin em both cause they make me feel good!!!

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With some reps as the starter I think yes, he could do it. He is a great passer. Idk about his feet though. But Dan Marino couldn't scramble. 

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