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Who will be Ohio State's breakout performer on defense?



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I voted for you Curtis. Don't let me down.

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Ditto. Spence and Washington are expected to be great. Grant it the one who needs to break out. 

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Went with Grant as well.  I disqualify Washington and Spence.  As long as one other LB steps up (Grant, Perry, Mitchell, Johnson), I'll be happy.

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Same here, I want him to break out.

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Grant is overdue, and he needs to have a breakout year.  He certainly has the talent.

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Hell i want them all to break out!  But i think Washington might get double digit sacks this year.

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I went with Washington as well, he is so athletic for his size he should be a disruptive force all the time.  Spence should do well too.  Grant may be the most important person to have a break out season, but we'll see.  As far as freshmen are concerned, I have a hard time believing they will make a huge impact beyond special teams.

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Adolphus all the way. Us Cincinnati boys who were raised on OSU football by our fathers have to stick together! (And it's why he's my favorite player on the roster atm)

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I don't think there's a wrong choice on the list, but I think Noah Spence will be a monster off the edge.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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Tyvis Powell (I think we expect it from Spence and Washington)

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Curtis Grant, because as stated above, he needs to have one
I can hear Musberger now: "It's fall here in Columbus, and it means two things: football season and apple season. And I don't know how many apples have been picked but there's one Apple here on the Buckeyes that has had his fill of picks! Eli Apple is having a breakout year and the depth of this secondary is second to none..."
Sure- wishful thinking but that's what we do in summer.

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As Knarcisi said, I am expecting it from Washington and Spence, however unfairly it might be to put that on their shoulders as sophomores.  I voted "Other" mostly with Vonn Bell in mind as someone I think could have an immediate impact in the secondary on certain formations, and possibly on special teams as well.

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Vonn Bell is killing it on my NCAA 14 Dynasty as the Star sooooo 'Other'

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Good call here^^^.  I think Spence & Washington have already broken out.

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50/50% with both Diesel and Noah as far as this list.  I agree with this above (sorry I didn't reply to it for the OCD ppl).  I tend to think these two above, Vonn Bell and Eli Apple will be the ones who make an impact on defense.  Mitchell and Johnson will make a big splash on special teams that could lead into playing time.  That kind of speed those two LBs have will be very obvious early.  

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I chose Spence.  He's almost expected to have a great year, but I think he will be a major nuisance for OL's we face.
I really really wanted to pick Curtis Grant, though.  I really hope he proves me wrong.  I think he is a beast and if things start clicking he will be fun to watch straight clocking dudes. 
EDIT:  Yep, I said "straight clocking dudes."  Buh-leev 'dat.

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I went with who I want to break out and that is the Abusement Park. LB needs someone to step up and I'm hoping this kids lives up to his potential sooner rather than later.

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Please Please PLEASE be Grant!

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I went with Spence. I feel all the players are going to have an amazing season and be feared by all but after the game is over Spence will still be haunting the other players nightmares. I feel like he is that unstoppable.

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A lot of great players there to pick from, but I went with Adolphus, because his name is Adolphus & because I think he & Spence could end up being legendary.

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I'm hopeful that every Buckeye will have a breakout year, but if I have to pick one it is Noah Spence.  I can see Washington and Spence bringing back the disruptive qualities of Vrabel and Finkes. That my friends would be awesome!


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Mike Mitchell. First a special teams killer. Then a sideline to sideline weakside lb

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I went with Mike Mitchell as well.  I think he's going to really add some excitement to the LB group with his athleticism. 

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I agree that Mitchell will be one who will breakout the most.  Spence and Washington will be great, but they have much higher expectations.   I think by mid year he will be a starter.  With his size and speed he will be lighting people up!
Go Bucks!

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I picked OTHER, because there was no All of the Above option. 

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I choose Diesel. I wouldn't count the plays he made last year as breaking out. This year he will fully burst on to the scene.
One of the more important players that needs to break out, is the other Grant, Doran.