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Which storyline interests you most with camp set to open next week?



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The growth the offense has had with the system.  Last year Coach Meyer said the offense will actually slow down for the players once everyone gets used to it.  We are now in the second year and they should be able to fully implement it now.  I doubt we saw all it could be last year so I am anxious to see how much it has grown/developed.

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(and FitzBuck was clearly the winner)

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Plenty going on with the offense....raw speed, finalization of the o-line, what/who steps up at RB...but I hope to hear Grant builds on the spring camp and cements down the second LB spot.

He and Shazier have to be the cogs on defense to start the year in order to let that line get their game legs.

We have filled the Braxton Miller position.

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The Offense is not my concern to any degree. Period. The offense will perform at a level at the very least comparable to last year, which proved more than sufficient. 
Grant's ability to assume the role as the anchor of the defense in the center of the field is far more pressing in my eyes.  The struggles of our linebackers to correctly assess the offenses they were facing, take good pursuit angles, hit the right gaps, and finish a play with strong, sure tackles... THESE are the issues (honestly throughout most of the defense) that kept the majority of those games close last year, with the exception of MSU and Wisky. if not for the lack of the ability to close down opposing offenses, our W's last year would have been a helluva lot more decisive...
The Curtis Grant saga is a much bigger position battle/development that I intend to follow as closely as possible, not to mention how our D-Line stops runs and whether or not they over pursue on pass rushes, and whether our secondary quits relying on the "hit stick" in open space... Show me a sound, fundamental defense and I will finally commit to raising my hopes or expectations to match something akin to my Fellow Buckeye connoisseurs...  

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Now I wish I could change my vote and original response below.  Very well said, someone upvote this man for me.

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That's like asking me which of my kids I love most? With a gun to my head, I picked Curtis Grant.  

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I voted Grant too but then I started to wonder just how much he will be on the field if we are using 5 DBs most of the time.

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I hope to hear that Rod Smith has replaced his hands with vise-grips. I would actually like to see him take and keep the #1 spot on the depth chart. 

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I am interested in seeing how the running backs produce in the first three games. Smith obviously is the first choice. But I'm sure Dunn and Ball will get carries, but I hope Eze gets some carries as well.
As far as Smith replacing El Guapo? Not gonna happen. I guarantee you Hyde is going to be itching to get his hands on the the ball in game 4. As someone said in another article, "I feel sorry for the first defender that tries to tackle Hyde." I have a feeling he's going to do to them what he did to Coach Drayton on the practice field. Hyde is a better RB than Smith, in many ways. He's a good blocker,  a good decoy for Braxton, and he's patient waiting for holes to open, instead of just running full speed into the back of one of our linemen(update: almost forgot. And El Guapo rarely fumbles).  Not that Smith doesn't have enormous potential. Next year Smith, next year buddy.
I am a disappointed with Hyde for sure, like most of us. But I really think the young man is sorry for his actions and I for one will not throw him under the bus, and neither is Meyer.



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Urban Meyer's type of speed came in with this past signing class.  I want to see which freshmen are going to make an impact.


I'm still very interested in what happens with Grant, now especially with Roby about to miss some time. Not worried about Buffalo and not too worried about SDSU, but that road game at Cal does concern me already even with Roby and steady play from Grant. Without either that could potentially be disaster in the making.

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Other: All of the above.

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Really good poll question today. I'm with you, every single one of these storylines has me really intrigued.


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Honestly, all 4 are pretty intriguing. I choose B because I'm anxious to hear about the competition going on b/t Smith/Dunn/Ball.


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Since the freshmen are the most unknown quantity (despite being better known), I'm really looking forward to seeing how they can produce at the college level. Will the Abusement Park step in and relieve some of the concerns at LB? Can Joey Bosa break into the D-line rotation? Who out of Marshall, Elliott, Clark, and Wilson will see substantial time on offense? 
As Natron said, the offense isn't a concern so much as it will be just plain fun to watch. I'm really hoping (and thinking) that the D-line will be so good that we can drop 7 into coverage and still get enough pressure on the QB. If that happens, my concerns about LBs and secondary can rest easy.  Best of all, football is only 4 weeks away. 

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I chose the freshmen, especially on offense.
This offense showed signs, at times, of being truly dominant.  That was without any type of game breaker at the pivot position.  I cannot wait to see what happens when a guy like Wilson, Marshall, or Elliott makes a huge play, and then just their presence on the field even as a decoy begins to open up more for this offense.

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There are plenty of things I'm interested in when the season hits full swing next week, but for me personally I think the impact of the Freshmen is what I'm looking forward to most.
Gotta love young guys coming in, wanting to prove themselves and making that immediate impact that can change the season instantly.


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D-Line development.

I know there's a game Saturday, and my ass will be there.

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This. I'm excited to see if any of the freshman will be factors on offense but what I really want  to see is a nasty D-line!

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I am just happy to see a thread about football rather than Hyde's legal problems or recruiting.

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Grant, I am rooting for him to step it up finally.

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Other: the defense in general and the front 7 in particular. The defense was spotty at times last year and lost 6 of the starting front 7 from the end of the season. That's troublesome on its own; need to see improvement and development there.

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Since Carlos has the 3+ game suspension, does that mean he won't be allowed at fall camp? I don't know how these things work. Do you guys think if he is ineligible for camp that it will have a lasting effect on his season? Thanks for any knowledgeable answers

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Obviously we want to see which freshman will be able to make an instant impact.

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Natron said it better than I could. But I don't have any real concerns about the offense, I expect them to be able to build upon last season. Throw in some of the great players coming into the program this season and the offense shouldn't have too many issues.
On defense however the Bucks have to essentially replace the entire Dline and only have one known commodity at LB coming back. The Dline should be stout and cause havoc in opposing teams' backfield, but there's no getting around the lack of experience. Having a great MLB will go a long way towards ensuring the Bucks have one of the best defenses in the country. So I'm really really pulling for Grant to step up and rise to his potential.

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The storyline of the talented freshman class is most interesting, but I think the development of Curtis Grant is more important.

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I'm in the 1 percent that voted for Other, as I find all the above of equally, intriguing interest at the start of camp. 

Go Bucks!

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I voted other.
I am most interested/concerned about Bradley Roby.
If charged does he get booted too?

~Because we couldn't go for three~

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I think the "victim" being the ultimate variable; he gets 4 if charged, 2 if not.

****igan smells like old water that hot dogs were boiled in.  FACT

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I can't wait to see what freshman speedsters will work their way into either the starting lineup or significant playing time.  This year more than any other, I think their speed and talent will get a lot of them on the field.  I love seeing the early depth charts and watching how they change, especially with Urban's "you earn your spot" mentality.

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I went with Curtis Grant and how he does this year.  We really need him to develop into the dominating LB that he can be.  I think he will.  Second for me is the battle at RT between Farris and Decker.  Having a solid OL will be critical to making a run at the B1G championship and beyond. 
Go Bucks!

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I'm not that interested in Farris/Decker, mostly because I don't think Farris has a chance.  It's like Decker/Fragel last year.  We just don't have better competition for Decker than Farris (I think he's more of a guard, not a starting tackle).
Grant really needs to step out.

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I would have voted for seeing which freshman loses their black stripe first if it was an option.