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Will Deshaun Thomas be on an NBA roster when the season tips off?



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The sirens song of the dollar pulled him too early, he will have to learn a second language and exchange dollars for Euros.

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I understand him leaving. While I would've loved for him to stay, his draft stock was not likely to get any better and with a down draft class and what appears to be a stellar one next year, this was probably his best chance at getting drafted.
But I do agree with you on Europe. I think he's going to be playing there for a little bit before getting over to the NBA unfortunately.

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I like Deshaun's chances.  He is a hard worker and will do what he needs to do to make the team.
Go Bucks!

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I like his chances a lot better now than I did before his 3 summer games.
He's got his work cut out for him but someone has to take a chance on him. I mean if Luke Walton is on an NBA roster how could Deshaun not be?

He ain't even stretch doe!!

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I think he can make a roster.  Probably won't get much non-garbage playing time, but he's too talented a scorer IMO, and he's proving he succeed against D-leaguers and Fringe NBA players.

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I think everyone got too caught up in the athleticism measurements, and ignored the fact that he dominated all of these guys when actually, you know, playing basketball.

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he's not a great athlete he's doesnt have great size or quickness
but the kid can flat out score and has great basketball instincts
I think he sticks and is in the rotation by playoff time

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I'm rooting for him, but Summer League is a gunner's game, and I'm not surprised he's doing well. 

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He's shooting almost 60% from the field and 50% from three.
I've watched all three games he's not really forced any shots except with the shot clock running down. He has been passing to the open guy for corner threes Spurs style.

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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I didn't mean "gunner" in a negative way, and I hope he's making an impression. My only point, perhaps poorly made, is that the type of play, and specifically the lack of defense, is perfect for a guy with a scorer's mentality.

I'm curious, since you've watched the games, is he mainly shooting jumpers, or is he creating shots off the dribble at all?

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He struggled today 1-12 for 5 points against the Cavs.

I'm a friend of thunder is it any wonder lightning strikes me

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I wish, but I just don't see his style fitting into the NBA's game. Really hope I'm wrong though.

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 D-League until he develops his Defense to the level he needs to play to make an NBA roster.

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