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Who leads the Big Ten in rushing TDs in 2013?



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Carlos Hyde will lead the B1G in touchdowns for the 2013 season. BAM!! Write it down. Cajun calls it on June 8th at 5:21a.m. CST.

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While I concur with you, my enthusaistic friend, I just have to say... good lord, you're up early on a non-football Saturday.

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As much as I hate to say it I went with White. I think El Guapo will have a great year but this offense is loaded with playmakers who will steal some of his touchdowns. Especially if Braxton is at Heisman levels I think Herman and Urban will call on Braxton in order to pad his numbers some. White on the other hand will have no other running back to contend and will likely get three straight carries every time they are on the goal line. 

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Solid analysis, D, and I struggled with pulling the lever for Carlos for this very reason. We're going to be loaded with playmakers, plain and simple. I was bummed Hyde didn't get the 1,000 yard mark last season when he was so close.
Still, I think he's going to be spoiling to make a big splash this season, and that hunger might be enough to make him the man that grabs the proverbial ring (and hopefully some literal ones, too).

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I agree. Not enough snaps for El Guapo to lead the B1G in quantity of TDs. Wisky is better set up for a single player to put up good numbers.
I wouldn't mind being proved wrong, though!

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I went with White as well. You have to think Hyde will split some carries and Braxton will also take potential td's from him. Same goes for Colter/Mark.  With Wisconsin it tends to be a one man show.
Don't sleep on whoever carries the ball for Sparty.... DAVE is in full effect with no tight end and an extra lineman.   WALRUS BONER!!!!

Dustin Fox was our leading tackler as a corner.... because his guy always caught the ball.

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same her - way too many playmakers for him to lead the B1G - now if we were running Woody's offense - for sure

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Carlos Hyde all the way!!! 
Go Bucks!!

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I went with option H. Not Dave.

Nothing like dancing on the field in 02... 

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I used this fullproof math formula when making my prediction: Carlos Hyde - injuries + ( 2012 team receptions x 3.14159265359) / (Braxton x 2) = 37.3 more times with field position inside the five. Inside the five = Hyde gets the carry = Hyde leads the B1G in TD's.

An angry fan...rooting for an angry team...led by angry coaches

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James White. He won't have to share scores or yards.

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White is a threat, because BM is going to get his, but at the end of the day I think OSU runs a bit more up-tempo and has a slightly better defense, giving OSU more snaps and chances at TDs. I think defenses keep a player or two to spy Miller, and Hyde will benefit a lot of he remains healthy. I picked Hyde here. - A B1G Football X's and O's site. @SpaceCoyoteBDS

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I am going to go with El Guapo. Even though Braxton will be rushing this year, I think he'll be passing a lot more to keep defenses guessing when and who will run the ball. To me, this will give Hyde a lot of carries that before, Braxton would have tried his magic at. I see this as Braxton choosing the downs best for him to run (ie: defense just utterly breaks down and there is a huge hole due to successful passing downs or misdirection or what have you), and giving the rest to El Guapo since he knows he can rely on him.

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I really hope that Braxton isn't anywhere near the leading rusher in the B1G this year.  I think that would mean our offense has evolved and that Braxton can pick his spots in regards to scrambling/running the football.  Hopefully we won't need him to bail us out with his legs very often this year and hopefully he will have more trust in his receivers and the passing game.  If that's the case, then I will feel much better about him staying healthy.  My biggest fear for this upcoming season is an injury to Braxton Miller, but I have faith in Kenny Guiton if he does go down.   

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I went with James White only because I believe Braxton and Hyde will share the TDs not to mention the other playmakers that will also be coming out of our back-field (Dontre Wilson, Jordan Hall, Ezekiel Elliot, Bri'onte Dunn, etc...)

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James White will lead only because Hyde, Miller, Hall and Smith will al be in the top 10.

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Cameron Johnston

"Anyone can run the option.  I can run the option."

-Urban Meyer-

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James White. As noted already, we have too many weapons for one person to need to carry the entire load and get all the TDs.

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